Mainstream Media and News Startups


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This presentation is part of a keynote speech by Jan Schaffer, executive director of J-Lab, at the Connecting Communities Conference on May 24 at the BBC College of Journalism at MediaCityUK in Salford, United Kingdom.

Mainstream Media and News Startups

  1. Mainstream Media and News Startups Bridging the Silos
  2. Five Models of Collaboration Distributive partnerships. Republishing content another news outlet created. Co-reporting partnerships. Working together on reporting a story. Content-creation partnerships. Creating content usually for a legacy media partner. Networked journalism partnerships. Memberships in formal metro-area blog or news-site networks. Civic engagement partnerships. Juicing the involvement of citizens in public hearings or issues.
  3. News Scoops – Not EnoughMSM needed to beef up contentNews Startups needed some megaphones
  4. Collaboration isthe New Competition
  5. Steal Our Stories –Texas Tribune, Pro Publica
  6. Rules for Stealing Don’t edit. Use all internal links Photos not included Can’t sell ads against it Can’t resell Give credit Link back
  7. Syndicating Content
  8. New England Centerfor Investigating Reporting Monthly Syndication
  9. Pro Publica – Co-Reporting
  10. Reporting Network Co-produced with NPR. Published as part of Amazon’s Kindle Singles program
  11. NY Times/Texas Trib Deal
  12. WHYY & Public School Notebook
  13. NBC & Voice of San Diego
  14. Seattle News Partner Network
  15. Oregon News Network
  16. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-Marcellus Shale partnership
  17. Successful Journalism Networks  Honored the independence of the smaller sites.  Gave the network partners visibility.  Provided a community editor to spearhead the effort.  Provided some training – in social media, in selling ads, in legal issues – for the smaller sites.
  18. Less Successful Networks Partners were required to use a specific content management system. Leadership changed: editors or community managers disappeared over the course of the project. Resources disappeared. The network was secret – not marketed well in the community.
  19. NowcastSA - Civic Participation via webcasts, livestreams
  20. Engaging Audiences:Interaction vs. Meaningful Engagement
  21. KQED Public Radio Partners
  22. WHYY Radio/Web Partners
  23. NolaVie & New Orleans Times-Picayune
  24. Thanks!Jan Schaffer