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Seattle Magazine 2012 Media Kit

  1. 1. 2012 Media Kit Best of the Cascades 33 Best Washington Wines in si co d and Olympics e: o l co u n te rt o ps smart. savvy. essential. may 2011 smart. savvy. essential. april 2011 mountains gone wild: Best Restaurants top Meals for Your MoneY bigfoot! +++ volcanoes! 23 bears! lunches The Ultimate Guide under Mountains to Washington’s $10! magazine Hikes off tHe beaten patH, drivable summits, easy walks, panoramic vistas, alpine meadows and more PLUS: BeSt PLaceS for vacation homeS + the Secret Side of moUnt St. heLenS 8 happy hour deals Buffets (yes, Buffets!) ready to splurge? restaurants worth every penny advertising section: advertising special section: fresh from the forest: Why food a neW arts best real idaho travel the neW tWist on trucks go fest in estate agents what climate change means reviving vertical (see page 65) locally groWn goods brick & mortar the gorge (see page 139) for seattle allergy season local radio gardening top 5 happy hours smart. savvy. essential. in si is d e: la n d> the PreMier seattle Monthly h o m e de co r Best Cocktails the Premier Seattle monthly november 2009Best CoCktails & Bars With a rich history that spans more than 40 years in the Puget Sound, Seattle magazine is the area’s The #1 subscribedMost influential PeoPle definitive city +regional magazine helping people get the most out of living in the Puget Sound region. to city/regionalhealth Care shoPPing It is a magazine that at once celebrates the city’s magazine in the > ClassiCs with a twist > The new Person “iT” drinks > sneaking into speakeasies of the year + the most influential people of 2009 status as the birthplace of technology, innovation (page 103) and trends; the surrounding natural beauty; and the entire northwest! noveMBer 2009 Finding the best healthcare deals online eating big on a small budget at ballard’s new French eatery Knute berger on why your neighborhood could be maKing you Fat pioneering spirit that draws and keeps us all here.
  2. 2. seattle magazine 2012 Media Kit our edItorIal mISSIonSeattle magazine is the voice of our vibrant, through in-depth stories about a civic, political or newsy issue or previews of new hotspots, Seattletrend-setting, entrepreneurial city that is magazine keeps readers on the pulse of restaurants, personalities, arts, entertainment and culture thatrapidly changing and growing. reflect the tapestry of our dynamic landscape. rachel Hart Editorial Director 147 New Boutiques, hot shops The 398 Physicians In FaLL artS preView! in sI in be 10 si d si d th e: aNd cool cafes au LocAL DoctorS truSt d e: gr e: + our pickS For 2011’S BeSt artiStS a ti n ee fu n rachels love of trends, arts, urban living and n iv l go ba er o th sa ds ro ry pop culture helps her capture the zeitgeist of o is m su s e Seattle . With 17 years of experience in city 27 local! bold ideas to fix magazines, rachel feels magazines should smart. savvy. essential. seattle september 2011 smart. savvy. essential. march 2011 smart. savvy. essential. 11 Best Neighborhoods ToP docs (page 134) JUly 2011 tell the story of whats happening in a city best shopping finds > right now. Seattle’S moSt livable, walkable deStinationS Hidden Vintage +++ SHopS perFect spring New giFtS For arts Boutiques $5, $15 preview Kristin russell new LocaL FaSHion and $25 statemeNt Jewelry 29 can’t-miss shows Plus what Managing Editor deSignerS it costs to Move iN Now Kristen is a lifelong Seattlite, and has the and NearBy ISLAND DINING 14 can’t-miss Plus: webbed feet and fleece affinity to prove it. schools The new sTand- local tastes (page 60) alone eRs She earned her degrees from the uW before living with breast Urban rUins: jaunting off to uC Berkeley to earn a masters cancer how To choose relics of seattle’s past degree in journalism. an anesThesiologisT How bikes are gaining in seattle’s road wars