Sample Field Marketing/Branding Recap


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This is a final recap prepared at the commencement of account.

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Sample Field Marketing/Branding Recap

  1. 1. Final Recap – Juntae DeLane Created By Juntae DeLane –
  2. 2. Recap Stats • Date: August 1 – November 30, 2007 • Location: So. Cal (Los Angeles • Product Used: Approx. 30 pallets • Reach: Approx. 43,200 – 216,000 people • C Consumer I t Interactions: Approx. 680,000 ti A 680 000 people • Total budget: $ $24,742.77 (salary not included) Created By Juntae DeLane –
  3. 3. Consumer Events -Celebrity Basketball Game -Extreme AutoFest -Spocom p -VMA Gifting Suite -Charity Golf Tournament -Hot Import Nights -Night Shit (Las Vegas) -USC vs OSU Football Tailgate -Glamis Gone Wild Glamis -Mitsubishi 300GT West Coast National Convention -USC vs. Stanford -California Bike Week -Extreme Auto Fest: NHRA Co pact Compact Finals as -Camp Pendelton Marine Appreciation -USC vs. Arizona -Celebrity Cat Walk -Fresno State Kappa Week -Nextel Cup Created By Juntae DeLane –
  4. 4. Guerilla Marketing -X Games -Dub Car Show -Venice Beach -Hollywood’s Halloween Hollywood s Fest -LA Fashion District -Sunset Blvd. -UCLA -Cerritos College -USC USC -Santa Monica College -Cal State LA -LA Invation -LA Auto Show -HS Football: Garfield @ Roosevelt R lt -Who runs the yard step show -Formula D: All or Nothing -Califonia International Auto Show Created By Juntae DeLane –
  5. 5. DJ Sponsorships -DJ Zeb -DJ Myster-e (KISS FM) -DJ Show Shot -Eddie D -DJ Quest -DJ D. Soto (B95) -DJ ERock (Sirius Radio) -DJ Franzen (Hot 97 – KVEG) -DJ DG DJ Created By Juntae DeLane –
  6. 6. Cars & Car Clubs Sponsorships -EuroTuner -Dedrickson Racing -UNTAMED STANGZ -Special Image Racing p -FI Motor Sports -2005 Scion TC -South Coast Subaru -FSR Motor Sports -Hyper Motor Sports yp p -02 Ford Focus SVT -Street Official Racing -Gottcha Racing -Jspec Motor Sports Jspec Created By Juntae DeLane –
  7. 7. Event Sponsorships -Celebrity Basketball Game -Extreme Auto Fest: NHRA Compact Finals -Celebrity Cat Walk @ The Highlands (Hollywood) -Fresno State Kappa Week -Sages @ Forbidden City (Hollywood) -Carnival @ Key Club (Hollywood) -Halloween Freak Fest F t @ Th Day The D After (Hollywood) Created By Juntae DeLane –
  8. 8. Thinking Out Of The Box -NOS Energy Drink Mixtape (Mixed By DJ Myster-e KISS FM) -Car sponsorship registration progra -DJ sponsorship program -Internship program -Nigh Club Sponsorship Program Created By Juntae DeLane –
  9. 9. Memorable “Great job at the event. More importantly though this is the best event report I have EVER read. Very clean and concise with while still allowing Quotes the emotion of the event come through. Fact based, no funky fonts, personal hype at an appropriate level, no goofy backgrounds I love it. Everyone please take a page out of Juntae's play-book here and follow suit with your event reports.” Bill Meissner “Juntae did a great j g job. He's a good g y, g guy, Chief Marketing Officer and arriving in the Humvee was really cool. He was well prepared with plenty of NOS and containers -- and three NOS “Great job at retail! You did kept me going all day (and night).” a fantastic job with POS and Tom Langan Pole huggers.” Camp Pendleton Michael Ventimiglia Regioinal Vice President “Fantastic- you are really setting the bar!” Carli McKinney Public Relations Director “While Juntae's detailed accounts, copy to picture ratio and consistency are impeccable, there has to be some other people out there who can at least follow the paradigm.” Bill Meissner Chief Marketing Officer Created By Juntae DeLane –