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Arkansas history final study guide

Arkansas history final study guide






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    Arkansas history final study guide Arkansas history final study guide Document Transcript

    • Arkansas History Final Study Guide Page 330 What was Black Tuesday? Explain what happened to the banks during the Great Depression. Explain how the work force was affected by the Great Depression. What was the Commonwealth College and why was it significant? Page 334 Who was the president during the Great Depression? Explain what exactly the New Deal was. What purpose did FDR’s many programs serve? What is the Social Security system?
    • Page 348 What is fascism? Who were Aryans? What countries were a part of the Axis powers? Explain the strategy of Blitzkrieg. What was the Selective Service Act? What were the four freedoms? What prompted the US to enter WWII? How did FDR describe the attack? (quote) What were war bonds?
    • Page 253 During the war many defense plants were built, what did these plants produce? What impact did defense plants have on employment in Arkansas? Who was Rosie the Riveter? How did women help with the war efforts? What type of jobs did African Americans have in defense plants? What was Executive Order 8802? What advantages did white police officers have over black officers in Little Rock? What was the importance of Smith v. Allwright? What does the term Nisei mean?
    • What purpose did internment camps serve in WWII in America? Explain the situation with Jehovah’s Witnesses during WWII.
    • Chapter 17 – McCarthyism Page 370 What was the G.I. Revolt? What was the G.I. Bill? Explain what the Cold War was. What was the “red scare”? What was McCarthyism? Page 390 What did Brown v. the Board of Education establish? What was Southern Manifesto? What were the first 2 schools in Arkansas to desegregate? What was the Blossom Plan?
    • Know the events of the Central Crisis….look at your timeline. What was the Lost Year?