Kingdom Of God


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Kingdom Of God

  1. 1. The Kingdom of God
  2. 2. Questions • Who likes the world just the way it is? • Who thinks the world needs to change? • If changing the world meant losing part of what you like would you do it?
  3. 3. What is a Kingdom? • Think about this in real life... • Is it a country? • Is it an organization? • Is it a company? • I believe a Kingdom is an authoritative movement that is not limited to geography
  4. 4. It’s like Britain Small island, powerful authority. Took over most of the known world. Did things in the name of the King. Had the might to back it up. Bigger than a country.
  5. 5. What is God’s Kingdom? • Peace: No more chaos. Complete unity • Justice: Free from sin, bondage, and slavery • Freedom: Become who you can be • Authority: Convert words into action • Power: Gain access to God • Reality: It is right here, right now
  6. 6. Where? How do I join? • It’s not something you can buy Luke 6:20 • It’s something for the innocent Mark 10:15 • It’s not something that comes easily Mark 10:25 • It’s going to require effort Luke 9:62 • It’s not a spectator sport Luke 17:20 • It’s right near you Mark 12:34 • It’s within your grasp Mark 1:15
  7. 7. Within Your Grasp Have the kids reach out their hand and grab. That’s how close the Kingdom of God is from you. If you ever wonder where God is, he is right in front of your face.
  8. 8. Do You Want It? Do you want this peace and power? Here’s a secret... The Kingdom of God...
  9. 9. Is Within You Luke 17:21
  10. 10. You must be the change you wish to see in the world Mahatma Gandhi What does that mean? What does that take? I’ll show you. You may have heard the phrase blood, sweat and tears...
  11. 11. Blood Sweat Tears Tears Sweat Blood Every time you hear this phrase I want you to reverse the word in your head! These words represent outward expressions, physical outcomes of what is inside!
  12. 12. John 11:35 Tears are outward expression of emotion. If you can’t see the pain in the world. If you don’t think anything has to change. If you can’t experience the hurt of a person, or a nation. Then you are not close enough. You need to go on a missions trip and get out of your comfort zone.
  13. 13. John 4:6-7 What is sweat the representation of? Persistence. Worry. Not doing something for a little while and taking a break. Enduring the heat, exerting yourself. The kingdom needs people who are willing to give of their time and energy until your pores open up and sweat comes out.
  14. 14. John 19:1-3 What is blood the expression of? Injury, vulnerability, and fight. Ultimately the Kingdom comes through the willingness to endure for what you believe. It’s a battle but not an earthly one. Ephesisans 6:12
  15. 15. No Pressure! No pressure, but here’s the mindtrip... Jesus came here and showed us the vision of the kingdom. It’s our responsibility to carry it out. Its a challenge I leave with you. If you want to take the next step, write your name on this card and circle something you are interested in doing.
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