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Iresearch Introduction Presentation Transcript

  • 1. iResearch Consulting Group Business Profile 2008.04.01 iResearch Consulting Group Shanghai·Beijing·Guangzhou Internet Research, Insight Research
  • 2. Contents Overview of iResearch Research & Consulting Services Data Products Conferences and Medias
  • 3. Major Business Lines Research and Consulting : iResearch Inc. Data and info : iResearch Data+ Industry Consulting Ad Research User Behavior Customized Research Media and Events & Conferences Website Advertising Industry Events
  • 4. Milestones of iResearch
    • 2002.12 Established in Shanghai with four employees
    • 2003.6 Launched official website,
    • 2003.7 Published China Internet industry reports for the first time
    • 2003.7 iAdTracker2.0 online ad monitor system, a proprietary software, started operation
    • 2003.8 Launched iUserSurvey online survey business
    • 2003.10 Beijing branch office established
    • 2004.2 Second release of China Internet industry reports
    • 2005.3 Launched iDataCenter, the iResearch research data bank
    • 2005.6 Launched iClick club to improve panel management of online survey business
    • 2005.10 Started data collection for iResearch Third Nationwide Research and Survey on China Internet Economy
    • 2006.3 Launched the new version of iAdTracker 3.0…
    • 2006.4 Successful holding of iResearch New Economy Annual Conference
    • 2006.6 Launched iClick software, officially started continuous netizens behavior tracking program
    • 2006.12 Launched , an information center of China new economy.
    • 2007.1 Launched iUserTracker after one year’s development
    • 2008.1 Guangzhou branch office established
  • 5. iResearch Personnel and Management
    • With offices in both Shanghai and Beijing, the company has about 80 employees, with over 40 dedicated researchers,10 technology staff,5 web design staff and 10 business and customer service staff.
    • Henry Yang - Founder & President
    • Henry is a renowned Internet economy expert and the sole founder of iResearch. He entered into online advertising arena back into 1998. In late 1999, he participated in establishing WiseHorse, an Internet advertising and marketing firm. Henry founded iResearch in late 2002.
    • Jason Hao - CTO
    • As an senior B/S system engineer, Jason entered into Internet industry in 1999 and obtained rich experience in project design and operation. Jason joined iResearch in early 2003.
    • Lily Zou - Vice President
    • Since working in Wisecast as a marketing research manager in 2000, Lily has been in charge of many research reports regarding Internet economy. Lily Zou also participated in the initial set up of iResearch
    • Kelly Huang - Vice President
    • Senior Analyst with years of professional experience in consulting. Joined iResearch in 2004.
    • Michael Ruan – Vice President
    • Ten years experience in market research industry, served as director of business in Sinomonitor and Chinalabs
  • 6. Contents Overview of iResearch Research & Consulting Services Data Products Conferences and Medias
  • 7. Research Scope of iResearch Online Advertising Online Advertiser Affiliate Advertising Community Marketing Online Video SEM Word-of-mouth Marketing …… Online Recruitment SNS Online Video Network Security E-mail Digital Publishing Domain Mainframe …… Web Search Map Search Video Search Wireless Search Travel Search Comparison Shopping …… Game Industry Online Game Casual Game Mobile Game Online Animation Digital Music …… Mobile Business Mobile Positioning Mobile Payment Mobile Search WAP Service 3G Value-added …… Online Shopping B2B Online Payment Online Banking SAAS Online Reserving …… New Economy Online Advertising Online Service Search Engine Digital Recreation Mobile Value-added E-business
  • 8. iResearch Consulting Advantage
    • iResearch is the first company that focused on Internet economy in China. iResearch has published over 400 reports by now, with the important once published both in Chinese and English
    • Quarterly reports for 9 main industries are released every year
    Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec Internet Economy Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec Online Reserving Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec Online Recruitment Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec Online Payment Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec Online Shopping Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec B2B E-business Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec Online Game Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec Search Engine Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec Online Advertising Time Quarterly Report
  • 9. iResearch Customized Research Business Customized Research
      • Online media‘s ad value research ;
      • Ad effectiveness research ;
      • Media plan stategy research ;
      • ……
      • Service using factor research ;
      • Service/produt competitiveness reserach ;
      • Website revision and new service acceptance research
      • ……
      • Brand competition research;
      • Brand diagnosis and planning ;
      • Website satisfaction research
      • ……
      • Advertisers‘ online marketing strategy research ;
      • Online media‘s marketing strategy research
      • ……
    Online Media Research Online Service & Products Research Brand and Satisfaction Research Online Marketing Research
  • 10.
