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Stage 1: How to Produce Mobile Apps
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Stage 1: How to Produce Mobile Apps


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An extremely brief overview of ways to reduce fees for mobile customers while increasing revenue for mobile service providers.

An extremely brief overview of ways to reduce fees for mobile customers while increasing revenue for mobile service providers.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Producer - Mobile Applications Presentation By: Jessica Lowry
    • 2. Monetizing Applications Mobile media will be one of the fastest growing of the emerging media channels, estimated to grow by 43% to approximately $300 million in 2009 (USA). That reach provides advertisers with a huge market opportunity to reach and engage with consumers in a new and scalable way by staying ahead of the curve in advertising innovation – reaching people when and where a decision is most likely to occur.
    • 3. The Future of Mobile What we can expect down the road?
    • 4. In the Future, the difference between mobile and PC will be minimal.
    • 5. Mobile is: Tools to simplify my life. A service that helps me cope with all my daily tasks and requirements. Access to a tasting menu for services and products.
    • 6. Personalisation & Customisation Find your next phone application through a recommendation tool on a telecomm website based on your interests and lifestyle. Each page is enhanced to be more intelligent and interactive.
    • 7. Customers are a network. The benefit of having a large population of users is leveraging the wisdom of the crowd.
    • 8. Make it easier for the user to find the right application. (
    • 9. Apps need to be designed to showcase local information, cultural interests, and unique personal requirements.
    • 10. Explore New Ways to Communicate with Customers (
    • 11. Big Pond Apps Enhance capabilities to learn more about each user. ( • Bubble up content to provide context to users. • Show value by illustrating how the application is being used and by whom. • Apps can be a tasting menu for products and services.
    • 12. Create a Developer Sandbox to distribute workload and reduce costs.
    • 13. Involve customers by soliciting voting for favourite apps through an interactive catalogue. (
    • 14. Become a Savvy Local Instantly with the Yellow Pages App Empower customers to: find recommendations read reviews view ratings share their own opinions
    • 15. Customers can become informed locals in an instant. (
    • 16. Customers Don’t Always Need to Pick Up the Bill Smartphone application marketing connects brands with their target audiences no matter where they are. Ads on iPhones, Android-enabled devices and other Smartphones have the ability to deliver high-impact interactive rich media to an engaged, targeted, self-selected audience and the new breed of application analytics companies help measure the success of campaigns, interaction and brand recognition.
    • 17. New Types of Promotions
    • 18. Affiliate Widgets Enable anyone to display your applications and smart phone services through interactive widgets.
    • 19. Enable Phones to Make Purchases
    • 20. Harvest Organic Sales These apps operate in essentially the same ways as social media, targeted display and mobile marketing models. However, they offer deeper engagement, more sophisticated analytics, and a great way to broaden reach beyond the computer — significant opportunities for advertisers to boost revenue and build consumer relationships in a unique personal way.
    • 21. Get Ready For the Future Wave of Emerging Technology
    • 22. Cloud computing will bring unprecedented sophistication to mobile applications
    • 23. That’s all for now! Please feel free to contact me regarding ways I can assist you as a Business Analyst or Mobile Apps Producer: My Web Site: My Blog: Email: