October 2008 Newsletter


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October 2008 Newsletter

  1. 1. International Week 13th – 17th October 2008 To celebrate International week, our theme was “One World Valuing Differences”. Many different activities took place in college during that week. We started in Active Tutorials by asking students to identify different languages and getting them to communicate using signs. They loved this. We also gave students the Braille alphabet and they worked out the meanings of sentences. On Wednesday, we invited a French entertainer to perform for Year 7. He spoke in French all the time and students were able to take part and respond to him in French. The students were very enthusiastic and the entertainer was very impressed with the participation and the ability of our girls. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we offered activities after school such as henna tattoos, hair braiding, making international key rings and tasting international food. On Thursday, we had a performance and many students took part. We invited primary school pupils as well as governors and parents and carers. All the year groups attended the different performances which took place during the day. Students recited poems in Arabic and Urdu. A Spanish song was played and sung by a group of year 8 students and lots of music with an international theme was performed by our students. We hope that next year, more parents will attend to celebrate your daughters’ contributions to international week. Mrs M Shah and Mrs F Hemamda Modern Languages Citizenship and ‘Mind Brent’ Year 8 and Year 11 Over the first half term of this year, we have worked closely with “Mind Brent”. “Mind” is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales. They work to create a better life for everyone with experience of mental distress. Their vision is of a society that promotes and protects good mental health for all, and that treats people with experience of mental distress fairly, positively, and with respect. Mind representatives, visited the school and delivered workshops on drugs to Year 8 who are currently learning about the problems that drugs cause to individuals and our community. They also delivered “mental health” workshops to our Year 11 students. During these workshops the students discussed the importance of good mental health, ways that one can maintain good mental health and explored the attitudes of the society towards people with mental health problems. On Friday 17th October, Dawn Butler, Labour MP for Brent South, joined 11K and 11G and delivered two Mental Health Workshops. The students got the opportunity to meet the first ever black woman Minister, ask her questions and discuss a number of issues with her. We would like to thank Mind Brent and Dawn Butler for the delivery of the workshops. We would like to congratulate 11K and 11G for their excellent attitudes, participation in the discussions that took place and fantastic contributions! Mr E Kavieris Humanities Newsletter October 2008
  2. 2. GCSE Results The following girls achieved excellent GCSE results: Congratulations to them all. Wathna Vilasini A* - 8 A - 3 Tamkin Abbas A* - 6 A - 3 B - 2 Blerina Hashani A* - 2 A - 8 B - 1 Mulki Abdillahi A* - 2 A - 5 B - 3 Hawaa Budraa A* - 1 A - 7 B - 4 Jasmin Taffurelli A* - 2 A - 3 B - 6 Sarrah Ibrahim A* - 1 A - 3 B - 5 Gladys Valle A* - 1 A - 5 B - 4 C - 1 Houda Araghi A* - 1 A - 6 B - 1 C - 1 Hashma Haidar A* - 1 A - 4 B - 5 C - 1 Benesh Munir A* - 1 A - 4 B - 5 C - 1 Marjan Issa A* - 1 A - 4 B - 4 C - 2 Farah Chaudhry A* - 1 A - 4 B - 1 C - 3 Najwa El-Aziz A - 4 B - 6 C - 1 Jumana Hasso A - 4 B - 6 C - 1 Jemini Kunwardia A - 4 B - 6 C - 1 Mari Aqtash A - 5 B - 3 C - 1 Sarah Sourroukh A - 5 B - 2 C - 3 Zainab Hussain A - 5 B - 3 C - 4 Year 13 Destinations Nazish Abbas Gap Year Sarah Abdulrahman St. Georges Diagnostic Radiography Mehwish Ajmal Roehampton Primary Education Parveen Akhtar Middlesex Law Haleem a Akram Westminster Human Nutrician Saadia Ali Brunel Business & Management Safaa Al-Khuzaiee Kingston Foundation Biomedicine Lemis Al-Naseri Westminster Bio Chemistry Alda Arifi Anglia Ruskin Media Studies Simran Bhatti Brunel Business & Management Anita Bhuva City Economics / Accountancy Alicia Burnett Warwick English Literature Iram Chaudhury Southbank Marketing & Media studies Randim a Deyalagedon a Greenwich Architecture Sarah Ehui Hertfordshire Businesss / French Nimo Hassan Middlesex Human Resources Rachel Howells Southbank Digital Media Hana Ibrahim Bedfordshire Public Relations Damilola Ikuseru Kingston Economics Smera Iqbal Middlesex Psychology Deempl Jeshani Brunel Business e (Foundation) Roda Jeylani Bedfordshire Business & Management Naike Kabeya Gap Year Farah