Carillas De Porcelana


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Conferencia de carillas de porcelana y los pasos para realizarlas correctamente

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Carillas De Porcelana

  1. 1. Carillas de Porcelana Dr. David Lafuente, MS
  2. 2. PASOS
  3. 3. Diagn. & Plan Tx
  4. 4. Diagn. & Plan Tx Preparación
  5. 5. Diagn. & Plan Tx Preparación Impresión
  6. 6. Diagn. & Plan Tx Preparación Impresión Cementado
  7. 7. Diagn. & Plan Tx Preparación Impresión Cementado
  8. 8. Diagn. & Plan Tx Preparación Impresión Tec. Dental Cementado
  9. 9. Diagn. & Plan Tx Preparación Impresión Tec. Dental Cementado
  10. 10. Si queda mal...
  11. 11. nuestro trabajo
  12. 12. Diagnóstico y Plan de Tratam.
  13. 13. Cuales no:
  14. 14. Cuales no:
  15. 15. Resto...
  16. 16. Encerado
  17. 17. Agregando
  18. 18. Quintando
  19. 19. Ambos
  20. 20. Diagn. & Plan Tx Preparación Impresión Tec. Dental Cementado
  21. 21. 0.5
  22. 22. 0.3
  23. 23. Encerado
  24. 24. Encerado
  25. 25. Encerado
  26. 26. Encerado
  27. 27. 1
  28. 28. 2
  29. 29. 3
  30. 30. Preparación
  31. 31. Desgaste
  32. 32. Desgaste
  33. 33. Desgaste
  34. 34. Desgaste
  35. 35. Desgaste
  36. 36. 0.5
  37. 37. 0.3
  38. 38. 1.0
  39. 39. 0.5 0.3
  40. 40. Chamfer
  41. 41. Proximal
  42. 42. Incisal
  43. 43. Impresión
  44. 44. SID
  45. 45. SID Sellado Inmediato de Dentina
  46. 46. Imm Pro ediate cedu D re fo entin S r In e dire aling: A ct B ond Funda PA SCA L M A ed R m GN E, esto ental DM ABS D, PHD TRA rati CT * The p bon urpose ding of t ons m ost f or i hi s ar nd ti app of them irect c cle is to ears add omp sion that ress osit review in th the in e evid com g the s and po e bon ding e dentin bine p rcel nce-bas d re ecific s a e app lic agen t bon ding sult itua in resto d princ bon ation p to the fr pro s of thi tion of rations iples th d roce cedu s da den . at c The strengt dur eshly c r t tin b More o use h e, ut d e. Imm a plus ond than uld he aspe of f , fewer the so- enti n, p edia te a clin ical ing for 30 a lp o ptim ct illed gap call ri p ex indi rticles ture s of ID adh esiv ormati f ed i mm or to im plicatio perien rect i wer ze dent pres S. T edia ce s rest e i erva his ra e re sins ons , de te d pres sio n an d po ugg orat review n CLI NIC tion , pa tional a (low e crea sed enti n se n takin lym est the ions . It ed, eriz Too AL SIG tien l t co pproac astic m bacteri ling (ID , is rec a g atio need fo th p NIF mfo h to o al le o no ra ven re eers paratio CANCE I rt, a adh dulus l aka S), app mmend f the de revi- nd l esio iner ge, ears e n den tin s ) ca n ge n for in ong -ter n al ) fac and re to a d. This tin befo urfa nera te si dire c m s so has ilita tes t duced chie ve i new re ta ces gnif t bond urvi a po he den mpr wit val men k ded ing imp h a den cant de d resto i e of in sitive in clinica tin s ensi ove d dire flue l an tivit for t ntin rati d te this this ression in bon ons ct b nce chn y. pro cedu sp .A ding exposu (eg, ond ed r on t ooth ical re, a ecific p thre e-st age res. c It is ompos esto str DE NT re p u rese rpose. ep t nt (DB reco ite/c rati ons uc- A M INO nted The otal A) i mm eram . OD EN -etc mm en ic in AM in d maj hD edia tely ded to OP EL EL etai or a BA la seal ys, onl TIM FO JUN R D l. dva w ntag ith a f follow IZA CT TIO EN ION thes ay Wh e fre s, and TIN ing en N AS es, a illed BO too area ever a ND ING s we a ll as dhesive th pre shly of d su leag para cut dur enti bstanti ue of w s in th the r tech esin is ti ing n ha a s be l access nica reco on, Dr. Pascal Magne rect toot hich e 19 (J E l ch m- b h pr en e ible or i is to 80s 1 sthe alle app onded epa rati xposed nt the erdiffus reate a e prin c , th t Re stor nge s of lic res o agen ation o toratio n for in hyb rid ion n in cipl e Den t 17 t (D BA) fad e ns, loca di- trat io laye 2 layer, a terpha can :144 prin ci is re ntin bo l tissu n of mo r, by t lso cal se be r –15 5, 2 wel ples fo c n e mar s. This nom he i nter ed l rein egar 005 l est r de ommen ding ers pen fo of a rced bo d as a de ) wor abli ntin ded k be app into e- k of shed bon . Th resi cau roac the mod nd. 4,5 perfe Nak toda ding e n is se o hw hard face erat It is ct fi y are a “s poly nce as la b el bril aba yash based tr me the infi nd- ized etween y mine com pos i an on t ilar uctural rized, ti t ra e d co he to t ” bo l it ca trating Para ssues ( wo hig lized in d ena hly l- den tino he i nter nd s ome n ge nera bun llel- orie mel min ter- pha te dl nte and er 144 Stud ena ies h mel ju se form at sim wh tion es form d coar den al- ncti - s th mas se c tin) JO ave ed a at c olla . UR *Te sho on ( t th ena an sive gen NA of S nured wn DEJ e me c L O F E outh asso that ). 3 able l crack divert a onsolid ern ci Cal ate pro the p s n a- star lastic d throug d blunt ST HE ifor DEJ TIC nia fessor, tlin efor h co AN Sch dire DEJ g si m nsid and milarit ation. T D R ool ES of Dctor of er- TO enti Esth the ie here stry curr s betw RA e TIV , Lo tic De are E D s An ntist gele ry, D ent een EN s, C prin the A, Uivision TIS cipl TR Y SA of P es o rim a f ry O ral H ealt hC are, Uni vers ity
  47. 47. FC
  48. 48. FC
  49. 49. FC
  50. 50. FC
  51. 51. Impresión
  52. 52. Sin Hilos 2 Pasos
  53. 53. Sin Hilos 2 Pasos
  54. 54. Sin Hilos 2 Pasos
  55. 55. Provisionales
  56. 56. Protemp 4
  57. 57. Técnico
  58. 58. Cementado
  59. 59. Lavar abundante
  60. 60. Preparación de la carilla
  61. 61. Preparación del diente
  62. 62. FC
  63. 63. a si h or ACementado
  64. 64. FC 5s
  65. 65. !s FC
  66. 66. Excesos Oclusión Pulido
  67. 67. Diagn. & Plan Tx Preparación Impresión Tec. Dental Cementado
  68. 68. Gracias