Unexpected pregnancy chap12 jessica desmarais


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Unexpected pregnancy chap12 jessica desmarais

  1. 1. Unexpected Pregnancy Chapter 12 Jessica Desmarais Women's Health Issues Worcester State College July 19, 2013
  2. 2. Finding out  The earlier you know you are pregnancy the more time you will have to plan  Most unexpected pregnancies occur when the couple is not using birth control or is using birth control inconsistently or incorrectly.- Birth control methods can occasionally fail
  3. 3. Signs of Pregnancy  A missed, lighter, or shorter-than-usual menstrual period  Breast tenderness or enlargement  Nipple sensitivity  Frequent urination  Feeling unusually tired  Nausea and/ or vomiting  Feeling bloated  Cramps  Increased or decreased appetite  Feeling more emotional than usual
  4. 4. The Test  Home pregnancy tests: Taken at home, measures the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)- a pregnancy hormone found in urine ( most accurate the day you miss your period)  Blood test: Taken at a doctors office or health clinic and measures if there is any hCG in your blood ( can be done a week before expected period)
  5. 5. Is it possible to become pregnant with out having intercourse?  Possible- but VERY rare  Possible if :sperm is on a hand that is put into your vagina; if sperm lands in your vulva, near the entrance of the vagina, if clothing or material is saturated with semen is in direct contact with your vagina  Sperm ejaculated outside the body survive only minutes to a few hours
  6. 6. Unintended Pregnancy Facts  More than 3 million unintended pregnancies occur every year in the U.S  Three-fourths of teen pregnancies are unintended  Half of unintended pregnancies occur among the 11 percent of women who were not using birth control during the month they got pregnant  Majority of unintended pregnancies among women who use birth control result from inconsistent or incorrect use
  7. 7. Finding Honest Information  If your home pregnancy test is positive you can visit a family planning clinic, women's health center or health care provider to confirm pregnancy and find more about your options.  Check out plannedparenthood.org where you can search by zip code or state for a clinic near you  Visit National Abortion Federation (NAF) website, prochoice.org or call NAF hotline at 1-800-772-9100 for unbiased information on all options  Avoid “crisis pregnancy centers” who are listed online as abortion alternatives. These centers draw women in by offering free pregnancy tests or ultrasounds and run by people who are against abortion- who wont tell you all your options-who scare you into not having an abortion
  8. 8. Sigh of Relief  If you suspected you were pregnant- but turns out your not- here are some tips  Find a birth control method more suited for your needs  Buy emergency contraception  If you are being sexually abused contact:  Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network-  Rainn.org  1-800-799-7233
  9. 9. Deciding What to Do  Even if you are prepared- You and your partner may feel emotionally, physically, spiritually or economically unprepared to become parents now  Do you want to continue the pregnancy or have an abortion?  If you choose to carry to term- you may decide to raise the child yourself or have child raised through closed or open adoption or foster care  Quiet reflection and talking with family or friends may help you think things through  It is important to decide while still in early pregnancy so that you can get prenatal care or an abortion before the 12th week of pregnancy ( the easiest and safest time to have abortion)
  10. 10. Trust Yourself!  You can determine what is best for YOU  If you are unsure about your pregnancy and need a guide to making the right decision for you- visit the Publications and Research section at prochoice.org
  11. 11. Finding Support  Family pressure: know that regardless of relatives and their beliefs and feelings on your pregnancy  A strong willed partner: your partner may have passionate reasons to carry pregnancy to term or abort  If the people close to you have strong opinions seek help from an objective friend or family member, counselor or trusted mentor-
  12. 12. Abortion  Abortion is safe and legal in the United States  Financial situation/age/where you live can make finding a way to have an abortion stressful  The first three month are the safest, easiest, and most affordable time to get an abortion
  13. 13. Common Myths  A child will not automatically improve your relationship  Abortion is not more painful than labor  Abortion is not more expensive than having a child  Using drugs in the beginning of pregnancy does hurt the fetus  Adoption does not necessarily mean you are cut off completely from your child  Men can nurture and love a child the way women can  There is financial help for all of the options  There are no perfect mothers  Good mothering skills are learned through hard work, trial and error, education, and observing experienced and confident mothers.
  14. 14. Carrying to Term  Single parenting-It is increasingly socially expectable to parent on our own- babies are resilient and adaptable when they have a consistent, emotionally nurturing caretaker who keeps then comfortable, properly fed and safe  Foster care: A temporary situation  Obtain a lawyer for negotiations for informal foster care with friend or family member or the governments formal foster care system  The goal of foster care should be to provide you time to resolve your problems and make decisions about your parenting ability  If you have honestly reflected your circumstances and believe that you will not be able to parent, consider adoption so that the child has the stable home he or she needs( if a child spends many years in foster care they tend to go from one place to another)
  15. 15. Adoption  Open adoptions: Allow birth parents to have some level of ongoing contact with their children  Closed adoption: No ongoing contact between child and birth parents- If choosing closed adoption consider picking an agency that will keep information about you to give to the child and adoptive family if they request it
  16. 16. Adoption continued…  A good adoption agency  Helps you create an adoption plan with a counselor  Pays for your legal and counseling services and does not offer you money  Treats you, not the adoptive family as the client  Most states require adoptive families to undergo an evaluation( if not consider what your own requirements for a family would be)
  17. 17. Adoption continued…  Normally, the birth mother gets to choose the adoptive family from a pool of applicants( if not offered this- you may choose a different adoption agency)  Many agencies require adoptive families to provide yearly updates to the birth mother- it may even be possible to write letters to the child and have them placed in a file for the future
  18. 18. Other ways to find adoptive family  Newspaper ad  Independent adoption facilitator  Medical practitioner  Lawyer( keep in mind lawyer will always have clients best interest at heart, not yours)  No matter which route you choose its always advisable to have your own lawyer and counselor  To find a reputable agency visit the Child Welfare Information Gateway - childwelfare.gov/adoption or call 1-888-251-0075 – ask for adoption specialist in your state
  19. 19. You’ve Made YOUR Choice  Be gentle with yourself  Greif is normal  Reach out to others who have made similar decisions for discussion and support
  20. 20. Special Quote “… ultimately you’re the one who has to make and live with the decision” Chapter 12,Page 312 I chose this quote because it is clear, we all have our own beliefs, identities, family history, religious views, experiences and they have formed our opinions. Pregnancy is a magical thing, some of us are ready to take on becoming a parent and some of us are being a good parent by knowing that its not the right choice for them. What ever decision you make- the decision is yours and yours to live by. Be cautious of others opinions and listen to your heart.
  21. 21. Personal Opinion  So many choices are available to women should they become pregnant. Each women who becomes pregnant unexpectedly faces a choice that they must live by. I believe every women, whether she chooses to carry to term, adoption, foster care or abortion has their own choice to make and are entitled to do what is best in their unique situation.
  22. 22. Discussion Question How would/did you find support if/when you found out you or your significant other was pregnant unexpectedly?