Learning To Love


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Learning to love perfectly through a step-by-step process provided for us in the bible.

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Learning To Love

  1. 1. LEARNING TO LOVE God, You and Others
  2. 2. We All Desire Love We want attention We want to be accepted We want a boyfriend or girlfriend We want our friends to like us We just want to be loved
  3. 3. We Are All Capable Of Love We invest huge amounts of time into acquiring love Our culture is based on this whole concept Buy this and friends will like you, drink that and you’ll be more sexy We try to find love in other people Does that truly fulfill us?
  4. 4. There’s an Order to Perfect Love This is a cool little ephiphany I had There is a step-by-step process to love It is found in the bible - the love story of God for us God always chases after us Are we going to chase after God?
  5. 5. Mentioned In Three Gospels Matthew 22:37 Mark 12:30 Luke 10:27
  6. 6. Mark 12:30-31 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.
  7. 7. The Most Important Command What is a command and why should we listen? This is the most important command that Jesus gives! All the other commands are “summed up” into this! Do you trust God? Then do what he says - James 1:22
  8. 8. We Have To Love God First The crucial step we always forget We fast forward to trying to love others We need to be able to love the unseen before we love the seen You can’t intellectually love someone This is the basis of perfect human love
  9. 9. With All Our Heart Think about your first love... You overlook faults, distance, hardship, compatibility You just want to spend every waking hour with them You don’t want to hang up the phone This is not rational or logical
  10. 10. With All Our Soul What is a soul anyway? Who would be your perfect soulmate? It’s someone you think you knew your whole life Do we get to the point of soul bonding with God? Do we share his heart and desires? Or do we put God in a box?
  11. 11. With All Our Mind Most of us let our mind get in the way The greatest chain that bind are in our own mind If we try to love with our mind first, it won’t work Once we use our minds, then it makes sense God doesn’t want us to love him blindly
  12. 12. With All Our Strength “Strength” is mentioned in two of the three gospels We allow the mind to control our body Love is not a feeling, it is an action We must strive to make love tangible and relevant But how can we tangibly love God?
  13. 13. Love Yourself So we have to love God first To love others, we must first be able to love ourself When we love God, we receive love back We have to fall hopelessly in love with God Have you forgiven yourself? Are you truly able to love yourself?
  14. 14. Love Others Love increases as it releases Without love, we are nothing Our lives become quickly meaningless without love We must love unconditionally and selflessly When we love the “least of these” we love God There is power in true, agape love