The future of Hotel


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The future of Hotel

  2. 2. ONE - HYPOTHESIS 1.Basic Accommodations • Back then, hotles provide basic acommodations such as, bed, cupboard, a small table, and a washstand • The industry is now more highly segmented in terms of the variety of accommodation. • As the needs and tastes of the visitor industry in terms of business and social activities have changed, the accommodation sector has adjuswted in terms of the style of hotels, type of hotel rooms, and the products and services provided. 2 3 THE FUTURE OF HOTEL JIN JO & HYUNJI KANG
  3. 3. 2. Customer’s perception • Back then, the hotle lobby was considered to be formal, classic, and rigid. TWO - FORCES • Customer’s perception has changed; away from formality, and atmospheric elements of hotel influences a customer’s impression. • Now many hotels try to improve thier distinctive designs by creating unique and differntiated design of lobby to attract customer’s attention and emotional apeal. 4 5 THE FUTURE OF HOTEL JIN JO & HYUNJI KANG
  4. 4. 1. Millennials 2. Social Media & Mobile • The core customer within the hospitality and travel industries. • Mobile activity has allowed social media to live in real time by allowing users to create updates, tag friends and check in on their mobile devices. • INTERACTION and EXPERIENCE are the major focus of Millennials. • Internet bloggers, Multi-generational travelers all looking for a unique, novel experience • SPEED and PRECISION will be a requirement when it comes to accommodating Millennials, if the service they are seeking is not quick enough, they will turn to Twitter, Facebook, Yelp or TripAdvisor to voice their complaints. • For example, “foodies”; looking for an overall gourmet experience for a reasonable price will cause the industry to revamp their lobby bars, restaurants and food service. 6 7 THE FUTURE OF HOTEL JIN JO & HYUNJI KANG
  5. 5. 3.Online Travel Agency • OTA is a Threat THREE - TRENDS • Rankings (reputation Management) mean business • People don’t want to take so much time to do all the research themselves • TripAdvisor has become the world’s most popular travel website with 34 million unique users each month. 8 9 THE FUTURE OF HOTEL JIN JO & HYUNJI KANG
  6. 6. 21C MUSEUM HOTEL 1. Cheap Chic • The newest concept in the hotel market is the boutique. • Its fundamental attributes are SOPHISTICATED, AUTHENTIC STYLE, and UNIQUENESS. • Concept Hotels provide UNIQUE EXPERIENCES WITH INNOVATED IDEAS. • AFFORDABLE LUXURY is offered in a stylish and sophisticated environment. 2. Higher Tech • The TECHNOLOGY INTERACTION is important. • cloud-based hotel technology is a big thing for optimizing AUTOMATED hotel operations. • cloud technology: cost-effective; saves on electricity; info is accessible from any computer, at any time; and direct, real-time information transfer. • There is more FLUIDITY among different parts of a hotel; the definition of rooms, lobbies, bars, restaurants, and other public spaces are blurring because everything can be handled more loosely and fluidly with technologies. 10 11 THE FUTURE OF HOTEL JIN JO & HYUNJI KANG
  7. 7. 3. Green practices as a new standard 4. Apartel • ‘GREEN HOTEL’ is a new concept. • AirBnb -authentic experience : many travelers nowadays look to not only save money, but to immerse themselves locally while on the road. • “save the Earth” plan on linen and towel change; consumers no longer accept just linen and towel reuse programs as being enough green. • Marriot extended stay - Residence “It’s not a room, It’s a Residence” • consumers expected more from green hotels and required their practices to be even more socioenvironmentally responsible. • Travelers want more privacy and intinacy with local experiences. 12 13 THE FUTURE OF HOTEL JIN JO & HYUNJI KANG
  8. 8. KEY INSIGHTS FOUR - INSIGHTS 14 THE FUTURE OF HOTEL • WOW CUSTOMER SERVICE: Service consists of four levels: basic, expected, desired and WOW. WOW Service is the only way to ensure repeat business. By creating an IMPRESSIVE, UNIQUE GUEST EXPERIENCE that exceeds all expectations, it is the way to be able to capture the customer. • Modern luxury is more about EXCLUSIVITY: people no longer travel to lock themselves away from the world but, rather, to participate in it. • COMMUNITY BUILDING: Hotels become more seamless with the surrounding area. the hotel itself becomes a community. It is important to consider that the influence of “OPENNESS” as one of the personality traits on customer’s impression in Boutique 15 hotels. JIN JO & HYUNJI KANG
  9. 9. TREND OPPORTUNITY • PERSONALIZED ROOM: personalized temperature, favorite artwork decoration in room, requested offerings OUR CLIENT - 21C Museum Hotels - The public space dedicated to being a gallery focused on showcasting contemporary art - A game-changer; not only for the role of art in hotels, but also the role of a hotel within a community -make a difference sharing art and drive commerce with art -blending fine art with upscale hotels • RENEWED FOCUS ON PROPERTY WEBSITES: the hotel’s own website needs to become the most important avenue for bookings to gain the highest revenues. This means that hotel websites will need to create incentives through booking with them directly rather than via the OTAs. Fresh content, consistent updates of promotions and rich media will draw in the guests. • REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: being able to manage your businesses reputation will determine success or failure. -bring art to life or life to art 16 17 THE FUTURE OF HOTEL JIN JO & HYUNJI KANG