Downloading ebooks at Brooks Memorial Library


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Presentation on how to download eBooks at Brooks Memorial Library through the Green Mountain Library Consorium using Overdrive.

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Downloading ebooks at Brooks Memorial Library

  1. 1. Welcome to the World of eBooks and eReaders Ready or Not… Here They Come
  2. 3. Books by the Numbers 2010 3,082,740: Total number of titles produced in 2010 2,766,260: Number of nontraditional titles produced in 2010 316,480: Number of traditional titles produced in 2010 169: Percentage increase in nontraditional output in 2010 5: Percentage increase in traditional output in 2010 51: Percentage increase in computer book output in 2010 29: Percentage decline in literature title output in 2010 47,392: Number of fiction books produced in 2010 48,738: Number of fiction books produced in 2009 32,638: Number of juvenile titles produced in 2010 33,028: Number of juvenile titles produced in 2009 1,461,918: Number of titles produced by the print-on-demand company BiblioBazaar 744,376: Number of titles produced by the print-on-demand company General Books
  3. 4. E-book Sales Up 169.4% YTD as Other Trade Segments Fall, PW, Feb 16, 2011 $443 Million; other trade segments fell by as much as 25%!! Print Units Drop 10% In First Half of 2011 Adult fiction, mass market paperback hardest hit
  4. 5. eBook Sales by Category 2011 Units vs Revenue (Publishers Weekly June 20, 2011)
  5. 6. Print vs Digital Reading habits 1% only read eBooks 40% only read print 33% read both 43% will own an eReader or tablet in 2011 (Codex Group's "Book Publishing Digital Transition Report: 1st Quarter 2011“ conducted among 9,175 book buyers in February)
  6. 7. eBook Readers Device Projections by 2015 160 million desktops 150 million laptops 120 million smartphones 25 million dedicated eReaders (Publishers Weekly, June 21, 2010) Checkout the handout on eReaders Amazon to Allow Library Lending of Kindle Books through Overdrive!!
  7. 8. Where do public libraries fit Mission Grow the number of book lovers and knowledge lovers in the general population regardless of format.
  8. 9. How are Libraries Responding? Hennepin County (Minneapolis) Public Library System $35,000—eBook expenditures 2010 $350,000—eBook expenditures 2011
  9. 10. … And in Vermont we have… Green Mountain Library Consortium >Began has a consortium for downloading audio books >AKA, “ListenUp Vermont” >Has expanded into advantageous pricing for databases & eBooks >Contracts with Overdrive, a vendor of eAudio and eBooks
  10. 11. How to Download a book from Overdrive Go to your library’s link to Overdrive Digital Media at Brooks Memorial Library Check out the following links: Overdrive Quick Start Guide Use Overdrive’s My Help feature My Help at Overdrive Download free software on your computer Download Adobe Digital Editions Download free software to your mobile device Download Overdrive Media Console 2
  11. 12. eBook User’s Bill of Rights eBook User’s Bill of Rights
  12. 13. Questions?