Jamine's slideshow of The Boy of the painted cave odds


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  • Jamine's slideshow of The Boy of the painted cave odds

    1. 1. Tao’s Notebook of events. Written by Jamine
    2. 2. Chapter 1 Tao drew an image, so he forgot about his rabbit for the clan.
    3. 3. Chapter 1 Tao meets a young wolf dog that is starving so he gives a mouse but it refuses.
    4. 4. Chapter 1 Tao is banished from the clan until he finds game.
    5. 5. Chapter 3 Tao and the wolf dog fought an owl eagle to get her eggs to eat.
    6. 6. Chapter 3 Tao and the wolf dog become friends so Tao calls the wolf dog Ram, which means the spirit of hunt.
    7. 7. Chapter 3 Tao goes back to the clan with a rabbit and fought with Volt about hunting with wolf dogs.
    8. 8. Chapter 5 Ram comes to Tao’s clan even though Tao had said not to so the hunters of the clan try to catch Ram.
    9. 9. Chapter 5 Tao finds a cave near the clan but hard to reach to draw images and live with Ram.
    10. 10. Chapter 5 Volt thinks wolf dogs are evil spirits.
    11. 11. Chapter 7 Graybeard talks about Volt’s attack, in the Slough, by a wolf dog.
    12. 12. Chapter 7 Graybeard ordered Tao not to draw images on the cave walls.
    13. 13. Chapter 9 Tao and Ram saw Saxon, the sacred bull.
    14. 14. Chapter 9 Graybeard starts to teach Tao lessons.
    15. 15. Chapter 9 Tao drew a sketch of Saxon.
    16. 16. Chapter 9 Graybeard comes back to Tao’s cave.
    17. 17. Chapter 11 Graybeard signals Tao with the shining stone.
    18. 18. Chapter 11 Volt gave Tao a tusk from the boar’s skull to wear around his neck representing Tao’s hunting skill.
    19. 19. Chapter 13 Tao and Ram see their clan hunting and Tao wanted to show the usefulness of a wolf dog.
    20. 20. Chapter 13 Ram made the prey run away, so the hunters got mad and tried to kill Ram.
    21. 21. Chapter 13 Tao makes Tam swim across the river to the Mountain People’s side.
    22. 22. Chapter 15 Graybeard told Tao where the Secret Cavern is.
    23. 23. Chapter 15 Tao went into the Secret Cavern.
    24. 24. Chapter 15 Tao fought Saxon with his shining stone.
    25. 25. Chapter 15 Tao found out Volt was his father.