Khan Brunel Business Rupal Kunwardia Brunel Business & Management Sundus Mahammed Oxford Brookes History Nazia Malique Brunel Psychology Mariam Naeem City Economics Sarah Nargis Working Ferhana Nargis Working Arti Patel Kingston Film Studies Nabeela Pervez Hertfordshire Business Meena Rabadia Hertfordshire Marketing & Accounting Divya Rabadia Hertfordshire Business Studies Rita Recica Brunel Journalism Mariam Salad Essex Biomedical Studies Sobia Saleem Gap year Kiran Sattar Hertfordshire Business Studies Saba Shamim Thams Valley Hotel Management Niloufar Thawer Middlesex Interior Design Faryeal Uddin Brunel Business & Management Zainab Undre Roehampton Primary Education Romani Wijiseri Hertfordshire Law Subia Zahur City Speech Therapy Sophia Zahur Gap year 60 languages spoken at JKGTC! At JKGTC, we have always celebrated our cultural diversity and now, for the first time we have 60 languages spoken by students in the college. These are: Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Borana, Brava, Bulgarian, Creole, Crioulu, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dari, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, Fula, German, Greek, Gujerati, Hindi, Ibo, Italian, Kurdish, Lingala, Lithuanian, Luganda, Malay, Nepali, Pahari, Pampangan, Pashto, Patois, Pete, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Roma, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sesotho, Singhalla, Somali, Spanish, Sranang, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Telegu, Thai, Tigrinya, Turkish, Twi, Urdu, Wobe and Yoruba The Top Ten! Somali and English are the joint most spoken languages, followed in order by Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, Gujerati, Pushtu, Punjabi, Albanian and Portuguese. If you speak a language that we have not included, please come to tell us in the EMTAS room. Ms Bambrough EMTAS Congratulations to all the girls and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.
  3. 3. Year 7 Visit St Albans Year 7 went on a trip to St. Albans on Tuesday 14th October with Mr. Moore, Mrs. Sheehy, Miss Scally, Mr. Varma and Mr. Kent. We looked at Roman artefacts found in Verulamium, the Latin name for the area. We even saw skeletons of adults and children which are nearly 2000 years old. We saw how the Romans lived and the tools they used for everyday life. Some of the original buildings and part of the old Roman wall still exist. After that we walked through the park and looked at the River Ver, noticing how the river erodes and deposits when it meanders. We even drew some very good sketches! Then we had a picnic. We sat around the pond and some of us fed the birds – ducks, geese, coots and water hens. Afterwards, we visited St. Alban’s Cathedral which is nearly 1000 years old. We were amazed at the Baptismal Font and the stained glass windows and some of the stone and wood carvings. We had a fantastic day and felt sorry for the girls who had missed it!! Mrs Sheehy Humanities Fish are Fun In April 2008 the Science Department bought coldwater and tropical aquariums. The goldfish in the coldwater tank in Mr. Singh’s laboratory have grown to about twice the size they were when we got them and have had one baby. The Marble Mollies in Mrs. McCann’s tropical tank have had so many babies that we intend to sell some when they get big enough, with the proceeds going to charity. If you want to buy some fish, you will need to have a working tropical fish tank at home. See Angus Gulliver (science Technician) if you are interested! The Marble Molly breeding ground! They will be for sale at £1.50 each. Mr A Gulliver Science Jeans for Genes day We celebrated Jeans for Genes day on the 3rd of October. One in every 33 children in the UK has a genetic condition, which means that it’s very likely that some of you may know someone who is affected by a genetic condition. Jeans for Genes was about raising money to help children with genetic conditions so that they can lead healthy and happy lives! Thank you to Bhaveshri Varsani 10C, Krishna Pindoria 10G, Becky Laxton-Bass 10C, Hina Navin 10C and Ankita Laxaman 10T who did both assemblies for KS 3 and KS 4. THANK YOU TO EVERY ONE WHO CONTRIBUTED MONEY AND TIME. WE RAISED £439 Ms E Van Der Walt Science Our baby shubunkin, a type of goldfish. He’s about 3 cm long and is not for sale! Our baby shubunkin, a type of goldfish. He’s about 3 cm long and is not for sale! Genes Cell DNA Chromosome Gene nucleus
