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Budget Simulation Jennifer Joines

  1. 1. Budget Simulation Assignment Jennifer Joines FRIT 7132 The Telfair County High School Media Center functions as an essential element, as well as a basic requirement, for quality education by enriching all parts of the educational process. It provides the instructional and learning resources necessary to meet the school’s educational goals and objectives. To continue our commitment to quality education, the TCHS media center has recently been awarded $3,500 to purchase technology to support classroom instruction and the media center program. In order to determine how to use these funds in the most productive way, teachers and students were asked to give their input on what technology would best promote student achievement. Five teachers and a group of eighteen students were surveyed. Based on the results of this survey, a list of prioritized items was compiled. Prioritized List Item 1. SMART Airliner 2. Document Camera 3. Digital Camera 4. Camcorder Reasons Behind Prioritized List: SMART Airliner Wireless Slate: The first item on the list is a SMART product called an Airliner wireless slate. Most of the content area classrooms have benefited from recent technology grants and are equipped with SMART Boards. Only one classroom at the high school, however, has an Airliner. Several of the teachers surveyed expressed interest in having an Airliner housed in the media center that could be checked out by teachers when needed. With an Airliner wireless slate, students and teachers can interact with the SMART Board from anywhere in the classroom. Students can write on the SMART Board from their seats. This product will definitely increase student involvement and motivation. The second item on the list is a document camera. Teachers with SMART Boards can easily project pages from textbooks or documents onto their boards as part of their lectures. Students can use a document camera to project their work during presentations. Through the use of a document camera, students will master the state’s listening, speaking and view standard as they manipulate useful technology.
  2. 2. The media center currently has only one digital camera to be checked out, so purchasing additional cameras will benefit both the students and the teachers greatly. Under the direction of their teachers, Students may check out one of the digital cameras to fulfill standards based classroom requirements. The media center currently has only one digital camcorder, but this recorder does not have a hard drive. Ordering a new cam recorder with a hard drive will allow students and teachers to easily transfer their recorded images to their computers or laptops. SMART Airliner: I spoke with my school’s technology coordinator about ordering a SMART Airliner. Because we’ve ordered SMART Board products in the past from one specific vendor, I decided to use the same vendor for this order. I contacted the vendor and they were gracious enough to send me pricing information and product specifications. Vendors/Pricing Specifications State Contract Pictures Simultaneous Skip Bozeman This product is interaction Account not listed on the Executive - South state contract. Battery-free GA (Dublin) tethered pen Multi Media Services Battery-free 161 Austin Ave wireless mouse Marietta, GA 3 Airliners @ $370.00- Education 30060 Price Bluetooth (478) 251-0660 Total Cost: $1,110.00 adapter www.mmsav.com http://www2.smarttech.com/st/en- Underlay US/Products/AirLiner/ 6" x 8" (15 cm x 20 cm) Electromagnetic surface Programmable buttons
  3. 3. Rechargeabl e lithium polymer battery Saving ability
  4. 4. Document Camera: After researching the various document cameras available, I have decided on the AVerMedia 300 AF+ document camera from AverMedia Technologies. Vendors/Pricing Specifications State Contract Pictures Product reviews indicate that PCNation $594.81 Item is not found the AverMedia 300 AF+ is easier to operate than 3 Day Free Shipping on state contract. comparable brands. Camcor.com Zoom: 8 $599.00 Type: Color-Day & Night No free shipping. Vendor also offers carrying case for $70.05. Mega Pixel Image Sensor 16X Digital Zoom/Pan with Exclusive 2X AVERZOOM SuperDuperClub.com Quantity: 2 Enhancement $588.99 Document Lowest price cameras @ LED Light Module with Ships immediately $594.81 Patented Positioning Lasers No free shipping Total Cost: Built-in memory capture and $1,189.62 store up to 80 JPEG images and PC Cam applications for image capture and video recording via USB connection. Super Fast, up to 24 Frames per Second 5-Year Standard Warranty with 1-Year AVERCPR Product Replacement Program Image capture and storage of up to 80 images Image transfer to a PC via USB PC Cam applications Mirror, Negative to Positive, Rotation and Freeze functions all controlled by the unit panel or the full function remote control. Connect to any LCD / DLP monitor or projector
  5. 5. I am going to order two document cameras from PCNation. Even though they do not offer the cheapest price, their safe and easy to use website was appealing as a buyer. I also liked the fact that they offer free shipping, where the other vendors did not. Potential PCNation buyers can also read customer comments on service and delivery. Camcorder: After researching several brands of camcorders, I chose to purchase the Handycam Camcorder by Sony. It’s durable structure and easy touch features make it the perfect purchase for a school. Vendors/Pricing Specifications State Contract Picture Product reviews B&H Photo-Video-Pro Item is not available on state that consumers can Audio state contract. record video $289.00 directly to DVD or removable media with this easy-to- P. C. Richard & Son | Sony use Handycam DVD-R Camcorder camcorder. 2 @ $279.99 $279.99 Hybrid recording Total Cost: $837.00 J&R.com Built-in zoom mic, $299.00 Quick On button 40x optical zoom 2000x digital zoom 2.7" touch panel After reviewing three different vendors, I chose to order from P.C. Richard&Sons. This vendor sold the product for the least amount of money and offered free shipping to customers buying this item.
  6. 6. Digital Camera: I wanted a camera that was not only priced well but also easy to use and durable. I needed a camera with no learning curve. After looking at several cameras, I chose the Canon PowerShot SX110 IS. At first, I really had my eye on the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H7 camera for its excellent ratings and my preference for Sony products, but I opted for the Canon instead. In the end I chose the Canon camera because it offered a larger LCD screen, more pixels, and better zoom for a cheaper price than the Sony. The Canon camera appealed to my needs because it appeared sturdy and easy to use. In contrast, the Sony looked bulky with so many dials and buttons that could prove difficult for students and teachers to use. Picture Vendors/Pricing Specifications State Contract BUYDIG.COM Item is not $223.00 available on state High-powered,10x optical zoom lens with contract. optical Image Stabilizer Total Cost: Dell Face Detection $233.00 $239.00 Auto Red-Eye Correction Large 3.0” LCD with Buy.com wide viewing angle $245.70 30fps VGA movies with Long Play mode 9.0 Mega pixels I am going to order one camera from BUYDIG.COM because they offer the cheapest price. Their website promises speedy delivery and easy payment.
  7. 7. Final Budget Report Item/Quantity Vendor Price SMART Airliner- 3 Multi Media Services $1,110.00 $370.00 each Document Camera – 2 PCNation $1,189.62 $594.81 Digital Camera- 1 BUYDIG.COM $233.00 $233.00 Camcorder- 2 $279.99 P.C. Richard & Son $837.00 Total: $3,369.62 None of the items on the budget plan were available on the state contract list. Technology Needs Survey
  8. 8. Jennifer Joines Teachers: Please complete the following survey and place it in my box as soon as possible. Thanks again for your input! 1. In what area do you teach? 2. What grade level do you teach? 3. What technology do you currently use in your classroom to promote student success? 4. What technology would you like to see offered in your media center? Technology Needs Survey
  9. 9. Grade Level: ________________________ 1. What technology (cell phones, digital cameras, video games, computer software, ect.) do you use outside of school? 2. Look at your answer to question 1. Pick one example of technology from your answer and explain how it could be used at school to promote student success. 3. What technology do you use most frequently at school? 4. What technology would you like to see offered in your media center?