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Introductory presentation on developing High Performance Teams by tapping the power of "team social context." By focusing on the often unseen (and hence risk-laden) social context in ...

Introductory presentation on developing High Performance Teams by tapping the power of "team social context." By focusing on the often unseen (and hence risk-laden) social context in teams, organizations can multiply the effectiveness of their teams and the people who lead them.



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Kernox 4 D Presentation   110207 Kernox 4 D Presentation 110207 Presentation Transcript

  • www. .comImage Courtesy: NASA Webb Telescope photo stream on Flickr
  • “Half the cost of a project is socially determined!”Dr. John MatherNobel Laureate in PhysicsChief Project Scientist for James Webb Space Telescope 2
  • How to … Cut down project Costs Improve QualityDeliver Projects on Schedule Develop Leaders Enjoy your work High Performance 3 View slide
  • Why High Performance?• Unpredictable economy  Adaptability & resilience are key attributes for success.• Global competition  Demands higher quality at lower costs.• Shorter product lifecycles  Innovation & speed in execution to stay ahead.• Workforce mobility and changing aspirations  New approaches to talent management. 4 View slide
  • 4-D Systemfor enhancing team performance  Rooted in Experience 5
  • Hubble Space Telescope 6
  • Galaxy M100 Galaxy M100Image with HST’s flawed Image after HST Servicingprimary mirror Mission 7
  • Hubble Space Telescope - our window to the farthest reaches of the universe“… Hubble is more than just a satellite, but an iconic symbolof our quest for knowledge.” (from transcript of President Obama’s conversation with astronauts during thelatest Hubble Servicing Mission in 2009.)
  • Impact of team social context on team performance.Further evidence: Challenger, Columbia, transformation of Korean Air, Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 9
  • Acknowledge and manage “team social context”. 10
  • How? 4-D System 11
  • "The compelling thing about Charlie Pellerin’s 4-DSystem is that it works. As a senior NASA leader, I witnessed a literal transformation as the 4-D system took root in our culture.” Rex D. Geveden Former NASA Chief Engineer 12
  • Evidence for Effectiveness Teams move up on the performance scaleData from a 84% 90%sample of 198NASA teams 77% 81% First Assessment scores 72% 75% 79% 83% Re-assessment scores 66% 71% 76% 80% Source: HNBT, 2009 53% 66% 70% 75%  Low Performance Teams High Performance Teams 
  • Teams Have Used 4-D System to …• Improve risk management in complex projects.• Improve trust / relations within and between teams.• Build customer-responsiveness.• Prepare winning proposals by understanding and responding to the lead culture of customer organizations. 14
  • What is 4-D System? A set of processes, tools and servicesto measure, benchmark & improve the team social context, thereby enhancing performance. 15
  • Learning transfer is the main challenge in traditional L&D. 4-D taps the power of real workcontext to accelerate learning andbring about observable behavioral change. 16
  • Two sides ofthe same coin 17
  • Addressing important human needs at work “Cultivating” “Visioning” We need to feel We need a hopeful appreciated future “Including” “Directing”We need to feel we We need to see belong results (execution) 18
  • Low Performance Context Unappreciated; Blind (ungrounded) Constantly in conflict optimism; Lofty goals with no commitmentTeam Social Context High Performance Lack of inclusion; Poor execution (Lots of Low level of trust drama: victim, blaming); Disorganized (no clarity) 19
  • High Performance Context Mutual Respect; Well-founded optimism; Willing Visionary goals with full collaboration commitmentAppropriate inclusion; Great executionAuthentic self (no drama);expression; Clear RAA (Roles,High level of trust Accountability & Authority) 20
  • Transforming Teams < > Bottom Ave. Ave. Ave. Top Low Performance High Performance Unappreciated Blind Optimism Mutual Respect Grounded Optimism Constant Conflict Low Commitment Collaboration High CommitmentFeel Disincluded Victims/Blamers Feel Included No Drama Low Trust Disorganized work High Trust Clear RAAs 21
  • Behavioral Norms and Contexts Want this team context?Mutual Willing & Sustained, SeeingRespect & Energizing Effective “Magical”Enjoyable Work Collaboration Creativity SolutionsAuthenticity High Outcome Focus Clear and& Aligned, Trustworthiness with no Blamers AchievableEfficient Action & Efficiency or Victims Expectations Make these behavioral norms habitual.Express Address Express LiveAuthentic Shared Reality-based 100%Appreciation Interests Optimism CommittedAppropriately Keep All Resist Clarify Roles,Include Your Blaming & AccountabilityOthers Agreements Complaining & Authority 22
  • Conceptual Foundation Intuition Cultivating VisioningFeeling Thinking Including Directing Sensing 23
  • Offerings in the 4-D System TDACoaching IDA Workshop 24
  • Relative Ranking of Behaviors 25
  • Workshops• Provides support to teams for improving their team social context.• Follows the structure provided by the Four Dimensions and Eight Behaviours.• Standard format: three days• Compressed format: two days (For special cases, shorter duration formats may be planned.) 26
  • Coaching• Provides support to individuals to leverage their strengths, deal with blocks and enhance their 4-D behaviour.• Follows the structure provided by the Four Dimensions and Eight Behaviours.• Standard format: one coaching session per month (one hour each) for six months, with extension if required.• Organization can buy a pool of coaching hours and assign it to individuals on need basis. 27
  • “The 4-D assessment methodology, honed through 15 years of teambuilding with NASAproject, engineering, and management teams,has the potential to improve team performance in almost any enterprise.” Dr. Anthony J. Calio Former VP & GM, Raytheon Corporation 28
  • “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,committed citizens can change the world.Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead Anthropologist www. .com Thank You 29