  4. 4. Target Mars Science Event by Aim Higher The Science Faculty provided an excellent event for year 8 students on Thursday 23rd of October 2008. They worked throughout the day to meet two objectives. 1 Design and build a craft to land their team safely on Mars. It had to be dropped from a high distance, with a raw egg inside. 2. Design & build the first energy generation tower on Mars. The design needed to hold a boiled egg as high above the base as possible and feature a moving propeller. The students had exciting, stimulating and challenging activities throughout the day, and they all achieved their targets. “It is an imaginative event. I imagined life on Mars and working as a team there” Parveen Ahsar, 8G “It is fun because its team work. It helped me to work in a team, to discuss ideas and to work together” Aida Bouchenir 8K “I enjoyed experimenting, and following instructions” Razia Mohammed 8K The students were interested in answering questions on physics topics. Ms N McCann Science Working as a team. John Kelly Cookbook To celebrate the John Kelly half-centenary we intend to design and publish a John Kelly Girls’ Cookbook, with recipe contributions from staff, students and parents/carers. The intention is to have the cookbook split into sections by country, so as to celebrate the many cultures represented at the college, and to be published by July in a similar, professional way as our yearbooks are. Please donate any tried and tested recipes you would like to be included in the cookbook; they do not have to be typed or written out neatly as we will do that. Many thanks. Mr M Jayapal Maths Lost Property There are a large amount of items which have been handed into lost property including a number of jackets/coats. Some items have been held for a number of weeks. If your daughter has lost any items please ensure that she asks if it has been handed in or telephone the College on 020 8452 4842 between the hours of 10 am to 3pm to check. Ms M Shepherd
  5. 5. Cheerleaders Win National Lottery Funding The John Kelly Girls’ Technology College Cheer leading team is jumping for joy, because they have received £8,915 for their after school cheerleading club for students aged 11 to 19. Earlier in the year we sent a group of cheerleaders to a nationwide competition and finished in the top 10, prompting a huge enthusiasm for the dance. Ms Kamala, Vice Principal, said: “This is fantastic news because the idea for a cheerleading group came from the girls themselves. They rehearse and dance at every opportunity they get and will be able to say they are the first group in the borough doing it. They’re so enthusiastic they even want to take cheerleading into other local schools and encourage them to start clubs of their own. It’s wonderful to take something which started off small and get the chance to build on that with this funding Environment News If you live in the Borough of Brent and have a “green” box from the Council you will know that since the beginning of August there has been compulsory recycling in the borough. The Council takes recycling very seriously and those who fail to recycle can be fined up to £1,000. Like the Council we should all take recycling seriously because of the damage that is being done to the environment. I am pleased to say at John Kelly Girls we are doing really well and recycling one wheelie bin of cans and plastic bottles each week. Most weeks we also recycle about 5 ½ bins of paper. All this would previously have thrown away as rubbish and put into landfill site to rot instead of being reused. This is all great news but do not forget both sides of paper can be used and always think before you print anything and make sure you pick it up afterwards so you do not need to do it again. Please remember it is very important only to put paper in the recycling boxes in classrooms. Plastic bottles, fruit cartoons and cans go in the recycling bins in the playground and canteen. Ms M Shepherd Environment Officer Breathing Places We have been very fortunate to receive a grant from the BBC’s Breathing Places scheme. This campaign runs primarily to inspire and motivate people to turn unused and unloved pieces of land into wildlife havens for people and animals to enjoy. At John Kelly we have ambitious plans to turn our unused pieces of land into outdoor classrooms, as well as quiet areas for relaxation. Work has started apace and along with a willing bunch of volunteers we have begun to transform the green space at the back of the house and the bank opposite the Expressive Arts block. During half term, weather permitting, we hope to continue work in both areas. Future plans As soon as the hard landscaping is completed we will be looking for students, staff & parents to become involved so keep your wellies clean and watch out for further information. Student Social Worker JKGTC would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Social Worker Student 08/09, Natasha Smith. Natasha went to school in Brent and asked for a Brent school for her final placement whilst studying for her degree. This will be our third placement and we are sure Natasha will continue with all the worthwhile projects started by her predecessors. Natasha will be based in the House and will mentor individual students as well as working in class. Any families who wish to receive advice or support from her are very welcome to make contact on 0208 450 5021. Ms K Aylott
