Broad Based Developing A Marketing Plan
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Broad Based Developing A Marketing Plan



A 9 Step Process to Developing a

A 9 Step Process to Developing a
Comprehensive Marketing Plan



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Broad Based Developing A Marketing Plan Broad Based Developing A Marketing Plan Presentation Transcript

  • A 9 Step Process to Developing a Comprehensive Marketing Plan
  • MARKETING PLAN By following this process, you can develop a plan for any industry. 1. Identify the audience(s) 2. Identify the best way to reach the audience(s) 3. Measure results and adjust for course correction
  • MARKETING PLAN A written plan will help you: • Define your target audience(s) (there is often more than one) • Define the message for each audience (they are often different) • Determine the actions that you want your audience to take • Set a timetable and foster coordination with a variety of outreaches • Provide an established budget • Establish measures of success
  • #1 PRELIMINARY RESEARCH • Historical sales data • Seasonal trends in sales • % profitability from each product or service • Results of past marketing efforts • Size of market/sales needed to capture desired market share
  • #2 SITUATION ANALYSIS • Statement of current business situation and future goals • List of products or services offered • Identify target markets • Past marketing efforts and results • Geographic target areas • Competition
  • #3 CREATIVE BRIEF • Define Advertising Objectives • Define Audiences • List Benefits/Features • Identify Key Selling Point • Define Action Sought • Establish Evaluation Process • Identify Corporate Essentials • Identify Competition
  • #4 AUDIENCE ANALYSIS Healthcare Client Target Audiences Target Procedure What we want them to do What we want them to know or believe Media Timeline Existing Skin care • Turn first to the trusted physicians at • Because of intense training and accreditation, Database direct Patients Oculoplastics Client when considering skin care or the physicians at Client are the obvious choice mail/web facial cosmetic services. Trends show when considering Oculoplastics procedures. strategy that Lasik patients are appearance • Best eye care in NE FL aware and become next interested in Print, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Broadcast, Earned media Mature Adults Cataract Surgery • Call for a free consultation • Client has world-renown experts using the Print, Glaucoma Procedures • Choose Client for all their family's eye latest medical and surgical technologies. Broadcast, PRK (Photo-Refractive Keratonomy) care needs. • Patient will receive the most personalized Earned media LASIK care in Jacksonville's most advanced PRELEX medical/surgical facility. Oculoplastics • Doctors are ASOPRS Certified and the most Optometry Services qualified to perform Oculoplastics. Optical Shop • Immediate accessibility (same day) • Best eye care in NE FL Young Adults PRK (Photo-Refractive Keratonomy) • Visit our web site for more information • Client has world-renown experts using the Social Media, LASIK • Call for a free consultation latest medical and surgical technologies. College PRELEX • Patient will receive the most personalized newspapers, Optical Shop care in Jacksonville's most advanced Earned media Contacts medical/surgical facility. Optometry Services • Best eye care in NE FL Skincare Services • How do Client rates compare? Women Portrait® Plasma Skin Regeneration • Visit web site to see before and after • The Skin Care Center at Client has the latest Print, interested in CO2 Laser Dermabrasion (laser face lift) images technology in facial resurfacing with North Broadcast, skincare Particle Dermabrasion • Free consultation to determine the Florida's only Portrait Laser, providing a more Southern Permanent Eyeliner best regeneration approach for patient brief downtime compared to resurfacing with Women's Show Glycolic Acid Skin Wash CO2 or erbium. Earned media Botox and Restylane • CO2 Laser Dermabrasion aims to smooth wrinkled or damaged skin by removing the damaged layers.
  • #5 METHODS TO REACH TARGET CORPORATE • Popular trade shows • Sponsorship of industry meetings/events • Trade publications • Business publications • Industry Web sites or blogs
  • #5 METHODS TO REACH TARGET CONSUMER • Television, Cable and Radio that is niche specific • Online marketing strategies that include organic SEO or PPC • Traditional print – newspapers/magazines • Direct mail or email
  • #6 SET A BUDGET • Budget based on effort to capture desired response To capture 2% of the Jacksonville W18-24 market, 840 sales are needed.
  • #6 SET A BUDGET • I ndustry Ad Spending Analysis SIC CODE - 1700 - Plumbing, Heating, Air-Conditioning AD BUDGET AS A % OF SALES 3.4% AD BUDGET GROWTH FROM 2006-2007 25.1%
  • #6 SET A BUDGET • Company Ad Spending Analysis
  • #7 IDENTIFY TACTICS Identify Tactics as a Result of Research
  • #8 CREATE MARKETING PLAN Local Brand Awareness
  • #8 CREATE MARKETING PLAN Local Brand Rollout Integrated Marketing Plan 2009 August September October November December January Estimate Total Gross 3 10 17 24 31 7 14 21 28 5 12 19 26 2 9 16 23 30 7 14 21 28 4 11 18 25 Cost Media Vehicle CPM Circ. Unit Size Target Print Amelia Now $25 35m 1/2 C 30+ Fall Issue Already Printed Nassau Chamber Publications Not Responding News Leader $20 13m 3.5"x6 25+ $266 $266 $266 $266 $266 $266 $1,596 Amelia Islander $43 15m 1/2 C 30+ $636 $636 $636 $1,908 Subtotal $902 $266 $266 $266 $266 $902 $636 $3,504 Promotion Internal Rollout Develop Key Message $230 $230 Purchase Premium Items Patient/Partner Mailings Create Letters $345 $345 Mail $1,822 Mail Standard class $1,822 Develop Press Release $115 $115 Website Home page copy $115 $115 Subtotal $230 $0 $1,822 $2,052 Manufacturing/Printing Stationery $8,748 $8,748 Brochure -1,500 $795 $795 Sign Installed Subtotal $9,543 $9,543 Design Web-site updates - see scope of work $690 $690 Planning $500 $500 $1,000 Project Management $625 $625 $625 $1,875 Ads Amelia Islander $438 $438 News Leader $438 $438 Photography Subtotal $625 $500 $1,125 $1,063 $438 $690 $4,441 Total $625 $500 $1,125 $460 $1,063 $9,981 $11,044 $902 $266 $266 $266 $266 $902 $636 $15,099 Key Launch Week Nov. 2
  • #8 CREATE MARKETING PLAN Local B2C – several target audiences
  • #9 MEASUREMENT What Can Be Measured? • Increased awareness • Foot traffic • Phone inquiries • Coupons redeemed • Postcards returned • Web hits, downloads or other conversion tactics
  • COMMUNICATIONS AUDIT Implementing a Strategic Communications Audit A Strategic Communications Audit is a systematic assessment, either formal or informal, of an organization’s capacity for, or performance of, essential communications practices. It determines what is working well, what is not, and what might work better if adjustments are made.
  • COMMUNICATIONS AUDIT Audit Index On a scale of 0-4 in which a “0” indicates no consistency in application and a “4” indicates there is always consistency, a desirable benchmark is a “3,” which reflects that there is nearly always a consistent approach.
  • THANK YOU Thank you! Questions? Twitter @JanKorb