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Room10 Skool2

  1. 1. Welcome to Second Grade from Room 10
  2. 2. You’ll get three recesses except on Wednesday. Meghan
  3. 3. You’ll get to go to Mount Pisgah with other second grade kids. You’ll have a classroom job.You’ll get a classroom pet named Sneakers in Ms. Paulish’s class. And you will get to bring webkinz in Ms. Paulish’s class.You’ll get to go on the computer in Ms. Paulish’s classroom. By Emily
  4. 4. We do jobs like calendar cleaner and we put up dots for each day in school. Adrianna
  5. 5. In second grade you will get to watch a 3rd grade play. Alex
  6. 6. We get to do the mystery box. Alec
  7. 7. You will get to do a lot of cursive and Miss Paulish is nice to you and you will get to go on field trips. And in the classroom you will get to have outside picnics if you earn it and you will get to go the creek. Sanjuanita
  8. 8. We get to go on the imacs. We have p.e. twice a week! We have a class pet! His name is Sneakers! We write about dinosaurs. (if you’re not in room 15) We have a t.v.You will be elated!!! Ryan
  9. 9. We have p.e twice a week. Kai
  10. 10. You’ll get to do reading Workshop games like Look-Alikes and Squiggles. Maddy
  11. 11. Second grade is fun because we get to play around the world and pig. We get three recesses and handwriting books. We have morning messages every morning. We have calendar and we have workshop. Jessica
  12. 12. You’ll get extra recess. Renee.
  13. 13. In second grade you get to see Dave the Mega Rockstar play his electric guitar. And you get to bring webkinz if your in Mrs.Paulish’s class!! By Noah
  14. 14. We get to do grandma letters and get grandma letters back. REBECCA
  15. 15. We get to go to mount pisgah and we got to see types of animals. And in a little bug in side.
  16. 16. You’ll get to play around the world. Maleah
  17. 17. We do grandma letters. Jake
  18. 18. Inside recess you get to do certain games and non certain games. By Haley.
  19. 19. You can bring webkinz to school. You get to use the labtops. Claire
  20. 20. We do calendar at the rug. Dawson
  21. 21. Type your writing here
  22. 22. We get to make birds. Gehrig
  23. 23. This is my explode the code book 6. Jake. M
  24. 24. See You at the Start of School! September, 2008