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the EMurgency project - LICT workshop on ICT in health
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the EMurgency project - LICT workshop on ICT in health


LICT workshop on ICT for Health and Ambient Assisted Living in Leuven - …

LICT workshop on ICT for Health and Ambient Assisted Living in Leuven -

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  • 1. http://emurgency.eu/ Joris Klerkx, Human-Computer Interaction Lab(HCI) Gonzalo Parra, Human-Computer Interaction Lab(HCI) @jkofmsk @gaposx joris.klerkx@cs.kuleuven.be - gonzalo.parra@cs.kuleuven.be LICT workshop on ICT for Health and Ambient Assisted Living 9.10.2012Tuesday 6 November 12
  • 2. HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION LAB Technology Enhanced Learning Awareness & Sense-making prof. Erik Duval e-health Music Computer Graphics prof. Phil Dutré Language Intelligence & Information Retrieval Research 2.0 prof. Sien Moens “Flexible & meaningful interaction between people and information”Tuesday 6 November 12
  • 3. FACT If you get a cardiac arrest outside the hospital... You have a survival chance of 5 à 10%Tuesday 6 November 12
  • 4. FACTS Chances for survival… … increases through immediate CPR to 50 à 70% ... decreases every minute without CPR with +/- 10% ... is almost zero after 10 minutes without CPR http://hartveilig.rodekruis.be/Tuesday 6 November 12
  • 5. The EMuRgency Rationale A 36M socio-technological innovation project in e-health • +/- 50 reanimations per week by emergency services • Only 8-10 people survive • 15-20 could potentially survive if • Immediate help by layman • Earlier professional help http://emurgency.eu/Tuesday 6 November 12
  • 6. DECREASE TIME BETWEEN CARDIAC ARREST & START OF RESUSCITATION “Provide faster help” timeTuesday 6 November 12
  • 7. NOTIFICATION SYSTEM Ringh Mattias, Fredman David, Nordberg Per, Stark Tomas, Hollenberg Jacob, Mobile phone technology identifies and recruits trained citizens to perform CPR on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims prior to ambulance arrival • Multi-channel location-based notification through smartphones, public displays, ... • Database of CPR volunteers containing both professionals & layman • Joint development & implementation of all stakeholders in 3 countries (112, emergency services, schools, ...)Tuesday 6 November 12
  • 8. The notification system @ Dispatch CentersTuesday 6 November 12
  • 9. The notification systemTuesday 6 November 12
  • 10. Not that easy.. How many volunteers to contact? Can volunteers decide NOT to accept call-for-help? Can volunteers decide to shut-the-app down? In a radius of 300m? 500m? 1000m? Laws & privacy Landscape and population density Different dispatching systemsTuesday 6 November 12
  • 11. AED-POINTER http://www.aed-pointer.euTuesday 6 November 12
  • 12. PUBLIC DISPLAY SCENARIO Cardiac arrest happening in railway station Patients’ clothes, monitoring his vital signs, sends out automatic notification to 112 & all public infoscreens in the neighbourhood Message is displayed on infoscreen: “CPR needed on track 6” Railway Station of Liège-guilleminsTuesday 6 November 12
  • 13. RAISE AWARENESS & KNOWLEDGE OF LAYMEN “Increase confidence and motivation to lower threshold for performing CPR” “Recruit people for becoming a volunteer ”Tuesday 6 November 12
  • 14. PUBLIC DISPLAYSTuesday 6 November 12
  • 15. EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS ABOUT CPRTuesday 6 November 12
  • 16. REANIMATIE-ESTAFETTES www.reanimatie-estafette.nl/Tuesday 6 November 12
  • 17. SCHOOL NETWORK 156 schools are interestedTuesday 6 November 12
  • 18. PARTNER OVERVIEW Open Universiteit Nederland, Heerlen, Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies, Dr. Marco Kalz Universitätsklinikum Aachen, Klinik für Anästhesiologie (Prof. R. Rossaint), Dr. Max Skorning RWTH Aachen, Lehrstuhl Informationsmanagement im Maschinenbau (Prof S. Jeschke), Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Müller Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg, Genk, Afdeling Kritieke Dienste (Dr. René Heylen), Dr. Johan Van Canneyt Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, HCI, Prof. Erik Duval CHR Citadelle, Liege, Notarztdienst, Dr. Michel Verignon CECOTEPE, Liege, EPAMU Tony HosmansTuesday 6 November 12
  • 19. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! BECOME A VOLUNTEER!? joris.klerkx@cs.kuleuven.be @jkofmsk http://emurgency.eu/Tuesday 6 November 12