advertising Ocean acid: the climate get Out! Best new hiking, hOw tO Be a winemaker tHe best places to barter section: HAWAII tHe BeSt new urBan FLy waLLet-FriendLy crisis spOiling Our seafOOd Biking and camping gear (and keep yOur day jOB) TRAVEL itaLian reStaurant FiSHing wineS on tap Brangien davis Arts + Culture Editor Brangien has a huge, embarrassing crush on Seattle magazine is the owner’s manual for the city’s sophisticated, active, Seattle’s arts scene. Before becoming Seattle’s arts & culture editor, she spent five years as a freelancer, writing arts and entertainment urban-minded people who live in the Seattle area and want to feel connected stories for various publications. to their community. our readers are looking for intelligent, authoritative and Kate Calamusa Fashion + Lifestyle Editor witty insider information and are drawn to our clean design, glossy format, Kate has spent the past five years immers- ing herself in the burgeoning local fashion award-winning photography and writing and our unique insider’s perspective. scene, producing Seattle magazine’s Seamless seattle magazine is smart. savvy. essential. in Seattle competition for emerging fashion designers while also styling fashion editorials and runway sets. 1518 First avenue South | Suite 500 | Seattle, Wa 98134 | Phone 206.284.1750 | Fax 206.284.2550 |
  3. 3. seattle magazine 2012 Media Kit reGular dePartmentSIn addition to our hallmark features stories, Seattle magazine has a 40-plus yearSeattle magazine’s regular columns include: history of award- > Local Authority winning journalism Personality profiles > Parental Guidance and art direction. news your family can use > Flash + Talk AccolAdes include: tales and snapshots from our vibrant social and dozens of first place honors> Eat and Drink Dining Guide fundraising scene from the Society of Professional dining editor allison Scheff on the city’s hottest restaurants Journalists for the magazine’s with reviews and dining perspective; cheap eats spots and > Spotlight local producers Focus on an emerging local artists clean design and insightful articles: Headlines, Social Issues reporting,> Key Ingredient > Datebook & The Must-List Humor Writing, Photography, local gourmand lorna Yee cooks up something unique arts and Culture editor Brangien davis’s arts and events picks Business reporting, Page design,> Cooks Adventures > Hot Topic Photo essay, minority reporting, Forrager langdon Cooks new column a newsy topic Seattle is buzzing about leisure and lifestyle reporting, Government and Political reporting> Tasting Notes > Grey Matters and more. the best in Washington wines & spirits legendary local journalist Knute Berger sounds off on city politics, zeitgeist and development> Fashion and Shopping Around new shops, local goods and designers> Outdoors exploring our natural paradise 1518 First avenue South | Suite 500 | Seattle, Wa 98134 | Phone 206.284.1750 | Fax 206.284.2550 |
  4. 4. seattle magazine 2012 Media Kit edItorIal Calendar + adVertISInG CloSInG dateS Special Space Close Provided On SaleCover Feature Features Advertising Section + Ad Builds Ads DateJanuary burgers, nW home, Desserts, hawaii, parenting 11/17 11/23 12/22Food cosmetic Dentistry & SurgeryFebruary getting around guide Seattle bridal & valentines gift guide 12/9 12/16 1/19TransportationMarch Special collectors Issue: century 21 50 years later: Worlds Fair/Seattle lawyer profiles, alternative Medicine center, Spring Fashion, Spring arts preview, 1/20 1/26 2/23Space needle & nW casino guide nW home & Spring Sports gear guideaprIl best new Wa Wines, neighborhood happy hours, parenting/Summer programs, luxury Spring 2/17 2/23 3/22best restaurants James beard award Winners Shopping & hawaiiMay culinary adventures, Farm Stands, artisans, bars, Water recreation 3/16 3/22 4/19Small Town Trips astoria, Fairview & nW homeJune Summer nights, late night happy hours Sports Medicine 4/20 4/26 