    • Offline Quantitative
      • Street Interview
        • Street-intercept Personal Interview
        • Appointed Interview
      • CATI
        • Random Interview
        • Appointed Number Interview
    iResearch Customized Research Advantage
    • Offline Qualitative
      • Focus Group
        • Offline
        • Online FCG
      • In-depth interview
      • Observation on product use
    • Online Quantitative
      • Online Survey
        • Survey on client’s websites
        • iClick Survey
      • E-mail Survey
        • Invited via E-mail
      • Software notified Survey
        • Notivied by iClick
  • 11. iResearch Customized Research Advantage iClick Online Survey Panel Community iUserSurvey DIY Survey System High quality panelist high automation survey system
    • sample recruitment
    • sample management
    • lucky draw system
    • payment system
    • sample update
    • survey project management
    • survey questionnaire design
    • instant alerting system
    • Email invitation/software alert
    • reply management
  • 12. Contents Overview of iResearch Research & Consulting Services Data Products Conferences and Medias
  • 13. Services and Solution For Major Clients by iResearch                     ***   ***   ***   *** Online Ad Research iResearch Data + Research Service     ***   ***               ***   ***   ***   Online Media Measurement     ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***     ***   *** Competitor Analysis Others Telecom industry Corporate Services Investment bank Venture capital Investment Companies Others Application software Online payment Mobile WVAS Digital entertainment E-commerce Search engine Online Services Advertising agency Advertisers Online media Online Ad Customer/Service Type
  • 14. Product Target of i User Tracker
    • Panel : samples of home and office internet users in China
    • Target :
    • Reveal Internet use of Chinese netizens with most reliable data
    • Definition of Netizens :
    • Mainland users aged between 7-60 and use their primary computer to access Internet at home or in o over 1 hour each week. Users who access Internet with public computer in internet cafe and at school are eliminated
  • 15. ① Overall Evaluation of China Netizens ② Internet Panel Recruit ③ Monitoring Software installation ⑤ Weight Samples ④ Sample Screening
    • Forecast number of netizens at home and work with forecast model
    • At the base of CNNIC’s published data before July 2006, take gender, age and area as sampling indicators
    • Panel Recruitment
    • 1 ) Email invitation
    • 2 ) User recommendation
    • 3 ) Offline recruitment for infrequent samples
    • Sample Maintenance
    • 1 ) 15% of the samples are renewed every 3 months
    • 2 ) Basic and advanced user features are updated every 6 months
    • 3 ) Confirm user information by phone randomly every 6 months
    Tracking Internet and software usage with iClick software, a proprietary software. Keyboard usage is not included. Samples with following cases will be excluded : 1 ) Time spent on Internet less than 1 hour a week 2 ) Access internet with public computer 3 ) Computer is not used mainly by himself/herself 4 ) Multi-accounts owned by same people 5 ) Users who treated or visits single sites are excluded 6 ) Users take survey with reward as profession 7 ) Users with logical error questionnaires 8 ) Users with other abnormities
    • Start with computer
    • Non-mandatory software
    • 0.1 Yuan/day reward for all the days online
    • Learn real user information by bank account
    Weight samples according to gender, age area distribution Sample select of i User Tracker
  • 16. Email invitation for registration
    • A Non-mandatory software, can be uninstalled at any time
    Software Registration Data Monitoring and Analysis Process Log that records internet behavior is the basis for in-deep analysis Install the software Get authentication code Submit personal information; Join customized research surveys Tracking Internet and software usage with iClick software, a proprietary software. Keyboard usage is not included. 0.1 Yuan/day reward for all the days online To get notice of survey with reward ea r lier Account management and direct payments of cash program renews list every 2 seconds to monitor all actions of users i User Tracker data monitoring process Web Server Web Server
  • 17. i User Tracker Website and service analysis Software analysis Media Plan User Analysis Website and Service Analysis Indicators : Unique Visitor/Reach% PV and market share Visits and market share Viewing Duration and market share monthly/daily/per user indicators Functions : Indicator comparison Trends analysis User profile analysis Source and loss analysis User stickiness analysis Cross Visiting analysis Software Analysis Indicators : Unique Visitor/Reach% Running time/market share Startups/market share Using time/market share monthly/daily/per user indicators Functions : Indicator comparison Trends analysis User profile analysis Source and loss analysis User stickiness analysis Duplication analysis i User Tracker Functional Module and Core Indicators Gender/Age/ Marriage Status Education/Area City Personal/HH Income Occupation/Industry Work day/Holiday Products Owned Products to Purchase Consumer Attitudes Value Attitude Media Touched White Collar High Income Family Students Office Lady Blue Collar Basic Features Advanced Features Special Group
  • 18. Available i User Tracker Functionalities for Different Versions *** stands for: only those who buy both Site Analysis Advanced Version and Software Analysis Basic Version or up can get this functionality √ Help client work out media planning with advanced user features Advanced Media Planning √ Crosstab analysis between website user and software user Software User Analysis √ Help client work out media planning with basic user features Media Planning √ Crosstab analysis on user/User overlap analysis √ √ General ranking/ranking by service type √ *** √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Home and office database User feature analysis/User preference analysis Analysis on software use of website users Analysis on where do user come from/where do they go Analysis on user stickiness/user return Service analysis/Cross visiting Website overall analysis/Cross visiting Ranking by service type Ranking by company matrix General ranking Level 2 √ √ √ √ √ Internet café database Advanced Website Analysis Basic Website Analysis Website Ranking Level 1
  • 19. Value of i Ad Tracker
    • Target:
    • Understand the ad launching effect of China online advertisers launching
    • ad on each online media.
