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Evaluation Question 3

Evaluation Question 3






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    Evaluation Question 3 Evaluation Question 3 Presentation Transcript

    • What have you learned from your audience feedback?To market our audience effectively, it was necessary to become familiar withtheir; their habits, behaviours, likes, and dislikes. Because of the manyvariations included in music genres it is essential, since you cannotaccommodate everyone’s preferences, thus making it important to knowexactly who you are targeting. The feedback from our target audience wascritical & vital for our whole project as these are the group of people withinthe music market at which our product at.Firstly to get an overview of who our audience was we conducted aquestionnaire which researched what aspects of real media products ourtarget audience liked, in term of codes conventions, for example do theyplace importance on the artists style and fashion, this type of Intel wouldhelp us gain insight on how to make our music video more appealing to ourtarget audience. This feedback we receive from the first questionnairehelped us choose the sort of genre for the music video we was going to doand how we was going to construct our video, for example because hip hopas genre on my questionnaire had a high response rate on the questionnaireit hugely affected the choice of the genre of my music video, as the resultsshowed it would relatively appeal to a large audience, we decided to go withthe pop genre as it was the third highest response rate.
    • From the audience feedback we found out that the lighting was dark at times in some of thescenes. Although some people said that the lighting was effectively we took intoconsideration and made the lighting brighter in order to see the persona. We also had someaudience that have said that the scenes were a bit repetitive. We think this is true and haveused more locations to make it more interesting.The audience has also liked the range of shots which we had incorporated into our video ‘’good variety of shots linking the video and song’’. We are also pleased that some audiencehave commented on our range of camera shots as we wanted to incorporated variety ofcamera angles including long shots, panning shots, close up, low angles because when weresearched existing music videos within the pop genre we had notices that these weresome of the codes and conventions used and therefore we needed to include this in ourmusic video to meet the demand for our audience and record label in order for our musicvideo to be successful.We also received feedback on our print products. For our music magazine advertisementpeople said that they liked the image of the DVD cover in which we were trying topromote’’ good use of DVD image on magazine links well to product and looks professionalto the audience’’.
    • We also received positive comments on the use of background as itmatched the theme of the DVD cover and the song therefore it willbe familiar and recognised to the audience. For our DVD cover theaudience said they liked the way we had kept the cover simple butstill managing to incorporate all the information needed. Althoughsome people liked the simplistic of the design a few said that therewas quite allot of empty space on the front cover which could havebeen covered with images of the band. "Good use of background buttoo much space on the front cover making it unappealing to the eye”We asked our audience if they preferred a narrative in themusic video and most of them had agreed. So we took it intoconsideration and included a narrative. Overall we feelpositive about our feedback I believe we can use this todevelop our project further by improving these few minorflaws in our work we will be meeting the demands of ourtarget audience in order to create a successful music video.