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Oracle on aws overview   sep 2011

Oracle on aws overview sep 2011






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    Oracle on aws overview   sep 2011 Oracle on aws overview sep 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • Oracle  on  AWS  Overview   Jamie  Kinney   Amazon  Web  Services   jkinney@amazon.com   1
    • Running  Oracle  on  AWS  ! Prove  concepts  faster   ! Deploy  Oracle  so7ware  in  minutes  on  produc;on-­‐class  hardware   ! Try  several  Oracle  solu;ons  in  parallel  with  no  risk  ! Free  up  CapEx  budget   ! No  need  to  pre-­‐allocate  hardware  budgets.    Pay  as  you  go.  ! BeIer  end-­‐user  experience   ! Use  Amazon  Machine  Images  (AMIs)  with  pre-­‐configured  Oracle  solu;ons   ! Back-­‐channel  integra;on  between  Oracle  Support  and  AWS  ! Full  Oracle  license  portability   ! Bring  licenses  purchased  from  Oracle  to  the  Amazon  Cloud  ! Complete  Oracle  Stack   ! OVM,  Oracle  Linux,  EMGC,  Oracle  Database,  FMW,  Enterprise  Applica;ons  
    • Agenda   !  Amazon  Web  Services  overview   !  Amazon  Elas;c  Compute  Cloud  (EC2)   !  Oracle  on  Amazon  EC2  using  Oracle  VM   !  Amazon  Rela;onal  Database  Service  (RDS)   !  Q&A   3
    • Amazon  Web  Services  Overview   4
    • What  is  Cloud  Compu;ng?   First,  think  of  your  electricity   service…   Power  is  available  to  you  on-­‐demand,   you  pay  only  for  what  you  use…   …and  you  plug  into  a  vast  electrical  grid   managed  by  professionals  to  get  you  the   lowest  cost,  most  reliable  power  with  much   greater  efficiency  and  safety  than  you  could   probably  do  on  your  own.  
    • Introducing  Amazon  Web  Services   AWS  provides  flexible,  scalable,  secure,  and  cost-­‐effec;ve  IT   infrastructure  for  businesses  of  all  sizes  around  the  world.   Compute  power  and  storage  is   available  to  you  on-­‐demand,  you   …running  on  scalable,  reliable,  and  secure   pay  only  for  the  resources  you   infrastructure  operated  by  Amazon  Web  Services,   use…   based  on  the  knowledge  gleaned  from  over  a   decade  of  building  efficient  and  dependable   infrastructure  for     Amazon.com.  
    • AWS  is  a  Compu;ng  PlaZorm   7
    • AWS  Global  Reach   AWS  Regions   Northern  Virginia   Northern  California   Dublin   Singapore   Japan   GovCloud   AWS  CloudFront  Loca;ons   Ashburn,  VA  /  Dallas,  TX  /  Jacksonville,  FL  /  Los  Angeles,  CA  /  Miami,  FL  /  New  York,   NY  /  Newark,  NJ  /  Palo  Alto,  CA  /  SeaIle,  WA  /  St.  Louis,  MO  /  Amsterdam  /   Dublin  /  Frankfurt  /  London  /    Paris  /  Hong  Kong  /  Tokyo  /  Singapore  
    • Customers  in  190  Countries   9
    • Amazon  Elas;c  Compute  Cloud  (EC2)   10
    • Amazon  Elas;c  Compute  Cloud   !   Amazon  EC2:  on-­‐demand  compute  power   !   Obtain  and  boot  new  server  instances  in  minutes   !   Quickly  scale  capacity  up  or  down   !   Key  features:   !   Support  for  Linux  and  Windows   !   Supports  all  major  web  and  applica;on  plaVorms   !   Deploy  across  Availability  Zones  or  Regions  for  reliability   !   Elas;c  IPs  provide  greater  flexibility   !   Persistent  storage  with  Elas;c  Block  Store   !   Elas;c  Load  Balancing  and  Auto-­‐Scaling  built-­‐in   !   Amazon  CloudWatch  monitors  status  and  usage   !   Service  Level  Agreement:  99.95%  
    • Virtual  Machine  Choices   Hi-Mem 4XL 68.4 GB 128   26 EC2 Compute Units 8 virtual cores $2.00/2.48 64             Hi-Mem 2XL 34.2 GB     13 EC2 Compute Units             4 virtual cores $1.00/1.24 32                         Cluster Compute 4XL 23 GB     33.5 EC2 Compute Units $1.60Memory (GB) Cluster GPU 4XL 22 GB 16         Hi-Mem XL 17.1 GB     6.5 EC2 Compute Units         Extra Large 15 GB     33.5 EC2 Compute Units,     2 x NVIDIA Tesla “Fermi” 2 virtual cores M2050 GPUs 8 EC2 Compute Units $0.50/0.62 $2.10 4 virtual cores 8 $0.68/0.96                             Large 7.5 GB 4 EC2 Compute Units Small 1.7 GB, 2 virtual cores High-CPU XL 7 GB 1 EC2 Compute Unit $0.34/0.48 4 20 EC2 Compute Units 1 virtual core                        8 virtual cores     $0.085/0.12 High-CPU Med 1.7 GB $0.68/1.16 5 EC2 Compute Units Micro 613 MB 2 virtual cores 2         Up to 2 ECUs  (for short bursts)       $0.17/0.29             $0.02/0.03 1                             1 2 4 8 16 32 64 EC2 Compute Units (HP)
    • Running  Oracle  on  Amazon  EC2  Using  Oracle  VM   13
    • Oracle  Cer;fica;on,  Support  and  Licensing   Certified & ! All  products  cer;fied  on  the   supported Oracle  Virtual  Machine  are  now   Cer;fied  on  Amazon  EC2  managed   OVM   ! Full  Support  from  Oracle  and  AWS   ! Standard  Licensing  Policies  Apply   ! AMIs  exist  today  for  many  Oracle   products  
    • Amazon  EC2  Using  the  Oracle  Virtual  Machine   ! Oracle  Virtual  Machine  (OVM)  is  a  Xen-­‐ based  virtualiza;on  plaZorm   ! AWS  will  offer  Amazon  EC2  using  OVM   for  Oracle  So7ware  AMIs   ! AMIs  automa;cally  and  transparently   run  on  OVM   ! Deriva;ve  AMIs  will  also  run  on  OVM   ! AMIs  ranging  from  OS  to  fully   installed  Oracle  Enterprise   Applica;ons   ! Alterna;ve  to  AWS  Xen   ! Eventual  support  for  impor;ng   customer-­‐produced  OVM  templates   ! No  addi;onal  charge  
    • Oracle  So7ware  Cer;fied  on  AWS   ! All  Oracle  So7ware  cer;fied  on   OVM  is  cer;fied  on  Amazon  EC2   using  OVM   ! Opera;ng  Systems:   ! Oracle  Enterprise  Linux   ! Oracle  So7ware  on  Windows   ! Databases:   ! Oracle  Database,  MySQL,  TimesTen   ! Fusion  Middleware   ! App  Servers,  BPM,  BI,  Content   Management,  Data  Integra;on,  IDM,   Portal  &  UI,  SOA,  etc…   ! Oracle  Enterprise  Applica;ons   ! Oracle  E-­‐Business  Suite,  PeopleSo7,  JD   Edwards,  Agile,  etc…  
    • Oracle  License  Portability  ! All  Oracle  So7ware  licenses  are  fully   portable  to  Amazon  EC2  using  OVM   hard  par;;oning  ! Processor  &  Socket  Licensing:   ! 0.25  core  mul;plier  for  socket  licenses   ! 0.5  core  mul;plier  for  processor  licenses  ! Named  User  Plus  (NUP)  ! Unlimited  License  Agreement  (ULA)  ! Enterprise  License  Agreement  (ELA)  ! SaaS  for  ISVs  ! OVM  Hard  Par;;oning  Licensing:    oracle.com/us/corporate/pricing/partitioning-070609.pdf
    • Oracle  and  AWS  Support  Integra;on   ! Customers  running  Oracle  So7ware  on  AWS  can  contact  Oracle   Support  and/or  AWS   ! AWS  and  Oracle  work  together  behind  the  scenes  to  iden;fy   root  cause  and  resolve  the  issue  as  quickly  as  possible   ! Oracle  So7ware  running  on  Amazon  EC2  using  OVM  has   undergone  extensive  regression  tes;ng  
    • Deploying  Oracle  on  Amazon  EC2   Have  a  produc;on  database  up  and  running  in  five  minutes…    ! Step  1:  Create  an  account  at   aws.amazon.com  ! Step  2:  Login  to  the  AWS  Web   Console  ! Step  3:  Right-­‐click  on  an   Oracle  AMI  and  click  “Launch   Instance”  ! Step  4:  Right  click  on  your  EC2   instance  to  SSH  into  your   server  
    • Oracle  Secure  Backup  Cloud  Module   !   Oracle  Secure  Backup  (OSB)  Cloud  Module  is  a  plug-­‐in  for  RMAN   that  allows  customers  to  backup  Oracle  Databases  directly  to   Amazon  S3  using  the  Oracle  Recovery  Manager  (RMAN)   !   Data  is  encrypted  at  flight  and  at  rest   !   Amazon  S3  automa;cally  replicates  data  to  mul;ple  data  centers   within  a  region   !   Licensed  by  number  of  concurrent  backup  channels   !   Customers  also  pay  for  Amazon  S3  storage  (star;ng  at  $0.14/GB/ month)   !   Works  equally  well  for  databases  hosted  in  Amazon  EC2  or  in  the   customer’s  data  center  
    • Amazon  Rela;onal  Database  Service  (RDS)   21
    • Amazon  RDS  on  MySQL   !   Making  it  easy  to  setup,  operate  and  scale   rela;onal  databases  in  the  cloud  since  2009   !   Deploy  a  pre-­‐configured,  resizable  MySQL   “Database  Instance”  in  minutes  via  the  AWS   Management  Console   !   Let  Amazon  RDS  manage  automated  backups,   sokware  patching,  replica;on  for  fault  tolerance   and  read  scaling   !   Compa;ble  with  exis;ng  MySQL  apps  and  tools   !   Pay  by  the  hour  (rates  vary  by  DB  Instance  class   and  region)   22
    • MySQL  on  RDS  vs.  Self-­‐Managed   23
    • Mul;-­‐AZ  Deployments   !   Enterprise-­‐grade,  fault-­‐tolerant  solu;on  for   produc;on  databases   !   What  is  Mul;-­‐AZ  deployment?   !   With  a  single  API  call,  Amazon  RDS  creates  and   synchronously  maintains  a  hot  standby  in  a  different   availability  zone   !   In  the  event  of  an  unplanned  or  planned  outage,   Amazon  RDS  automa;cally  fails  over  to  the  standby  so   you  can  resume  database  writes  and  reads  as  soon  as   possible   24
    • Amazon  RDS  Read  Replicas   !   A  Read  Replica  is  a  copy  of  a  specified  DB  Instance   that  can  serve  read  traffic   !   Intended  use  cases   !   Read  scaling,  business  repor;ng   !   Not  intended  as  fault  tolerance  subs;tute  for  mul;-­‐AZ   !   Unlike  Mul;-­‐AZ,  uses  na;ve,  asynchronous  MySQL   replica;on  and  replica  can  lag  source   !   Read  Replica  can  use  Mul;-­‐AZ  deployment  as  source   25
    • Amazon  RDS  on  Oracle  Database  11g   !   Launched  in  Q2  2011   !   Oracle  Database  SE1,  SE,  EE  +  op;ons  and  packs   !   Bring-­‐your-­‐own-­‐license  or  pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go  (hourly)   !   Currently  single  instance  with  replica;on  arriving  soon   !   Runs  on  Oracle  VM  with  hard  par;;oning   26
    • Amazon  RDS  Pricing   !   hpp://aws.amazon.com/rds/pricing/   !   Star;ng  at  $0.11/hour   !   Several  licensing  op;ons  available   !   Use  exis;ng  licenses  from  Oracle   !   Purchase  new  Oracle  Database  licenses  directly  from   Oracle  or  an  Oracle  partner   !   Pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go  licensing  from  Amazon   !   Two  pricing  models  for  Amazon  RDS   !   On-­‐demand,  hourly  pricing   !   Amazon  RDS  Reserved  Instances   27
    • Amazon  RDS  on  Oracle  Support   !   Bring-­‐Your-­‐Own-­‐License  (BYOL)   !   AWS  Premium  Support  for  RDS  service  (including   underlying  infrastructure)   !   AWS  manages  patches  and  upgrades   !   Oracle  Database  support  from  Oracle  Support  using   your  Oracle  CSI   !   Pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go  Licensing   !   AWS  Premium  Support  for  RDS  service  and  the  Oracle   Database   28
    • Amazon  RDS  on  Oracle  Benefits   !   Deploy  Oracle  sokware  immediately,  improving   ;me  to  business  value   !   DBAs  can  focus  on  suppor;ng  the  business   instead  of  physical  database  administra;on   !   Use  pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go  pricing  to  get  started  with   Oracle  Database.    Transi;on  to  BYOL  with   licenses  from  Oracle  when  you’re  ready   29
    • AWS  Customers  Using  Oracle  on  AWS   ! Amazon.com  backs  up  retail  databases  using  the   Oracle  Secure  Backup  Cloud  Module.    The  Client   Experience  Analy;cs  (CXA)  team  uses  Amazon  RDS   to  support  customer  simula;ons  against  Amazons   web  proper;es  on  an  ongoing  basis.     ! KPIT  Cummins  runs  their  Oracle  E-­‐Business  Suite   12.1.3  environments  on  Amazon  EC2/OVM.    They   have  benefiped  from  the  reduced  complexity  of   AWS  “infrastructure  at  a  click.”     ! Advanced  Innova;ons  hosts  their  en;re  Oracle   Applica;ons  and  technology  plaVorm  on  Amazon   EC2   ! Blue  Gecko  deployed  SAGE  Manufacturing’s  dev,   test,  DR  and  produc;on  Oracle  E-­‐Business  Suite   environments  on  Amazon  EC2  
    • AWS  Customers  Using  Oracle  on  AWS   ! The  French  Na;onal  Railway  Corpora;on  uses   Amazon  EC2  to  host  their  test  reserva;ons  system   backed  by  Oracle  Database.    Deploying  on  the  cloud   has  allowed  VSC  Technologies  to  reduce  tes;ng  and   deployment  ;mes  by  two  thirds.   ! Capgemini  uses  AWS  to  host  the  development,  test   and  produc,on  Oracle  E-­‐Business  Suite  Financials   suppor;ng  their  business  in  La;n  America     ! PBS  uses  AWS  to  host  their  internet  streaming   websites  which  run  on  MySQL  and  Oracle  Databases   hosted  on  Amazon  EC2.   ! The  European  Space  Agency’s  GAIA  mission  uses  an   AWS,  including  Oracle  Database  on  Amazon  EC2,  to   rapidly  and  cost-­‐effec;ve  scan  astrometric  data  sets   for  indica;ons  of  planets  outside  our  solar  system.    
    • “Amazons  EC2  has  provided  our  customers  the  long,  sought  aker  leverage  &   flexibility  in  managing  infrastructure  for  an  Oracle  E-­‐Business  Suite  environment.   Whether  its  quickly  spinning  up  addi;onal  environments  to  support  that   unplanned,  urgent  project  or  crea;ng  an  economical  DR  solu;on,  we  con;nually   find  new  EC2  solu;ons  that  are  more  nimble  and  efficient.”      -­‐  Rick  Harwood,  Manager,  Oracle  Applica;ons  Services  at  Blue  Gecko   32
    • “Advanced  Innova;ons  is  growing  revenue  at  over  100%  a  year  with  virtually  flat   headcount  and  a  global  IT  staff  of  two  people.    The  only  way  weve  been  able  to  accomplish  this  is  through  the  produc;vity  increases  and  rock  solid  combina;on  of  Oracle  Sokware,  including  Oracle  Data  Guard,  running  on  Amazon  Web  Services.”                -­‐  Michael  Higgins,  CTO  of  Advanced  Innova;ons.   33
    • Summary  and  Observa;ons   !   All  Oracle  products  are  cer;fied  on  Amazon  EC2  using  OVM  with  full  license   portability.    This  includes  Database,  Fusion  Middleware  and  Enterprise   Applica;ons.   !   Organiza;ons  deploying  E-­‐Business  Suite  and  other  Enterprise  Applica;ons  on   Amazon  Web  Services  are  able  to  reduce  deployment  ;mes  from  days  or   weeks  to  minutes  or  hours.   !   Amazon  RDS  on  Oracle  is  now  available  and  supports  Oracle  Database  11g   SE1,  SE  and  EE  with  flexible  licensing  op;ons.   !   By  deploying  Oracle  Sokware  on  the  Amazon  Cloud,  Oracle  customers  are   able  to  fully  leverage  the  scalability,  reliability,  security  and  u;lity-­‐based   pricing  model  of  Amazon  Web  Services  for  produc;on  workloads  
    • For  More  Informa;on…   ! Amazon  Web  Services  -­‐  aws.amazon.com   ! Amazon  Elas;c  Compute  Cloud  –  aws.amazon.com/ec2   ! Amazon  Rela;onal  Database  Service  –  aws.amazon.com/rds   ! Running  Oracle  on  AWS  –  aws.amazon.com/oracle   ! Pre-­‐configured  Oracle  AMIs  –  aws.amazon.com/amis/Oracle   ! Oracle  Secure  Backup  Cloud  Module   ! Product  Page:  hpp://www.oracle.com/us/products/database/secure-­‐ backup-­‐066578.html   ! Documenta;on:  hpp://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14812_01/welcome.html   ! Data  Sheet:  hpp://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-­‐edi;on/ oracle-­‐in-­‐the-­‐cloud-­‐datasheet-­‐1-­‐133113.pdf?ssSourceSiteId=ocomen   ! Download  the  latest  version  of  the  OSB  Cloud  Module  from:  hpp:// rman.s3.amazonaws.com/osbws_install.jar   35
    • Ques;ons   &  Answers   36