Browser wars - the desktop strikes back


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Can you substitute the Desktop with a Browser.5 Lessons learned and advice from Global Micro - Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year 2010 and 2011. Presentation by JJ Milner. Follow me on twitter @jjrmilner

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Browser wars - the desktop strikes back

  1. 1. JJ MilnerGlobal Micro
  2. 2. Global Micro Solutions• Established by JJ Milner in 1995• Longest standing Cloud Provider in South Africa• Deployed 1st Hosted Thin Client Desktop as early as 1999• Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year 2010• Provides White Label platforms for Telkom, Vox Telecom and Mustek 4
  3. 3. The promise of software as a service from the cloud is toprovide you everything you get from a traditional network…but can it do this from a browser ?Cloud City• Rich Applications• Automatic Backups• Seamless Software Upgrades• Mobile File Access 5
  4. 4. Web Apps• Almost Zero Installation Advantage• Online collaborative applications while more limited do provide great value• Pay-as-you-go - Pay-as-you-grow• Platform Independent• Completely Mobile 6
  5. 5. Local Apps• Extended User Sessions• Use of Local / LAN Databases• Heavy Computational Tasks• Graphics / Physics Animation• Low Latency• Specialised Interfaces (Cameras, POS, barcodes) 7
  6. 6. Is The Web Secure ?•Dropbox confirms security glitch – no password required•(Privacy Inc. June 20, 2011 4:37 PM PDT)Is Local Storage The Answer ?•More than 1 in 10 laptops will be stolen within their lifetime•(Wikipedia) 8
  7. 7. LOCAL & THE WEB9
  8. 8. 5 Strategiesborn from lessons learned in the last10 years as a cloud provider• Harness the best of the client & the cloud.• Feel the power of the local PC• Harmonise this with the mobility and redundancy of the cloud. 10
  9. 9. SA Bandwidth availability and performancecannot be guaranteed• Don’t deploy terminal services, VDI or web applications• for latency sensitive workloads• Always have a local cache• Only replicate changed data• Assume you may need to work disconnected 11
  10. 10. ThinApps• ThinApps are the same functional versions of traditional applications like Microsoft Office• Instead of a traditional installation, they are streamed from the web or local cache server• Pay per use (monthly) with Office on demand• You only need to be connected to the internet once every 30 days to validate the license 12
  11. 11. AllenPortTM Virtual Filing Cabinet•Store your data in a 256 Bit Encrypted filing cabinet•Make sure only you have the Keys•Your ISP can’t protect you•Beware of the “Monitoring & Interception of TelecommunicationsAct” 13
  12. 12. AllenPortTM Virtual Filing Cabinet• Mirror all your data from your local machine to a secure data centre• Replicate your private data to all your devices• Replicate your public data to all your co-workers 14
  13. 13. Choose A Unified Platform• Manage, Patch & Deploy your ThinApps from a secure App Store• One identity to manage your Apps and your Virtual Filing Cabinets• You must be able to reconstruct your files, folders and applications if your Death Star is damaged, stolen or destroyed. 15
  14. 14. Unify your approach•Encrypt your data locally and replicate to the Cloud,your co-workers and your other devices•Use “pay-as-you-go” ThinApps so thatyou can run disconnected•Manage and secure both witha unified App store from a vendorwith a proven reputation 16
  15. 15. 18