Midterm reflection essay


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Midterm reflection essay

  1. 1. I enjoyed first quarter very much, mostly because the first part of it was review fromFrench 1. Since I took French 1 freshman year, I didn’t remember much from it so that helped me alot. After reviewing and getting back on track, I really started to improve in my abilities tospeak the language and memorizing the vocabulary. The only thing I didn’t like was writing thefrench word 5 times on extra credit flashcards. Although I have to say even though they take alot of work and energy, they do help me memorize the words better. I believe that I did well on thevocabulary quizzes and the tests, because it was easy for me to remember the meanings of thewords and the rules of french grammar. On the other hand I have not mastered the speakingquestions just yet, because for some reason when I study them and look over them a hundredtimes, they just don’t stick in my brain. I do plan to be master of the speaking questions come the end of the second level ofFrench. Of course since I am taking French 3 for my junior year, I would like to sound like I knowwhat I am doing. I mentioned that I am good at french grammar but some of it takes longer toregister in my mind. For example, the rule of subjects inside the boot when accents change to theother direction. To me, french grammar just has too many rules to remember, so it makes thecourse a little bit more challenging. One last area of improvement for me is to become better atpronunciation, because when I listen to myself after I’ve recorded I sound like an amateur. I wouldlove to at least become a tad bit better at that. When it comes to speaking, I always thought that I was horrible at it, until I wasinformed that my teacher thought other wise. When she told me that my speaking was closer toa 4, which is pretty good, my spirits were lifted. It’s really good to know that you’re actuallygood at something that you thought you weren’t. But even though she thinks that, I still am goingto try my hardest to be the best I can be. Recording many different dialogues with our various partners has helped me extremelywhen it comes to sounding better since the very first baseline recording we did. Along with thatreceiving vocabulary packets where we try to quiz ourselves and see if we know the meanings ornot, also is a booster when it comes to learning. One last helpful strategy is having a blog so thatI can go back and look over stuff that I accomplished long ago. It helps me refresh whenever I goback to visit it. I have definitely improved in speaking since I first entered the course a year ago andslowly getting better. I have thoroughly discussed my strengths and weaknesses. For the next 9weeks, I will try to do the extra credit flashcards more, because right now I’ve only done like 3
  2. 2. sets of them. Also I’m going to try to listen back at my old recordings and see how I can do thembetter.