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S5 Health Presentation


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Overview of the s5health system

Overview of the s5health system

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  • 1. Consumer Centric Portal Presented by: Jim Jordan, CEO Encouraging Proactive Healthy Behavior to Live Well.
  • 2. S5Health Empowering Patient’s to Live Well  Provides high tech, yet easy to use tools, that allow consumers to upload, visualize and share with care providers, their blood glucose and other biometric data to behave in healthy monitoring.  Allows consumer to securely communicate with health plan payors, providers, suppliers and employers optimizing the flow of healthcare information  Social Media, built into the platform for collaboration between patients and caregivers  Allows consumer to participate in proactive behavioral reward program offerings to increase compliancy  Representing the Clinical, Social, Behavioral & Financial needs of the consumer
  • 3. S5Health Board Members  Careers dedicated to helping the consumer optimize the flow of healthcare information to lower costs and improve outcomes.  Worked together to obtain investment funding, develop business model and lead Healthx management team  Jim Jordan  Mark Patton  Jodi Hunter, M.S.M.  Healthx is an industry leader in multi-channel communication solutions for some of the nations largest Healthcare Payers, Providers, Employers and their members.  Father of diabetic daughter, Courtney Healthx
  • 4. Building Tools from Consumer Perspective  CEO/Founder is the father of type 1 diabetic. 30 years in IT with 15 of those years in healthcare IT  In 2007, Jim started an IT company, SDM offering Business Intelligence(BI) solutions to corporations  Daughter, Courtney diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 years ago and struggled with diabetic blood sugar management as it fluctuates during the day  Jim used SDM’s BI platform and built a set of diabetic tools to help her better track and manage her condition  Courtney’s A1C levels improved and she felt better. Her doctors wanted to know what she was doing  Riley Hospital for Children using the toolkit and making available to their patients
  • 5. Courtney’s Success Story Courtney’s Hemoglobin A1c revealed a three-month average of blood sugar level tests decreased by over an entire percentage point. She saw a decrease from being 83% high in the morning to 23% high, and from 70% high in the afternoons to 55% high. “The tools help me see where I am having problems, make adjustments and now I feel better!” - Courtney Jordan 5
  • 6. D-Consumer & Provider Feedback Consumers  “My insulin needs change during the day depending on many factors, what I eat, what time I eat, etc...I can’t keep track.”  “Most devices only allow for 90 days of data storage, so keeping track of dosages over time is difficult.”  “My …(device) can not download the data into computer.” Providers  “Unfortunately, many patients cannot digest the statistical biometric information in order to make the necessary behavior modifications..”  “Even though this …(device data) is critical to review before making dosage, or medication adjustments, in most cases, my patients don’t have access to this information.”  “Some patients want to be more proactive and would be if they had access to actionable tools..” 6
  • 7. Better Data Management & Help Making Decisions 1. Consumers upload biometric data using their existing device software 2. Data presented to consumer & nurse in easy to use visual graphs and reports 3. Secure communication with consumers and doctors for decision support 4. Personalized health information can be stored by consumer 5. Affordable technology that allows consumers to receive telemedicine from home 6. Social media built into the platform to encourage and support behavioral change 7. Allows consumer to track when supplies need reordering 8. Consolidates data from all devices 9. Offers Rewards program for compliancy 10.Gives consumers access to toolset under one user ID and password. 7
  • 8. S5Health Connects & Empowers the Consumer 8
  • 9. S5Health Represents the Consumers to Stakeholders 9
  • 10. A Case Study in Disruptive Healthcare Innovation Healthcare Communication Yesterday -- Closed Systems Today -- Walled Garden Systems Tomorrow – S5Health IPod Meets Facebook + Rewards for Compliancy! 10
  • 11. Engage and Reward Members while Reducing Costs S5Health platform makes it easy to inspire members and employees to sustain healthy behavior  Use existing reward programs or use our partner, Hallmark Business Connections  Create a strong wellness strategy with a positive financial impact by offering participants a solution unique to their needs and wellness goals  Increasing engagement through communication  Aligning appropriate incentives with desired behavior  Validating program activity  Engage participants through the value of choice  Online technology has the power to track and reward every success 11
  • 12. Connect with Hospitals and Providers  Enhances communication between care providers and patients by making it easy to upload and share biometric data from glucose meters, insulin pumps and other devices.  Can be set up based on easily configurable  Patients’ appointments can be automated and scheduled online reducing staff cost  Configurable and easy to integrate into existing systems  Automates the process of getting data from patients into one platform 12
  • 13. Connect with Payors & Employers Increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and retention by proactively engaging consumers.  Allows for easy integration with existing web-based tools that help employees lose weight, get fit, eat better, and live healthier lives.  Allows for incorporation of any Prochaska readiness-to-change model.  Tracking of rewards points to enable company sponsored incentive programs.  Various reminders and other communications foster participation.  Payor and employer reporting on population health and participation (all HIPAA compliant).  Comprehensive employer reporting to monitor group compliance.  The diabetes management portal will “bend the cost curve” by reducing the cost of healthcare-related expenses resulting from poor management of diabetes. 13
  • 14. Diabetic Device, Health and Fitness Device Manufacturers  The portal will improve relationships with patients and the adoption of their devices because of the convenience and user friendliness of our management tools.  The portal will help drive adoption of online ordering of medicine and supplies by driving diabetics to the portal on a weekly bases to upload numbers and interact with other diabetics.  Consumers will be able to easily kept track of and order supplies from these vendors with the S5Health toolset.  An online calendar with built in reminder and alert features help to keep the consumer compliant and prepared regarding supplies.  S5Health will integrate with the backend system of these vendors to streamline the ordering and management of supplies. 14
  • 15. Upload Any Device. Easy to Read Reports. Share with your Doctor  With personally customizable dashboards and settings, patients and families are able to upload biometric numbers from any device and see those results with color graphs, charts, and summaries.  Users can add notes to the Blood Sugar Logs and quickly email those results to their doctor’s offices, as well as interact with other parents or patients who might have similar concerns about their own health 15
  • 16. Riley Consumer Testimonials  “We’ve seen things come and go for diabetes management,” the Carmel, Indiana mother said. “So far, I think (the S5Health) diabetes portal is the most flexible, engaging diabetes tool that we have used.”  “The ability to upload and have all the data together in one place is the best part of this tool. Also, having it be web-based is great. I used it last week to fill out a form that Riley needed to get a diabetes management plan to the school nurse. Because I had (my daughter’s) basal rates, corrections, and food ratios entered on the website, I was able to fill out the form at work on my lunch hour and fax it to Riley.” -Krista Duncan, their daughter Molly, diagnosed at age 2 and now a 14- year-old in high school.  “I am all about technology so I jumped on board immediately,” Jennifer said. “I like S5Health for the fact that it is user friendly, all the information is there in one place, you can customize it with notes, carb- insulin ratios, doctor appointments, and more. It’s nice that once you upload the information that with the click of the mouse it can be sent directly to the doctor/nurse practioner. We are contemplating the idea of the school nurse inputting the data each day so that the paper/folder doesn't get lost in transit.” - -Jennifer is a mom new to the Diabetes World, as her 8-year-old son Gavin was diagnosed in January 2010 16
  • 17. Test Drive the Diabetes Toolkit 17
  • 18. JoslinType 1Diabetic Dashboard 18
  • 19. Joslin Type II Diabetic Dashboard 19
  • 20. Riley online social meeting place 20