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Maths In The Real World

Maths In The Real World






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    Maths In The Real World Maths In The Real World Presentation Transcript

    • Maths in the Real World KS3 to KS4 Bridging Unit June 2008
    • And we have…
      • How much do I earn?
      • Bob the Builder
      • Crowing Glory
      • Retail Pressure
      • Reps Uncovered
      • Designer Deals
      • Assessment/Evaluation
    • How much do I earn?
      • Well done on getting the job, you earn £12,500, there will be a 2.5% increase in September, so how much will your MONTHLY pay packet be.
      • The government will take 30% in tax and national insurance. How much a month will this be?
      • You put £50 a month in a savings account. Each June you get 5% interest on the amount in your account. How much will you have on 30 th June 2012?
      • You have made a bad investment in shares. They are losing 10% a month. You put £1000 in today, how much will you have at the end of December?
    • In this Unit
      • Percentages
      • Percentage increase
      • Percentage decrease
      • Coumpound interest
    • Bob the Builder
      • Bob needs to lay a patio 10m x 8 m. Each paving slab is 50cm x 50cm. How many will he need?
      • Bob goes to a triangular garden where the 2 shortest sides are 30m and 40 m. Fence panels are 2m long, so how many will he need for the longest side? How many slabs will he need for a triangular patio?
      • Bob is building a Shed. Draw him some plans and elevations.
      • Bob needs 24 bricks for every 3 levels of a wall. How many will he need for a wall 33 levels high?
    • In this Unit
      • Area
      • Plans and Elevations
      • Pythagoras
      • Writing simple expressions
    • Crowning Glory
      • You need bleach to dye in a ration of 3:2. The clients hair needs 400ml of dye, how much bleach?
      • Bleach comes in 250ml bottles, how many will you have to open?
      • An experienced hairdresser serves 20 clients day, while the trainee serves 6. What is the ratio?
      • A hairdresser gets a bonus of £10 per 6 clients, how much does the experienced hairdresser get, and the trainee?
    • In this Unit
      • Ratio
      • Solving simple equations
      • Unit conversion
    • Retail Pressure
      • How much VAT is there in a year on a £35 a month contract?
      • Each assistant serves 4 people an hour, working 7 hours a day. There are 12 assistants, and 7 working days. How many customers?
      • You earn £1.50 commission for each customer you sell to. You work 5 days, at 7 hours. What should your commission be?
      • You serve 120 customers in a week. What is your commission?
    • In this Unit
      • Word problems to equations
      • Ratio
      • Percentages Revisted
    • Reps Uncovered
      • £1 is worth €1.49
      • What is the cost of a trip of €40
      • A customer changes £100 into Euros. Commission is 2%. How much do the get?
      • Each bus holds 52 tourists. You are booked to take 250 tourists on a trip. The cost of each bus is €200. How much in £ do you charge each tourist to break even?
      • A flight leaves Malaga at 8pm Spanish time. Spain is 1 hour behind the UK. The flight takes 2 hours 20 minutes. What time does it land?
    • In this Unit
      • Ratio
      • Conversion
      • Rounding
      • More equations
      • Time
    • Designer Deals
      • Design and cost a square based flower bed based on the costings given.
      • Construct a Rose Window using at least 5 elements.
      • Madonna wants a geometrical paint pattern based on a sequence for her music room. Give her what she wants!
    • In this Unit
      • Ratio and Proportion
      • Construction
      • Sequences
    • Assessment/Evaluation
      • TBC