5/24entertainment & nightlife & Music clubsJuly best hikes/Walks & nW home Doctor & Dentist profiles 5/18 5/24 6/2112th annual TOp DOcSauguST best Washington Wine Wine country Trips & ancient lakes Washington Wine 6/15 6/21 7/19awards/Wine country TripsSepTeMber Seamless in Seattle, accessories, nW home & hawaii, Fashion Week Out, 7/20 7/26 8/23Shopping Fall arts preview Sustainable living & continuing educationOcTOber Fall Travel: brew Map Drinking guide, parenting 6 great lodges & eastern Washington 8/17 8/23 9/20northwest lodges & Women’s healthnOveMber Food & Drink for the holidays 25 Most Influential people & Winter Sports guide 9/14 9/20 10/18best new restaurants & Winter SportsDeceMber best of the year in pictures gift guide & Dentist profiles 10/19 10/25 11/22best Of 2012 1518 First avenue South | Suite 500 | Seattle, Wa 98134 | Phone 206.284.1750 | Fax 206.284.2550 |
  5. 5. seattle magazine 2012 Media Kit demoGraPHICSSeattle magazine is the #1 most subscribed to andwidest-read city/regional magazine in the northwestAffluent Planning to spend Frequent dinersaverage household income: $244,000 $1,000+ in the next 12 months 42% spend $250 or more dining outaverage net worth: $1.85m 56% on Home theater/entertainment system average spent $231average value of home: $750K 43% on Home electronics 81% drank wine in the last 30 days 55% on Home furnishings/fixtures 56% drank beer in the last 30 days average times dined out inWell educated the last 30 days: 10.7 times94% have completed some college Into the latest technology78% have one or more college degrees 96% have at least one computer at home30% have graduate degrees 96% used the Internet in the last 30 days Active and involved 83% ordered something through the Internet 65% garden indoors or outdoors in the last year 77% walk for exerciseEstablished decision-makers 59% regularly attend professional sporting eventsFemale: 75% 60% exercise at health clubsmale: 25% Active consumers 53% visited a spaaverage age: 51 of our readers who plan to purchase, they plan 29% go boating to spend on average in the next 12 months: 35% hike or backpackMarried Fine jewelry: $6,120 24% golf Home furnishings: $5,640 43% volunteered for a non-profit70% are married Home theater: $3,69015% are single, never married Cosmetic surgery: $2,47010% divorced/separated Cultured and support the arts 69% attend museums, art galleries and exhibitsInvested in their home Frequent travelers 81% attend a concert, ballet, or live theater92% are homeowners 91% have a valid passport 30% traveled to Hawaii in the last 12 months22% own a secondary/vacation residence 93% took a domestic trip in the last 12 months Philanthropic31% are planning major remodeling/ renovation 64% are involved with or donated to a charitablein the next 12 months and planning to spend 30% visited las Vegas 51% traveled to europe in the last 3 years organization in the last 12 monthsan average of $44,500 42% traveled to mexico in the last 3 years 1518 First avenue South | Suite 500 | Seattle, Wa 98134 | Phone 206.284.1750 | Fax 206.284.2550 |
  6. 6. seattle magazine 2012 Media Kit medIa audIt 2010 reSultSSeattle magazine cume rating is this means over a four-issue period, Seattle magazine has almost twice as many readers as Seattle met.11.4 vs. 6.7 for Seattle met that’s advertiser value. Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattleaudience magazine Met travel magazine MetAge 18+ 350,592 206,535 Domestic Flights (3+ times past year) 141,788 70,399Age 25-44 144,150 97,594 Foriegn Flights (1+ times past 2 years) 137,494 77,270Age 45-64 150,674 73,429 Hotels (10+ nights past year) 160,533 89,904Live on the Eastside 45,713 13,735 Skiing/Snowboarding (past year) 80,303 39,396High Income Socially active in the Past YearAverage HHI $100K+ 113,991 70,146 Opera/Symphony/Theater 251,003 138,976Liquid Assets $250K+ 74,907 42,546 Rock/Pop Concerts 150,067 77,006Home Value $500K+ 85,564 39,481 College/Prof. 3+ Sport Events 123,389 63,588Food & drink Shopped Past 4 WeeksRestaurants (4+ times past 2 weeks) 66,367 18,999 Jewelry Stores 68,894 31,283Bars/Night Clubs (past 4 weeks) 170,418 104,636 Women’s Clothes 197,903 115,312Wine (3+ times past 2 weeks) 99,708 56,703 Sporting Goods 157,430 95,616 SourCe: media audit combined Spring & Fall 2010 media audit is a nationally-syndicated market We can provide reports based on other target demographics and including other local media companies. survey company that reports qualitative audience data for print, tv and radio. 