Information Security Course for Executives
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Information Security Course for Executives

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Information Security Latest Trends...

Information Security Latest Trends

Convergence onto Security Platforms: Endpoint, Email security gateway, Web security gateway, and Next-generation firewall
Virtualization: Virtualization of security controls will alter the information security landscape.
Cloudification: How to enforce an enterprise security policy in the cloud age?
Externalization: How to be open, social and encourage secure collaboration with external entities?
Consumerization: Increasingly, employees want to use their consumer technology (systems and software) for business use.
Operationalization: Need a strategy / R&D and an operational component to security. The strategy / R&D team needs to have time and resources to tackle the new and emerging threats.
Application Security

Threats, Attacks, Vulnerabilities, and Countermeasures
Application Threats / Attacks
Mobile Application Security
Security testing for applications
Security standards and regulations
Information Risk Management

Understanding your risk
Measuring and quantifying your risk
Managing your risk
Optimizing expenses
Presented by: Security Art
Security Art is an information security and risk management consulting and advisory boutique. They use a multi-disciplinary approach with years of hands-on experience giving businesses the strategic path to address all their information security and risk management needs.

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  • Virtualization is already at it’s peak - not a trend anymore. Cloudification is the obvious next step and large corporations are already adopting it (as well as service providers and vendors)
  • How many iPhones do you have in your company? iPads? Droids? Non-corporate laptops/netbooks?
  • Do you really have time to deal with all of this? R&D resources to keep fixing issues and make sure all new software is secure? Keeping track of emerging threats and new issues?


  • 1. Information Security for Executives
    • Free webinar
    • Iftach Ian Amit
  • 2. Agenda
    • Latest Trends
    • Application Security
    • Risk Management
  • 3. Latest Trends in Information Security
    • Convergence
    • Virtualization
    • Cloudification
    • Externalization
    • Consumerization
    • Operationalization
  • 4. Convergence
    • Endpoint (forget desktops...)
    • e-mail
    • Web
    • “ next-gen” firewalls
  • 5. Virtualization and Cloudification
  • 6. Externalization
    • Are you on LinkedIn?
    • Facebook?
    • Are your customers?
    • Partners?
    • Competitors?
  • 7. Consumerization
  • 8. Operationalization
  • 9. Agenda
    • Latest Trends
    • Application Security
    • Risk Management
  • 10. Application Security
    • Methodology
    • Threats, attacks, exposure surface
    • Application threats
    • Mobile
    • Testing
    • Regulation/Compliance?
  • 11. Methodology
    • “ If you have an application with more than a single purpose interface, you are most likely to have a vulnerability in it”
            • [wise-old-sage]
    This is why we have such a high success rate in pen-tests...
  • 12. Threats, Attacks and Exposure Surface
    • Extreme coverage over the past 10 years
    • Not a lot of solutions
      • That you can “buy and forget”
    • Back to the human factor
      • Which is harder to fix...
  • 13. Application Threats
    • XSS
    • CSRF
    • SQL Injection
    • Parameter tampering
    • Session hijacking
  • 14. Mobile
    • “ And now, make everything work on my iPhone...”
            • [management]
    • “ And now, I have a chance to repeat every mistake again for this new platform”
            • [development]
  • 15. Testing
    • Security never really fit into your QA schedule didn’t it?
    • Can you really think like the bad guys? Do you want to?
  • 16. Regulation
    • That’s an easy one:
      • Pay to get certified, right?
    • It doesn’t really feel that much better now...
      • Maybe we should get things fixed for real
      • ...and still get certified
  • 17. Agenda
    • Latest Trends
    • Application Security
    • Risk Management
  • 18. Risk Management
    • What is your risk?
    • Measure, Quantify!
    • Manage
    • Optimize expenses
  • 19. Identifying your Risks
    • What are the bad guys after?
    • Simple...
  • 20. Measuring Risk
    • From:
    • “ So, we pinpointed the one line of code that caused this thing to fail...”
    • To:
    • “ This issue will cost us $1500 for every time someone exploits it”
  • 21. How to Measure?
    • Identify your (information) assets
    • Identify the threats for each asset
      • And their capability
      • And the controls that are in place to protect the vulnerabilities
      • And their frequency
    • Derive a loss event frequency
    • Estimate the loss magnitude
  • 22. Managing Risk Guess which one is it???
  • 23. Optimize
    • When done right, this can save you money:
      • More focused measures to protect assets at risk
      • Less vendor bloat
      • Less external services required
      • Improved development cycles
  • 24.
    • Don’t re-invent the
    • wheel…
    • Use tried and tested methodologies and practices
    All rights reserved to Security Art Ltd 2002 - 2009 FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk)
  • 25. And... we’re done!
    • Questions ?!
    • We are always at:
    • [email_address]
    • Hosted by: