Crafting Strong Value Propositions


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If you sell to the corporate marketing, having a strong value proposition is critical.

It helps you set up meetings with crazy-busy prospects. And, it helps them understand the value they get from changing from the status quo -- something they're loathe to do.

In this presentation, you'll discover how to craft powerful, customer-enticing value propositions that change everything.

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  • Hi there! I’m Jill Konrath. I write and speak about fresh sales strategies that actually work in our fast-paced business environment. Today’s crazy-busy prospects delete you in a nanosecond if your message doesn’t grab their attention. They also stay with the status quo as long as possible because changing just adds more work to their already over-flowing schedule. That’s why value propositions are so important. Strong ones pique curiosity and get customers to take action. Weak ones are the root cause of most sales failure. I hope you get lots of good ideas from this presentation!
  • Crafting Strong Value Propositions

    1. 1. Crafting PowerfulValue Propositions JILL KONRATH Author | Speaker | Strategist
    2. 2. Jill Konrath
    3. 3. If you don’t have a strong, customer-enticing valueproposition, it’s tough to sell.
    4. 4. But whatexactly isa valueproposition?
    5. 5. Lots of people think that a valueproposition is information about their company, product or service.
    6. 6. That’sboring!
    7. 7. A value proposition is also not aglowing description of your uniqueservices, passion for excellence or leading-edge technology.
    8. 8. That’s ayawner too!
    9. 9. A value propositionis a clear statementabout the outcomesthat an individual oran organization canrealize from usingyour product,service or solution.
    10. 10. The key word isOUTCOMES!
    11. 11. So let me ask you this:Have you talked to your clientsabout the results they get when using your offering? You need to! What you learn will help you sell.
    12. 12. Of course, youdon’t have to.But withoutknowing theseoutcomes, you’llhave a hardtime setting upmeetings.
    13. 13. Because strongvalue propositionsjolt your prospectsout of theircomplacency withthe status quo.
    14. 14. And they piqueyour prospect’scuriosity aboutwhat’s possible.
    15. 15. Which is importantbecause this is yourbiggest competitor.
    16. 16. Especially since making any change is more work for youralready stressed out prospect.
    17. 17. You haveto give thema really goodreason totake action.
    18. 18. So what makesa value propositionpowerful & effective?The best ones includethese 3 components: • Business driver • Movement • Metrics
    19. 19. A business driver is related toan important objective that your prospects are measured on.
    20. 20. Here are some examples…• Profitability • Quality• Turnaround time • Returns• Cost of goods sold • Reviews• • Turnover Productivity • New clients• Speed to market • Costs• Revenue• Customer satisfaction
    21. 21. But don’t say, “We canreduce cost” or “We can increase your sales.” Your prospects haveheard that a million times… so you lose credibility.
    22. 22. Worst of all, itmakes you look like anotherproduct-pushing peddler.
    23. 23. The best business drivers are very specific.
    24. 24. Instead of using broad terms like“sales” in your value proposition,use more specific terms such as:• Sales velocity• Sales conversion rates• Call-to-appointment ratios• High quality leads• Sales per customer• Sales of more profitable products
    25. 25. See theDifference?Being specific makesyou stand out fromyour competitors.And, you sound likeyou can make a realimpact in an area thatyour prospects areconcerned about.
    26. 26. Value Propositions Have Movement Too
    27. 27. Because people onlychange if a new option isbetter than the status quoand can positively impacttheir key business drivers.
    28. 28. “Movement” words like thesebelong in value propositions:Eliminate Speed Up RaiseMinimize Decrease Cut Shrink Increase Maximize
    29. 29. Strong Value Propositions Have Metrics TooDollars/Euros Time frames Percentages
    30. 30. And the bestmetrics are alsovery specific.To your prospects,19.7% is muchmore believablethan 20%.
    31. 31. Ready for some examples?
    32. 32. Typical Value PropositionWe create high quality, affordablewebsites for companies who dobusiness online. Web Marketing Firm
    33. 33. …and your prospectsdelete you in a nanosecond.
    34. 34. Same Company,Stronger Value PropositionExample 1: We help retailersincrease their online conversionrates by up to 58%.Example 2: In our work withonline retailers, we typicallyincrease average order sizebetween 22 - 37%.
    35. 35. Typical Value PropositionOur leading edge systems allow you tocapture, manage and share paperdocuments digitally. Document Management Company
    36. 36. Same Company,Stronger Value PropositionExample 1: We help distributors reducetheir order-to-cash processing costs byan average of 67.2% at the same timethey increased customer satisfaction.Example 2: In our work with similar-sized firms, they’ve been able to savebetween $3-5000/month.
    37. 37. Prospects who hear thesestronger value propositions say, Ooh. That’s interesting. I’d like to learn more.
    38. 38. Which is exactly whatyou want them to say!
    39. 39. Their curiosity is piqued. They’re interested in whatyou can do for them. And, you’vecreated a fresh, new opportunity.
    40. 40. Once you’ve clarified your valueproposition, you can use it in your: • Voicemails • Email messages • Conversations • Presentations • ProposalsIn short, in every customerinteraction.
    41. 41. You’ll beamazed at thedifferencea strong valuepropositionmakes in yoursales results!
    42. 42. Want to learn how to useyour value proposition formaximum impact? Download my Free Value Proposition Tool Kit Now