Mass Gathering Health Master Class


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Advert for a Mass Gathering Health Master Class held at Flinders University, South Australia 2010

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Mass Gathering Health Master Class

  1. 1. Research Centre for Disaster Resilience and Health Adelaide - Australia Mass Gathering Health Master Class 19 – 21 April 2010OverviewMass gatherings are events which present unique challenges for the delivery of health services including theprovision of emergency care and the maintenance of public health. The master class provides theopportunity to work with world leading experts, who have researched, published and managed massgathering health services and to workshop the application of the latest concepts and evidence to planningand management of the health response.The three days will cover modules relating to the following areas:  Research evidence underpinning mass gathering, health planning and response  Practical aspects of command, control, coordination and communication for mass gatherings  Concepts and tools for mass gathering healthAt the conclusion of the Master Class, participants will:  Have an understanding of the theory and conceptual models underpinning modern practice  Be familiar with the public health tool kit and models for predicting health needs at mass gatherings  Have developed understanding of best practice for planning and managing major event health servicesThis master class is of particular interest to:  Emergency service professionals (particularly health and ambulance organisations)  Health professionals and health emergency managers  Major event managers/organisers/owners  Associations such a sporting codes, arts and festival organisationsExpert tutors include Professor Paul Arbon AM, Chief Commissioner St John Ambulance Australia andPresident Elect World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine; Dr Michael Hills, Public HealthConsultant for the WHO Toolkit for public health response to Mass Gatherings; Dr Steve Brown, Researcherand Event Management Consultant; Mr Alan Eade, Major Event Coordinator, Victoria Ambulance and ChiefProfessional Officer, St John Ambulance Australia.Course DetailsWhen: Monday 19 – Wednesday 21 April 2010; 9am – 5.00pm.Where: The Deidre Jordan Village Community Centre (Car park 11) Research Centre for Disaster Resilience and Health, Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia.Cost: $1500.00 AuD (incl GST) payable by 1 April 2010Inquiries: Contact: Mr Jamie Ranse, Flinders University Research Centre for Disaster Resilience and HealthEmail: Onsite - $3.80 AuD per day.Map: Airport: Adelaide International AirportAccommodation: A variety of accommodation is available in either Glenelg or Adelaide City. Glenelg isapproximately 15mins by taxi or 35mins by bus. Adelaide City is approximately 25mins by taxi or 45mins bybus.
  2. 2. Registration Form/Tax Invoice(This document is a tax invoice for GST purposes upon completion and payment)Flinders University ABN: 65 542 596 200Mass Gathering Master Class$1500.00 AuD Fee (incl GST) payable by 1 April 2010When: Monday 19 – Wednesday 21 April 2010, 9.00am – 5.00pm.Personal DetailsTitle Given Name Family NamePostal Address Post CodeTelephone: Mobile OtherEmailEmployer OrganisationSignature DatePayment Details (Please tick appropriate box) Cheque payable to: Flinders University – School of Nursing & Midwifery Credit Card  Visa  Mastercard  BankcardCard Holder’s Name (Please print):Card Number _ ___/____/____/____ Expiry Date _ _/__Amount: $1500.00 (AUD) Signature: Date: _ _ / _ _ / _ _Return Completed Form to:Accounts OfficerMass Gathering Master ClassSchool of Nursing & MidwiferyFlinders UniversityGPO Box 2100ADELAIDE SA 5001Or fax to: +61 8 8276 1602 Office Use 01.601.03895.0712 Tax Code GSTRegistrations close 1 April 2010. If you do not receive written confirmation of your registration, pleasecontact Libby Colyer on (08) 8201 5095 or A full refund will only be madewhere written advice of cancellation is received not later than 5 working days prior to commencement of thecourse.Note: Flinders University reserves the right to cancel or change the dates of any course, subject to course numbers and staff availability.