Search engine optimization part2 - content


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Search engine optimization part2 - content

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization – part2: Content Content is King! When it comes to search engine optimization, having high quality unique content is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Not only will it benefit your website’s overall performance but also will showcase professionalism and provide valuable information to your visitors. Latest studies suggest that Google top 10 websites have on average 943 word per page while Yahoo’s average words per page is 1305 ( This illustrate why businesses operating high performing websites consider rich and targeted content one of their top SEO priority (along with linking building, which we will discuss next week). This brings us to this conclusion: “The richer your content, the higher your chances to improve your ranking on the search engines.” Remember that your web copy has to be unique on every page. You might have some of your products that are really similar and think it’s ok to duplicate the content. Or perhaps your competitor (who is already ranking high on Google) has some great content that would fit nicely on your website. Either way, this would only hinder your changes to achieve your goals and could potentially damage your reputation with your clients. It would be hard to highlight all the good reasons why quality content is crucial on one single article, so here are the top two: Engage your visitors You have probably heard this before, however we cannot stress this more. Great content is a vehicle for customer engagement. Whether you are running a blog (Allow blog comments and feedback!), starting your social media campaign (Listen twice as more as you speak and add value to everything you write about) or looking to increase your website ranking, keep your readers/clients entertained, informed and at the center of your copy. By following this simple rule, you guarantee yourself great customer interaction, which will ultimately benefit your overall SEO results. To read more about copywriting, you can visit ExcessVoice or CopyBlogger. Both websites have great articles, tip and resources for online copywriting and website content writing. You can also search for local workshops or if your budget allows it, hire a professional writer. Get Quality Links Inbound links are one of the most influential factors in search engine results and high ranking. This is particularly true when these links come from trusted and established websites. These are usually referred as authoritative domains, and Google or Yahoo will rank your pages really high if these domains link to your website. © 2009-2010 Loic Jeanjean, on behalf of
  2. 2. How do you get these websites to link to your pages? By making sure your content is engaging enough that your visitors feel it could be of value to others. Social media sites such as Digg,, Reddit, Stumbleupon allow your audience to bookmark your pages, share them among their friends or submit experts to aggregator sites. These websites will syndicate your content and make it available to massive pool of readers. What are the results? Your visitors are working for you, contributing to the optimization of your website and the increase of your products and services exposure. Once again, I truly hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, next week I will talk about inbound links. See you next time. Loic Jeanjean Online Marketing Strategist Advisor Websites © 2009-2010 Loic Jeanjean, on behalf of