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Sturtevant Mini Project


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  • 1. Sturtevant’s Marketing Analysis
    Marketing Manager Mini ProjectJonathan Wong
  • 2. Design a campaign to facilitate the expansion of an online customer base for a website that is less than 2 years old.
  • 3. In order to expand their online customer base, Sturtevant’s will need to acquire web presence and fulfill the demand for it.
    By increasing traffic to website it will increase brand awareness and ultimately increase brick & mortar traffic.
    Through effective marketing that is not only viral but also with the use of guerrilla tactics.
  • 4. Market Research
    More consumers are spending more money now on snow sports gears.
    This should be the primary target for online purchases.
    However, due to the seasonal nature of the sport, water sports should be a strong focus for any summer season marketing.
    What is the primary competitive advantage in products sold from vs other online retailers?
  • 5. In order to fine tune and attain more traffic to the website, the company website must align with company strategy and overall mission.
    Once aligned, the theme of the website should be parallel to the store to retain traditional feel of company.
    Emphasize the strengths of the company that made Sturtevant’s the 2009 Gold Medal Shop Of The Year Award.
    Sturtevant’s Mission
  • 6. Find out target market for your web store.
    Customers who look to
    Find information about store
    Find great deals on sporting goods
    Learn about new gear in the industry
    Demographics/Persona (as big companies use)
    Age, Gender, Family v.s. Individual, Which Sport…etc.
    Product life cycle
    Seasons, Economy
    Target Market
  • 7. Based on the target market, what medium would attract your online customers to generate word of mouth and attract new visitors?
    Find a penetration strategy for this new group of demographic from site analytics and unique visitor counts.
    Target Market
  • 8. SEO Research
    These results only show up for local searches.
    Need to increase visitor counts to attract out of state customers to website.
    No first page results for:
  • 12. Facebook likes for discounts
    Promotion codes for products through Twitter
    Viral Youtube campaign videos (advertising)
    Reinforce positive web PR
    Utilize SEO to bring traffic to all forms of web presence (Yelp, Google, 4Square… etc.)
    Social Media Campaign Examples
  • 13. Facebook Likes for Discount Example
    Generates word of mouth and referrals to achieve collective goal of discounts.
    Other variations include giveaways, contests, photo hunts, puzzles, riddles… etc.
  • 14. Skier/Snowboarder Business Cards
    QR Codes directed to viral videos or website
    Public advertising spots with website
    Sponsorship and presence to sporting events
    Snow angels with branding
    Publicize outstanding awards
    Utilize Seattle’s weather to advertise water sports.
    Guerrilla Marketing Examples
  • 15. Skier Business Card Example
    Best Ski Shop in the Northwest
    Example from
    Similar low cost advertising could be done with variations to business card example.
  • 16. Do you need to reposition your website?
    What is the company mission of online website?
    Where do your competitors stand in comparison to your company?
    What is your marketing budget?
    What improvements to the website can make user experience easier and commit a purchase?
    Choices in SEM/SEO clients and programs?
    Questions to Consider
  • 17. Find and discover target audience for web store and initiate campaigns that leverage their interests.
    Engage in guerrilla marketing and further utilize social media platforms to advertise and position brand.
    Increase word of mouth through creative campaigns and grow customer base.
    Locate and distinguish between potential unique visitors and point anomalies from search engine optimization programs.
  • 18. The first step for most brick and mortar consumers is through the web, to find information about the store.
    Sturtevant is a long standing brand name (40 years) use the web to spread company mission and story as well as award recognition.
    With little knowledge on how the marketing team works at Sturtevant’s, further research is needed to correctly strategize and execute a marketing campaign for Sturtevant’s web presence.
  • 19. Guerrilla Campaign
    Marketing Manager Mini ProjectJonathan Wong
  • 20. Problem
    Pros and Cons
    Proposed Budget
    Final Thoughts
  • 21. Sturtevant’s is known for their local ski shops and sporting gear.
    Sturtevant’s new website is fairly young and requires an expansion of online customer base.
  • 22. Objectives
  • 23. Annual precipitation in Seattle averages 39 inches (990 millimeters)
    Source "Seattle (Washington)" The New Book of Knowledge. Scholastic Library Publishing, 2006.
    This is a perfect scenario to advertise watersports equipment.
  • 24. By utilizing Seattle’s rainy weather to simulate the fun in water sports.
    Create window stickers of characters having fun in the water with the company website and logo.
    Place window stickers on car windows while it is raining.
    Generate buzz through guerrilla marketing.
    Low cost project that will takes very little preparation.
  • 25.
  • 26.
  • 27. Pros & Cons
  • 28. 4”x4” Custom Color Decal (
    Approximately 1000+ window stickers at 87 cents a piece totaling about $900 with shipping.
    One sticker could potentially hold infinite impressions.
    4.8” x 4.8” Custom Color Decal (
    250 custom window stickers for $499 ($1.96/ea)
    But with certain discounts, prices are negotiable.
    Proposed Budget
  • 29. There is potential to placing window stickers on more than just car windows. Applicable to bus stops, marinas, beaches… any flat surface could be an advertising space.
    Could host social media photo contests with window stickers for a grand prize, coupon, or discount.
    Having a clear message or slogan for campaign would be essential to gaining buzz worthy word of mouth.
    Final Thoughts