1518 First avenue South | Suite 500 | Seattle, Wa 98134 | Phone 206.284.1750 | Fax 206.284.2550 |
  7. 7. seattle magazine 2012 Media Kit HoW We ComPare Seattle magazine has 80% more subscribers BY tHe numBerS than Seattle met SourCe: ToTal Paid CirCulaTion: Paid SubSCriberS: newSSTand SaleS: Seattle magazine is audited by Verified Audit Circulation, audit Seattle magazine 32,768 Seattle magazine 20,780 Seattle magazine 9,973 period July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011. Seattle met 24,880 Seattle met 11,556 Seattle met 13,324 Seattle met audit information Circulation Verification Council 2010.Seattle magazine is the most established magazine locally andrecognized as the leading magazine over many years of excellence. HoW We ComPareWe have remained true to our brand: Smart, Savvy, essential and won the hearts andminds of our target audience: Seattles affluent "baby boomer". Seattle magazine: SeaTTle meT:Consider the following: 68,205 52,570n Seattle magazine is the premier print media vehicle in this market. Seattle magazine’s monthly Circulation monthly Circulation subscribers average household income is $244,000 vs. Seattle met’s $171,350.n Subscribers are the gold standard among advertisers buying magazines - the 12x relationship with the subscriber, rather than the impulsive newsstand buyer. 240,422 185,309 monthly readership monthly readership seattle magazine. smart. savvy. essential. SourCe: april 2011 Press run SourCe: June 2011 Press run 1518 First avenue South | Suite 500 | Seattle, Wa 98134 | Phone 206.284.1750 | Fax 206.284.2550 |
  8. 8. seattle magazine 2012 Media Kit PromotIon PlatFormSSeattle magazine’s media platform provides for all aspects ofan integrated promotion campaign: AWAreneSS Broad, powerful awareness through print 68,206 PRINT: our print magazine is the foundation of our media platform: total circulation Seattle magazine continues to lead Washington state with the most paid copies sold of any local publication. Print provides brand exposure and prInT high end positioning that generates conversation among an affluent, active audience. Immediate exposure through web and e-newsletters WEB: over 60,000 visitors per month immerse themselves in the latest developments on our web sites provide similar content as our print magazine, but provide more day to day content through our food,70,000 signature fashion and arts blogs. In addition, each of our e-newsletters (restaurantunique website visitors event series Insider, Seattle Scene, must list) reach an average of 15,000 people aper month month. DireCt Web Your evenTS CuStOmer reSPOnSe Brand COnneCtiOn Individual connections through events and social media EVENTS: Seattle magazine produces a series of signature events that draw a select audience that chooses to engage in a live experience with our15,000 custom eventse-newsletter subscribers we reach over 15,000 brand. our fashion and food events are designed to deliver an experienceper month people face to face that fulfills the needs of a luxury audience. advertisers are encouraged to participate and can sponsor events to develop awareness, sampling, and to develop personal connections with a discerning audience. Seattle magazine can also develop custom events for advertisers seeking to develop a specific experience. SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media connects our print subscribers, event SOcIal 30,000 attendees, and web site visitors. With over 30,000 people in our facebook MeDIa facebook & twitter fans and twitter audiences, Seattle magazine has the ability to reach a signifi- cant audience with a strong connection to our brand. our “Inside Seattle” facebook following can offer advertisers the ability to run promotions that Buzz generate an immediate response. 1518 First avenue South | Suite 500 | Seattle, Wa 98134 | Phone 206.284.1750 | Fax 206.284.2550 |