  6. 6. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Before School Parents drop in for coffee and a chat 9-10am LRC Breakfast Club- canteen LRC Homework Club 7.45-8.20am Breakfast Sports Club Breakfast Club- canteen LRC Homework Club 7.45-8.20am Breakfast Club- canteen Year 11 Ext French ML4 (8-8.55am) LRC Homework Club 7.45-8.20am KS4 graphics Workshop Breakfast Club- canteen LRC Homework Club 7.45-8.20am Sports Club Breakfast Club- canteen LRC Homework Club 7.45-8.20am Period 4 lunch Get help – EMTAS Room Y10/11 - IT1 study Club LRC Study Club Y10/11 Textiles Club KS4 Get help – EMTAS Room Y10/11 - IT1 study Club LRC Study Club Y10/11 Textiles Club year KS4 Get help – EMTAS Room Y10/11 - IT1 study Club Y7 LRC Study Club Get help – EMTAS Room Year 11 Maths and statistics Higher Tier Workshop (HC-MA6) Y10/11 - IT1 study Club LRC Study Club Y10/11 Get help – EMTAS Room Year 11 revision Sp ML3 Y10/11 - IT1 study Club LRC Study Club Y10/11 Period 5 Lunch Get help – EMTAS Room ‘ Mad about Books club’1pm LRC IT1 Study club y,9 LRC Study Club Y 7,8 Get help – EMTAS Room Lunchtime Tournaments IT1 Study club y 8 LRC Study Club Y7,9 Get help – EMTAS Room Art, Technology/Science Club ( NH/NMc) T5 LRC Study Club Y8,9 Textiles Club Get help – EMTAS Room IT1 Study club y7 LRC Study Club Y 8,9 Textiles Club KS3 Get help – EMTAS Room IT1 Study club y 7,8,9 (limited number) After School clubs LRC (3.15-4.45) Cheerleading(TAY) Y10/11 Keep Fit club(SNa) KS2 Homework club (3.30-4.39) LRC LRC open to all students up to 6pm Textiles Drop in 3.15 – 4.00pm Y 10 Ext Spanish ML3(RAI) Y 11 Urdu Revision ML1 Y11 Ext French ML4 KS3/4 jewellery Club( until January 08) Cheerleading Year 7/8 netball KS2 Homework club (3.30-4.39) LRC LRC open to 4.45pm Textiles Drop in 3.15 – 4.00pm KS4 graphics Workshop Science Club (Lab 5) MF Year 10/11 Science revision Y10 Ext Spanish (RAI) Y11 Ext French (FH) Keep Fit Club ( SNa) KS2 Homework club (3.30-4.3O) LRC Film Club ( 3.45- 6.30pm) Textiles Drop in 3.15 – 4.00pm Year 10/11 Science revision Y11 GCSE Spanish revision KS2 Homework club (3.30-4.39) LRC Film Club ( 3.45- 4.30pm) Extended Schools Activities The following activities are open to students as indicated. Students should enrol onto classes through the member of staff running the activity. We are happy to expand the provision outlined above and are open to suggestions from staff, students and parents. Please speak to Mrs Hyare if you have any suggestions.
  7. 7. Attendance Congratulations to the following students who achieved 100% attendance and punctuality from the beginning of term in September to half term. 03.09.2008 – 24.10.2008 Hasina Gorsia 10G Opeyemi Olaoye 10G Reena Khatri 10K Hannah Martin 10K Katheryne Ikechukwu-Uduh 10T Ankita Laxaman 10T Sheena Patel 11J Vandana Vastani 7C Bunsi Vekaria 7C Reshma Nanji 8G Suhani Jeshani 8J Suganya Lambothararajah 8J Anisha Vekaria 8J Amelia Newton 8T Shiwangi Bagoan 9G Hunza Khan 9G Jaiminee Varsani 9G Shannon Gordon 9K Sukisha Rawat 9T Well done to all the girls and lets hope there are even more names on the list next time. The following classes in each year group achieved the best attendance last half term: 7K 8G 9T 10J 11T Who will it be at the end of term? Brent Youth Parliament Election Winners Faduma Hassan Year 13 Bhaveshri Varsani 10C Faduma and Bhaveshri have been elected as the John Kelly Girls’ representatives on the Brent Youth Parliament. They wrote manifestos about what they would do if they were elected and then they campaigned by going to assemblies and talking to girls in breaks and lunch times. During local democracy week John Kelly Girls’ was one of five schools in Brent who took part in a pilot scheme where students were able to vote for the candidates on line or by text. This was an exciting scheme and many students voted. We look forward to hearing about their work for the parliament and students should look out for Suggestion boxes that will be appearing around college so that they can make their views and ideas known. Mrs Webber Can you fill this space. Would you like to write something for the newsletter. If you are interested please contact Mrs Webber on 020 8450 5021 or by e mail sw_admin@jkgtc.brent.sch.uk ? DIARY DATES • 17th – 21st November ANTI BULLYING WEEK • 2nd December Year 10 Parents evening 5 – 8pm • 9th December 6th form parent’s evening 5 – 8pm • 8th – 12th December Year 11 mocks • 19th December Break up End of term