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Candy abc book!
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Candy abc book!



Published in Education
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  • Wonderful abc book... makes everyone hungry for some good candy
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  • 1. Candy ABC Book!
  • 2. A is for airhead
    • A tangy-like chewy candy.
    • . Air heads always stick to my teeth when I eat them.
    • * It is chewy, it is sticky, and it is strong flavored.
  • 3. B is for baby bottle pop
    • A different flavored lolly-pop with powder to stick it in, also in the shape of a bottle.
    • . Baby bottle pops wake me up with their sour kick.
    • * It is sour, it is tasty, and it is like a lolly-pop.
  • 4. C is for chocolate
    • A cacao bean smashed down with other stuff mixed into it.
    • . Chocolate makes me hyper.
    • * It is thick, it is hard or soft, and it is rich flavored.
  • 5. D is for dime bar
    • Butter milk United Kingdom chocolate with milk fat salt.
    • . I hear that dime bars have the best taste.
    • * It is rich, it is creamy, and it contains milk fat salt.
  • 6. E is for energy bar
    • A process snack made from other ingredience.
    • . I eat an energy bar every morning to start my day.
    • * It gives you energy, it is fast to eat, and it works easy.
  • 7. F is for fast break
    • Chocolate with peanut butter inside toped with a nougat layer.
    • . My favorite candy bar is a fast break.
    • * It is strong flavored, it is sweet, and it contains a bunch of calories.
  • 8. G for gummies
    • Something combined with other forms of candy.
    • . My favorite gummy is the Scooby Do kind.
    • * They are chewy, they light flavored, and they are a small snack.
  • 9. H is for Hershey
    • Complete chocolate made into a bar.
    • . I love to melt my Hershey bars.
    • * It is rich, it only contains chocolate, and it is hard or soft.
  • 10. I for icebreaker
    • A sugar-free brand of gum.
    • . I use icebreakers to keep my breath fresh.
    • * It is fresh, it is got a spicy taste, and it keeps your mouth fresh.
  • 11. J is for jolly rancher
    • A candy that is flavored in an example of gummies.
    • . All my friends like jolly ranchers.
    • * It is sticky, it is hard, and it is strong tasted.
  • 12. K is for kisses
    • It comes from the Hershey bar but is shaped in a different way.
    • . My sister will only eat kisses candy.
    • * It is only chocolate, it is small, and it is rich.
  • 13. L for lolly-pop
    • Flavored hared candy that is licked on a stick.
    • . I usually eat my lolly-pop instead of licking it.
    • * It is sticky, it is hard, and it is tasty.
  • 14. M is for m&m’s
    • Round chocolate pieces with a hard outside layer.
    • . I mix m&m’s with popcorn to make it trail mix.
    • * It is chocolate, it is small, it is quick to eat.
  • 15. N is for nerds
    • A soft chewy gewy candy with carnauba wax making it hard on the outside and then flavored.
    • . Nerds taste sour to me.
    • * It is tiny, it is quick to eat, it is a bit sour.
  • 16. O is for orange slices
    • A big gummy candy cut into the shape of an orange dipped into sugar.
    • . I buy orange slices in the store during Christmas time.
    • * It is orange shaped, it is orange, and it is chewy.
  • 17. P is for peppermint
    • A hard candy flavored with peppermint oil.
    • . It takes me less than a minute to eat a peppermint.
    • * It is hard, it is spicy a little, and it freshens your breathe.
  • 18. Q is for quench gum
    • Two flavored gum to stop your thirst.
    • . I have never tried quench gum.
    • * It is two flavored, it is soft, and it is chewy.
  • 19. R is for ring pop
    • A hard piece of rock candy stuck on a plastic ring holder.
    • . My sister loves ring pops as do I.
    • * It is hard, it is small, and it is like a lolly-pop.
  • 20. S is for snicker
    • A chocolate bar with peanuts, caramel, and nougat inside.
    • . I love to eat ice cream snickers.
    • * It is big, it is hard or soft, and it is a rich.
  • 21. T is for Twix
    • Chocolate sticks with caramel and nougat inside.
    • . My father has always loved Twix.
    • * It is a stick, it comes in packs of two, and it is soft.
  • 22. U is for u-no bar
    • A smooth candy bar with a rich, milk chocolate, truffle like center.
    • . I have never tasted an u-no bar.
    • * It is smooth, it is rich, and it is got layers.
  • 23. V is for valomilk
    • Chocolate with vanilla and marshmallow on the inside.
    • . People say that valomilk milk candy is pretty tasty.
    • * It had different flavors, it is gewy, and it is sticky.
  • 24. W is for watermelon drop
    • A drop flavored watermelon with a sour kick in the middle.
    • . I like to suck on watermelon drops.
    • * It is small, it is meant to be suck on, and it is sour.
  • 25. X is for xilotol
    • A candy that contains sugar (alcohol)
    • . Xilotol does not look good for a child to eat.
    • * It has sugar, it is made for adults, and it contains (alcohol).
  • 26. Y is for yogos
    • A round soft candy with a harden flavored yogurt inside.
    • . Yogos use to be my favorite snack as a child.
    • * It is tiny, it is made of harden yogurt, and it is soft.
  • 27. Z is for zero bar
    • A bar with a caramel, peanut, and almond nougat covered with white fudge.
    • . My friend always buys zero bars at the pool during the summer time.
    • * It is white on the outside, it contains three different flavors, and it is hard.