  9. 9. seattle magazine 2012 Media Kit PrInt rateS & teStamonIalS2012 retail rates testimonials best restaurants inn iin ss i s idd id fa wb fa ee : au for a rainy day e :: bu lll lo sou os us f f wl fl oo ono o dr as a past publicist and marketer, I urged my clients to brand r eir in n Four color 1X 4X 8X 12X g g with Seattle magazine. now that I am a retailer, I am finding 2 page spread $12,080 $11,470 $10,900 $9,260 out firsthand the absolutely positive results of branding with smart. savvy. essential. Comfort Food january 2011 Seattle magazine. Full Page $6,925 $6,580 $5,920 $5,035 traffic to my shop increased the minute the magazine hit 2/3 $6,230 $5,920 $5,330 $4,530 the readers hands. new customers called, stopped in and several had Seattle magazine to show me how they found me. Gooiest Grilled cheese 1/2 $4,670 $4,440 $3,995 $3,395 I sold out of one item based on placing my shop with Seattle savory soups perfect pot pies 1/3 $3,115 $2,995 $2,660 $2,260 magazine. + fried everything Seattle magazine delivers! 1/6 $2,075 $1,970 $1,775 $1,510 Lauren Formicola Cover 2 $8,500 Shopkeeper Cover 3 $8,100 Charlie +May Cover 4 $9,470 Why local hospitals are clamoring for your business tequila! Where to sip the top-shelf brands the methoW’s must-do nordic ski adventurePoSItIonGuaranteed positions available for 15% premium of space as an advertiser with Seattle magazine for more than a decade, our relationship has developed into a true media partnership. the ultimate beer lover’s guidecharge. Preferred positions are on a space-available basis as our high-profile developments and global realty brand preferdeemed by publisher. Please check with your account executive. to be associated with Seattle magazine for market exposure outdoor and brand positioning. We’re proud to be present in Seattle gear preview skiing, bikingaVaIlaBle uPon requeSt magazine everywhere this hard-working publication is distrib- smart. savvy. essential. & hiking october 2011reprints / Inserts / Gatefolds / Cover Wrap / Poly Bags / uted; be it hotel rooms, in-flight and at targeted events such as 85 local craft Beers Fashion First, Plymouth Housing or the Washington Wine must-tryBusiness reply Cards nanoBrews local auction. It just seems whatever is current and hip in Seattle bestbeers seattle’s Best puB food is happening with Seattle magazine, and theirBleed CHarGe e-newsletters. that’s why we’ll continue to advertise as SeattleFull bleed is available for 10% of space charge. magazine leads the beat of this great city. Dean Jones Principal Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty Best galleries inside super- seattle’s dog for local art eco homes oBsession 1518 First avenue South | Suite 500 | Seattle, Wa 98134 | Phone 206.284.1750 | Fax 206.284.2550 |
  10. 10. seattle magazine 2012 Media Kit SIzeS & SPeCIFICatIonSad Sizes mechanical Specifications the following specifications should be used in the preparation files for Seattle magazine and northwest Home. Width Depth 2 page spread 17.25" 11.375" dIGItal FIleS SHIPPInG InStruCtIonS Full page (non-bleed) 7.75" 10.25" ads should be supplied on a Cd or via FtP or email as a high- ads under 10mB can be shipped electronically via email to ads@ res PdF (CmYK, 300 dPI, fonts embedded). all fonts should ads up to 150 mB can be shipped via FtP. Files Full page (bleed)* 8.875" 11.375" be converted to outlines or supplied. Please provide a color proof need to be compiled into one folder and stuffed or compressed. 