JJ O'Brien - Portfolio of Creative Work


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An overview of some recent creative work I have completed

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JJ O'Brien - Portfolio of Creative Work

  1. 1. The CoA
 Mixed-Use Entertainment Venue
 (2011)"Seeing a need to combine technology, art and entertainment in a more permanentinstallation, I came up with the concept of the CoA – a mixed use entertainmentvenue for the Mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco. Plans included a “videocube” completely covered on all four sides with LED paneling at the center of thespace, a rooftop sculpture garden/bar/ performance space, two restaurants, aspeakeasy club and rehearsal space for local theater and dance groups. Over thecourse of several months I worked with the mayor’s office, a local architect, andvarious partners in the hospitality and entertainment space to investigate theviability of the project. I secured funding commitments from a diverse teamincluding nightlife and tech entrepreneurs, and we worked towards a bid for theproperty. Although the project at that particular location fell through when acompeting bid from local business owners was accepted, we are continuing toexplore ways to carry my vision at other sites in San Francisco. You can view theentire prospectus at bit.ly/thecoa"
  2. 2. Setting Controls for the Heart of the Sun 
 (2011)"For a New Year’s Eve party I hosted at my San Francisco home I decided to paytribute to one of my most significant musical events of 2011, LCD Soundsystem’sfinal shows in New York City. Knowing frontman James Murphy’s affinity for vinyl, Idecided to head to a local record shop and recycle a bunch of sleeveless andscratched records that were going to be thrown away. Adding a little bit of spraypaint and a couple of black lights, the room was transformed into an art piece whichboth sparked ample conversations among the roughly 300 people in attendanceand served as an excellent location for late night revelry. You can view morepictures of the permanent installation at bit.ly/lcdart"
  3. 3. Glowman Dance
 GSB Show 
 2011"For the annual GSB Show at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Iworked with the show producers to bring my love of wearable lightingtechnology to a group who had never experienced a lot of technology-based art. Using EL-wire stick figure suits, we created an experiencethat wowed the audience and was the most talked about piece of the 2.5hour show. The dance not only highlighted the talent of the remarkabledancers at the school, but also provided a drastically different visualexperience to the rest of the show. You can check out the full-lengthvideo at bit.ly/gsbglow"
  4. 4. Various Costume Projects" 2011"Inspired by the costuming process for 2010’s Burning Man, I took the opportunity in 2011 to experiment withvarious costumes for numerous events I attended.
"Needing to more easily find a group of 20 at this year’s Coachella festival, I created tie-dye overall cut-offs formy friends and which we illuminated with strings of EL wire. The tie dye made smaller groups of people morevisible during the day and the EL wires illuminated us at night, even allowing friends to find us just in time for theorb drop during Arcade Fire’s Wake Up by using the our image on the Jumbotron to find our location. 
"For The Rapture’s show in San Francisco, I created a sequined suit that resembled a disco ball. After being anincredible hit at this show, I expanded the concept for Halloween, covering a motorcycle helmet with mirroredtiles to create a wearable disco ball. I also created similar costumes for friends, creating a traveling group ofdisco balls the illuminated every dance floor we visited that evening. "
When My Morning Jacket came to San Francisco in early December, I decided to play homage to the band bycreating a costume that combined the band’s bear mascot with their album logo for Circuital. Using EL wire Icreated a copy of the green image, that when put under the hood of my bear hoodie, mimicked with an eerieglow the cover of the album. I knew I had nailed this form of artistic expression when at the Soundcheck party,the first words out of Jim James’ lips were “We spent the day touring the DeYoung museum and Region ofHorror (Legion of Honor) and saw a lot of beautiful things there. But nothing is as beautiful as that (pointing tomy bear costume)”."