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Njpsa se ipad


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • EM –2 minutesWelcomes attendees – Introduces self, introduces John, introduces Loren as Superintenedent
  • Loren talks briefly (5-8 minutes) about our district, programs, services and facilities and then about technology, innovation, creativity and spending
  • EM Thank Loren for his time and support in our best practices efforts as a fast growing SE districtReintroduce JOHN!
  • John – introduces the concept of “Is the future NOW?” Information and accessibility to it has exploded in the last 15 years but in the last 18 months since smart phones, iPods and especially iPads have come on the scene, TECHNOLOGY has changed the concept of learning for all studentsWatch VideoEM - “Like never before, educators and decision makers are taking notice of our students abilities instead of their disabilities….Today we will…..explore the following Questions? (state them simply to stimulate think about learning… do not get answers)
  • EM – Go over outline of agenda
  • EM – Introduce the evolution of technology in schools …First Digital Camera: First Cell Phone: John ~ Google Applications: Show examples of selected applications and uses ( Click on EM’s docs to show Curriculum Maps Sharing – EM explain how one Self-contained teacher could have to cover 3 grade levels and 4 subjects)John ~ Ipad Apps demonstrate and highlight certain apps and their uses
  • EM Before we move on.. Let us take a moment to show respect for a true visionary who without him and his fierce competition with Bill Gates our world would be left to Al Gore’s invention of the Information Superhighway…
  • Out of seat activity: Each participant will have color sticky with a group number on it.. (there will be four stickies for each group) Colored paper with group numbers will be located throughout the room. Participants must take their iPad/iPhone with them as they locate their correct group.. Give them 5 minutes to conduct the Activity. Where they are, they will share…
  • John – will explain the items and areas of his BlogSpot and how he uses it to communicate, innovate and archive
  • EM EM Explains how iPad were purchased on the day of release.. 20 for administrators to play with… Explain the hiring of John to combined district.. How I set out to infuse technology and blogspots to our staff….EM will explain her blogspot and open links to certain teacher’s sites to highlight the different types explained previouslyJohn.. Finish up morning with his classroom blogspot.. Explain how you work with teacher to create them.. How their different technolgy capabilities have been addressed as it was manditory to have one by June 1st..
  • John… explains Khan Academy… shows a video of student use…costs.. Implementation
  • John .. Explains Bookshare… shows a video of student use…costs.. Implementton
  • As participants arrive in room (1:20 – 1:30) have this slide up to stimulate and allow for processing of morning learning… Take 5 minutes to review/share
  • John… will demonstrate and have participants try to do the activities… check to be sure you give enough time before moving on..Time: 6 -8 minutes
  • Transcript

    • 1. Salem County Special Services School District
    • 2. Programs - SCSSSD
      Alternative High School
      Alternative Middle School
      Autism Spectrum Disorder (two tiers)
      Behavioral Disabilities
      Cognitive Severe
      • Auditory Impaired
      • 3. Multiply Disabled
      • 4. Pre-School Disabled
      • 5. Transitional Career Program
    • Other Services
    • 6. Facilities
    • 7. The Future? Or Now?
      How do children learn?
      How do we teach them?
      How will we change to meet their needs?
    • 8. Sir Ken Robinson says…
      Our students are living in the most intensely stimulating period of the history of the earth!
      They are being besieged with information that pulls their attention… from computers, from iPhones, from advertising and hundreds of TV channels
      AND they are being penalized for what? Being distracted…. from What? “BORING STUFF”!
      Students .. Particularly Special Education Students need Aesthetic Experiences… when their senses are operating at their peak… When they are fully alive!
    • 9. Agenda
      • 1:30 – 3:00
      • 10. Tiny URLs & iPad Cheats
      • 11. Inclusion Classroom Apps
      • 12. Resource Room Apps
      • 13. Creativity Apps
      • 14. Autism Apps
      • 15. Auditory Impaired Apps
      11:00 – 12:30
      Administrators & iPads Apps, Google Everything
      Khan Academy
    • 16. General Technology
      Computers ~ Laptops ~ SmartBoards ~ iPads ~ Smart Phones
      KandyFish App
      Google Applications ~ email, calendars, documents, blogger, iGoogle, translate, maps, sketch up, etc……
      iPad & Smart Phone Apps ~ G Tools ~ Audio Notes
      Dragon Dictation ~ Keynote
      Pages ~ Numbers ~ Dropbox ~ Plain Text
    • 17. In Memory of a TRUE Visionary
    • 18. Group Activity
      Form a group with 3 or 4 of your neighbors
      Select a Team Leader – (person with closest birthday)
      Open iPad/iPhone “Notes App”
      Discuss & List 3 Apps you all commonly use
      Discuss & List 1 Unique App use per team member
    • 19. BlogSpot's
      John Kidd’s BlogSpot for SCSSSD & SCVTS
      Professional Development
      Tech Help
      Links to district teacher blogs
      Other BELLS & WHISTLES
    • 20. SCSSSD Teacher BlogSpot's
      Uses: Video Yearbooks / Websites / News Items
      Documentation / Evidence of attained student learning
      Performance Based Assessments in Action
      Basic: Ms. Mary ~ Ms Lori ~ Ms. Brenda
      Advanced: Ms. Kirby ~ Ms. Albanese ~ TCP
    • 21. Khan Academy
      TED Talks
      TED APP
    • 22. Bookshare
      What is Bookshare?
      Free to all SE students ~ Every book including Text books!
      How do we use it?
      READ@GO App
    • 23. BREAK
    • 24. RSA Sir Ken Robinson
    • 25. TED Pattie Maes
    • 26. Steve Jobs at Stanford
    • 27. Welcome Back3 * 2* 1
      3 New things you learned about “Technology” today
      2 New things you will go home tonight or tomorrow and share with someone in education
      1 QUESTION you still have about Technology
    • 28. iPad Cheats
      How to efficiently use the iPad
      Short cuts
    • 29. The Inclusion Classroom
      Download Math Board App
      Download Doddle Buddy App
      Demonstrate Algebra Champ App
      Demonstrate Spellboard App
      Demonstrate Learn Subject Verb
    • 30.
    • 31.
    • 32. The Resourse Classroom
      Download 3 D Brain App
      Download Science Glossary App
      Demonstrate Frog Dissection
      Download Making Change App
      Download Everyday Math Fractions App
      Demonstrate Word Problems
    • 33.
    • 34. Creativity
      Download Adobe Photo Shop App
      Demonstrate Story Robe App
      Demonstrate iMovie App
      Story Kit App
    • 35. The Autistic Classroom
      Download Kids Rewards App
      Download Tap to Talk App
      Download Going Places App
      Download Talking Tom Cat App
      Download Pocket Phonics
      Download Sight Words
      Demonstrate Proloquo2Go
    • 36.
    • 37.
    • 38.
    • 39.
    • 40.
    • 41. Other SE Classrooms
      Auditory Impaired
      Download Sign Language! App
      Download Baby Sign ASL Lite App
    • 42. Questions
      John Kidd
      EvaMarie Raleigh