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Comenius regio inclusive and coherent learning environment
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Comenius regio inclusive and coherent learning environment


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Samstarfsverkefni Sveitarfélagsins Skagafjarðar og Odense kommune í Danmörku
  • 2.   The teachers of the oldest children in the kindergarten and the teachers of 1st class work together and plan to insure the continuity in the studies. It´s also important that the elementary school gets information on each student´s learning abilities. The more the teamwork the better. Mutual visits and job swapping is a part of that effort.
  • 3. Mutual job swapping causes the students to know the teachers of each school and the teachers get a better understanding of each others workplace, working facilities. We have taken baby-steps this fall in/towards jobswapping and intend to do more of it later in the winter.
  • 4. It´s important if possible that teachers attend the same seminars so that students learn to use the same or similar methods of learning. For example, together we have attended a seminar called Play to Learn More which is a learning method where learning and movement are integrated. The students learn a certain way of work and we use this method partly in both schools.
  • 5. So students can know what to expect during the day the day´s schedule is visible in both schools. In the elementary school it´s more often in writing and in the kindergarten pictures are used along with writing.
  • 6. The elementary school doesn´t have any particular expectations to the students when they attend elementary school. But it´s nevertheless important to have a mutual understanding on certain practical skills students should be able to accomplish. For example to be able to hold a pencil the proper way, use scissors, to be able to go to the toilet on their own and put their clothes on without help. The schools haven´t made any mutual formal lists on these matters yet, but we have already startet discussions about it.
  • 7. When the children feel that they are safe in their school and that they´re treated in a fair way. That they know what´s expected of them and what they can expect during each day. That the social surroundings is in their favour. That their tasks are both challenging and suitable.
  • 8. “Negative“ remarks should be made in a way that the students keeps their dignity for example when being asked to hurry up or to change his behaviour.
  • 9. We think it´s important that students get to know different establishments and firms in our community. This is for example done by visiting the fire station, the home for the elderly, fish factory, greenhouses, museums and so on. Outdoor activities in teaching such as a walk along the beach, a short hike or studying somewhere in nature makes the student familiar with his surroundings and should make him more secure.
  • 10. - We often get visits from members of different organizations and/or institutions in our society. Sometimes they are introducing their operation or having some sort of a cooperation with the schools. Sometimes we also get visits from parents who come to tell us about their job or a special interest. For instance we had a visit from dog owners that tought the children to treat dogs especially ones they don´t know.
  • 11. - A dad collected all sorts of unfamiliar fish while at sea and put on a show in the elementary school. - Theatrical groups often come to show short plays f.ex. about bullying, child molesting, traffic instructions and sometimes just for fun.
  • 12. Senior citizens visit the schools more frequently.They tell the students stories, read to them and play cards.
  • 13. Among several mutual visits during the school year the kindergarten visits the elementary school in the annual peace walk in the end of November and Ársalir also joins the spring festival in Árskóli.
  • 14.  We got some visitors in Ársalir; a police officer told the children about the traffic rules and the importance of using light reflectors in the darkness