2/3 page (vertical) 4.625" 10.0" produced under SWoP specification ( when you Please include the advertiser name in the folder name. submit new color ad material. We will do our best to match the In any web browser, go to:, when 1/2 page (horizontal) 7.75" 4.875" proof that you supply, but due to CmYK magazine printing prompted, enter: 1/2 page (vertical) 4.625" 7.25" standards, we cannot guarantee color accuracy. We do not accept username: advertiser Film. If using large fields of black in a full color ad, please use a 4 Password: top207 1/3 page (square) 4.625" 4.875" color build instead of 100% black. (ie c 20/m 20/y 20/k 100). a 1/3 page (vertical) 2.225" 10.0" fee of $150 will be charged if a file is received after 12:00 noon, Follow the instructions for entering pertinent information two business days after materials Close date. and uploading files. 1/6 page (horizontal) 4.625" 2.3125" 1/6 page (vertical) 2.25" 4.875" ad ProduCtIon rateS Send materials over 150 mB to: the following production charges are minimum rates for up to ad traffic Coordinator one hour of production and two rounds of adjustments. ad- Seattle magazine*Bleed SPeCIFICatIonS ditional time spent will be billed at $125/hour in quarter-hour 1518 1st ave. S, Suite 500material intended to bleed must be furnished with a minimum increments. Seattle, Wa 98134of .25" image area beyond the trim (8.875" x 11.375"). 1/6 page: $250 2/3 page: $500trIm SIze 1/3 page: $250 Full Page: $500 1/2 page: $5008.375" x 10.875" lIVe area all type or graphics not in-tended to trim should be positioned .3125" from trim.Gutter SaFetYall copy should be placed .375" from either side of trim. 1/6 H 1/3 Sq 1/6 V Full PaGe 2/3 V 1/3 V 1/2 V 1/2 H 1518 First avenue South | Suite 500 | Seattle, Wa 98134 | Phone 206.284.1750 | Fax 206.284.2550 |
  11. 11. seattle magazine 2012 Media Kit onlIne rateS, SIzeS & sample home page sample e-newslettersSeattle magazine provides its content in digital form via the web, ipad and digitaleditions. is becoming a highly compelling web destination. ourtraffic is growing at approximately 10% per quarter through our over 10,000twitter followers and Facebook “friends,” as well as through a significant onlinepartnerships with prominent media outlets such as SummarYn average monthly Page Views: 242,000n total monthly Visitors: 70,000 unique visitorsn avg Pages per visitor: 2.89n 47% of visitors find us through search enginesn almost 10% of our visitors access via a mobile devicedIGItal ad unItS: Width height Monthly guaranteed (pixels) (pixels) rates Impressions Top Tile 300 250 $500 25,000 Skyscraper 160 600 $750 25,000 bottom 728 90 $500 25,000 leaderboardads will rotate with up to four other ads.eleCtronIC neWSletterS:three online newsletters are sent to a loyal following of over 12,000 readersweekly. every tuesday is Seattle Scene, with a choice of either a 728x90 ban-ner inserted near the top or a 160x600 skyscraper on the right side. thursdayis Inside Seattle in which advertisers receive a 500x75 banner inserted near thetop and bottom of our newsletter. this one is limited to just two advertisers.every other Wednesday is restaurant Insider, with a choice of either a 728x90banner inserted near the top or a 160x600 skyscraper on the right side. FIle reQuIreMenTS *.SWF FIle reQuIreMnTS RGB color • 72 dpi • Maximum file size 50K must have the following in the actionScript: Monthly rates on (release) { accepTeD FIle TypeS geturl(clickTag,”_blank”); 1x commitment $2,000 .jpg, .gif, .swf*, 3rd party tags } publish Settings: 3x commitment $1,750 TO have a Web aD buIlT -player: Flash 8 6x commitment $1,500 add $100 to the rate -Script: actionScript 2.0 Ask your Account executive for multi- web, e-newsletter and print bundle discounts. 1518 First avenue South | Suite 500 | Seattle, Wa 98134 | Phone 206.284.1750 | Fax 206.284.2550 |