Arkansas history final study guide


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Arkansas history final study guide

  1. 1. Arkansas History Final Study GuideChapter 1Be able to explain how we can overcome unfair stereo types as Arkansans.Explain how Arkansas got received its name.What is the state’s gem?What do the colors and stars represent on our state flag?Chapter 2List the six geographic regions of Arkansas.What are the major rivers of Arkansas?What natural resource can be found in southern Arkansas?Chapter 3What are the three branches of the federal government?What two chambers make up the General Assembly of Arkansas and how often do theymeet?How many counties are there in Arkansas?What is the county seat?
  2. 2. City or town governments are also known as what?Chapter 4Define the following terms, capitalism, gross state product, and scarcity.What are the 4 companies that are listed as Fortune 500 companies? DON’T USEALLTELWhat are the biggest agriculture items we produce as a state?Chapter 7Know what the Louisiana Project was and why Napoleon abandoned it.Be able to explain what the highlights of Lewis and Clark’s expedition.Be able to explain how Schoolcraft and Nuttall described early Arkansans.Know why Arkansas was considered an “unhealthy place”.Know the highlights of the New Madrid Earthquake.Chapter 8Know what the veteran’s bonus.Parts of Arkansas use to belong to what territory?Know the three components of the Missouri Compromise.Know what the Northwest Ordinance was.
  3. 3. Be able to explain why the capital was moved to Little Rock.Know who William Woodruff was.Know who The Family was and their political affiliation.Be able to list the 5 civilized tribes and explain why they were considered civilized.Be able to explain the government’s Indian Policy.Know what the trail of tears is.Why was Fort Smith established in 1817?Chapter 9After the Missouri Compromised, it was suggested that what should happen in order tomaintain balance in America?In what year did Arkansas become a state?Know how Arkansas’ first two state banks faired.Know what Specie Circular is.Know what the Common School Law is.
  4. 4. Know what Manifest Destiny is and why it was so important for America to move west.Chapter 10Be able to explain the pros and cons of Arkansas seceding from the unionExplain Lincoln’s strategy to campaigning for presidentKnow what the Homestead Act wasKnow what new political party came into existence during the election of 1860Know that Lincoln did not win the popular vote in ArkansasBe able to explain what happened at Fort SumterWho was the first state to secede from the Union?Know the role of plantations during the war.Know that black men were allowed to fight in the war in exchange for freedom.Know what the Emancipation Proclamation was…and the quote associated with itChapter 11Know what Lincoln’s “soft” reconstruction plan was.Know the details surrounding Lincoln’s assassination.
  5. 5. Summarize the 14th amendment.What were the new rules about voting during this reconstruction period?Who were carpetbaggers and scalawags?Know how the KKK came into existence.Know what Jim Crow Laws were.Chapter 12What was the idea of the New South?What is sharecropping?Know what the Arkansas Federation of Women’s Clubs was and what movement didthey support.Know what the Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862 was, and how Fayetteville was selectedfor the site of the U of A.Know who Silas Hunt was.Know the importance of Plessy v. Ferguson.Know what lynching is.
  6. 6. Chapter 15Page 330What was Black Tuesday?Explain what happened to the banks during the Great Depression.Explain how the work force was affected by the Great Depression.What was the Commonwealth College and why was it significant?Who was the president during the Great Depression?Explain what exactly the New Deal was.What purpose did FDR’s many programs serve?What is the Social Security system?Chapter 16What is fascism?Who were Aryans?What countries were a part of the Axis powers?Explain the strategy of Blitzkrieg.What was the Selective Service Act?
  7. 7. What were the four freedoms?What prompted the US to enter WWII?How did FDR describe the attack? (quote)What were war bonds?During the war many defense plants were built, what did these plants produce?What impact did defense plants have on employment in Arkansas?Who was Rosie the Riveter?How did women help with the war efforts?What type of jobs did African Americans have in defense plants?What was Executive Order 8802?What advantages did white police officers have over black officers in Little Rock?What was the importance of Smith v. Allwright?What does the term Nisei mean?What purpose did internment camps serve in WWII in America?
  8. 8. Chapter 17What was the G.I. Revolt?What was the G.I. Bill?Explain what the Cold War was.What was the “red scare”?What was McCarthyism?What did Brown v. the Board of Education establish?What was Southern Manifesto?Chapter 18What were the first 2 schools in Arkansas to desegregate?What was the Blossom Plan?Know the events of the Central Crisis….look at your timeline.What was the Lost Year?