    • Purpose:
    • To provide instant and dynamic data on ad format, expenditure and effectiveness of online advertisers of different industries.
    • To provide important data reference for online media, advertising companies and online advertisers to understand the lad launching behavior of itself and its competitors.
  • 20.
    • Image doesn’t fit ad standard is screened
    Ad capture and monitoring success Automatically captures ad in websites with iAdCapture, a proprietary software Judge by historical data Judge by page linked to Judge by monitoring codes i Ad Tracker data collection process ② Manually classification Data classification ① Automatically classification
    • Make capture plan according to website structure
    • Captures Ads 24 hours a day
    • Monitoring 130 main websites, including homepages , inner pages, etc.
    • Media/channel
    • Page link to
    • Size
    • Period
    • Expense
    • Advertiser
    • Product
    • Campaign
    • Ad format
    All data upload to server at 24:00 every day Web Server Web Server
  • 21. Ad types i Ad Tracker tracking PIP skyscraper ad couplet ad Suspend Ad Banner Rich Media Pop-up Ad Button Video Ad
  • 22. i Ad Tracker Function List √ Analysis on durable consumer goods Brand survey analysis √ Analysis on nondurable consumer goods √ Brand preference analysis of website uses √ Brand preference inquiry of specific netizens √ Advertising research report download version (10-20 reports) Advertising Research Report √ Research data about advertising and netizens (thousands of data) Brand Survey Data Version √ √ Launching record of advertisers Advertiser analysis √ √ Media plan of advertisers √ √ √ √ √ √ Ad launching Basic version √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Ad launching Advanced Version Analysis on ad effectiveness Comparison analysis on advertisers regarding Netizens reach Analysis on Netizens That have reached ad of a specific advertiser Analysis on Netizens that have reached a specific ad creative Difference comparison of different media Channel ad launching status Media ad launching status Ad launching tendencies of different industries Ad launching ranking of different industries Entire online ad launching status Level 2 Report Download Version Ad effectiveness analysis Media navigation analysis Industry navigation analysis Level 1
  • 23. Value of i Web Speed
    • Target :
    • Learn access speed of China online medias in all regions to optimize user experience
    • Purpose :
    • A third-party monitoring system provides access speed to websites and pages in all regions at different time dynamically and timely, which is indispensable reference for improving user experience
  • 24. Why need i Web Speed ?
    • Do you know users in some areas spend long time opening your site ?
    • Do you know users in some areas even can’t open your site ?
    • Do you know user experience declines and user is losing in some areas ?
    For website operator——
    • Do you know users in some areas can’t open your ad ?
    • Do you know users in main areas can’t see your sales promotion ?
    • Do you know brand favorability declines if user can’t open or spent a long time opening the official website ?
    For marketing staff——
  • 25. i Web Speed data monitoring process More than 40,000 long-term samples Simulate page download Send data back to server for analysis Send web page request Panel Recruitment Panel Screening Software Install Panel Maintaince
    • Steady Panel
    • Accurately reflects user experience
    • User’s normal visiting will not be affected by iWebSpeed
    Collecting data from samples Web Server Web Server Web Server
  • 26. Contents Overview of iResearch Research & Consulting Services Data Products Conferences and Medias
  • 27. iResearch Conferences and Medias iResearch Conferences
    • iResearch Conferences
    • iResearch Annual Conferences
    • iResearch Salon
    • iResearch Party
    iResearch Media iResearch Conference & Media
    • iResearch Medias
  • 28. iResearch Conferences planning 80 Guangzhou 2008-10 2008 Highlevel dinner in south China 80 Shanghai 2008-9 2008 iResearch Online Marketing highlevel dinner Highlevel Diner 200 Beijing 2008-7 2008 iResearch Online Marketing Awards Dinner & highlevel Dinner 200 Beijing 2008-4 2008 iResearch New Economy Awards Dinner & highlevel Dinner Awards Dinner 300 Guangzhou 2008-10 2008 iResearch Online Marketing Annual Conference 600 Shanghai 2008-9 2008 iResearch Online Marketing Annual Conference 800 Beijing 2008-7 2008 iResearch Online Marketing Annual Conference 800 Beijing 2008-4 2008 iResearch New Economy Annual Conference Annual Meeting Scale Location Time Theme Type
  • 29. iResearch Clients Internet Enterprises Advertising Agencies Investment related iResearch has hundreds of clients from various fields Traditional Enterprises
  • 30. iResearch Consulting Group China’s Leading Internet Data Product Provider China’s Leading Research Provider Focuses on Internet Business China’s Leading Research Provider Focuses on Online Advertising