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Presentation for financial advisors about social media, web marketing, analytics, email marketing and other tools and techniques to increase ones web presence.

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  • i.e: educational, time saving …this is usually the case for most pieces of content: image, text, video, graphs …even if you don’t, let the owner know that you are using his contentif so, submit a request once you have received the 3rd party approval – email sufficethis is particularly true for government forms i.e: tax form, immigration
  • Visitors:should give you an idea of how many different individuals visited your website. The more the better.Page Views:how many pages of content have been viewed by your visitors. Higher page views may indicate the level of interaction your visitors have with your website. Ultimately you want them to end up on a goal page like your contact page or any form that can be filled out.Top Pages:gives you an idea of which pages on your site are the most popular. For many advisor websites we have found that the most popular pages include biography pages (many consumers will now do on-line research about the product or service they are about to buy)Time on site: give you an idea of your customer engagement with you site. How long they stay on the site.Search term:the terms your visitors are using in search engines such as Google or Yahoo to get to your site (better know as keywords)Referring sites:indicate which sites are linking to your website and how much traffic they bring . Common referring sites include Search Engines (like Google and Yahoo), Social Networking sites (like LinkedIn.com and Facebook.com), Client sites, Directories etc.
  • Google Sitemaps help Googlebot quickly find new content on your Web site. They allow you to tell Google what’s important, what’s new and what changes often. The tools provided to Webmasters through the program can play a vital role in helping you understand how the search engines (especially Google) view your Web site.
  • LoicWe can see that E-mail marketing is still the preferred way to communicate with existing clients along with Face-to-face events. However social media is growing strong since 2009 where it was in 5th place.
  • You should add your website address to your email signature and make it stand out by increasing the font size. You may also want to include a call to action.
  • Blogging provides valuable opportunities to connect with clients, attract prospects and grow your business online. It’s a fantastic way to differentiate yourself!! Blog allows you to let your clients know more about you and your products before they decide to make a buying decision.
  • A subject line can make or destroy entire e-mail marketing campaigns. Personalized subject lines arouse a sense of curiosity among recipients and improve the E-mail open rate.Sending segmented messages helps you to communicate directly with a specific group of your target audience and allows you to increase your ROI and conversion rate.If most of your target audience has 9-5 job then you may want to send e-mails during the lunch timings as they can check their personal e-mails at that time.Biggest reason subscriber opt-out from e-mail lists is irrelevant content. Your e-mail content should be about them, about their problems, about their benefits and Not about you or how great your products and services are. Avoid spammy phrases (Click here, Once in a lifetime opp), using all caps, using the word ‘test’ in the subject line, coding sloppy html, suing too many exclamations points…Sending promotional e-mails frequently to your subscribers can make them frustrated and get you marked as spammer. If you have 500 e-mails in your list. Divide them into three groups of 100,100 and 300. Send e-mail A to first group and e-mail B to second group. Find out the winning e-mail that gets more clicks and sales and send it to the third group
  • LoicLinkedIn remains the favorite social networking platform for advisors. It is THE social site for professionals. We can also notice that Twitter is emerging as the fastest growing site in the group and has already taken the 2nd spot right in front of Facebook, despite its 500 million users!!!
  • Now that was a huge number, wasn’t it?Well here is what the average LinkedIn professional looks like <CLICK> That tells us that your target market is out in the open, ready to be engagedReplace male by decision maker and portoflio over 250k
  • Do I need a Company page?When customers are shopping around for a financial service, they’ll likely search for your website and social media profiles. If their decision is time-sensitive, having a professional and informational site can make all the difference in their selection process.
  • Learn to maximize your advisor website

    1. 1. House Keeping<br />Please dial +1-416-900-1162 and enter your access code + audio pin<br />Or use your speakers/headset to prevent long distance charges<br />All attendees are on listen-only mode<br />If you have any questions, please use the ‘Questions’ window on the right end side of your screen<br />The slides for this presentation will be emailed to you by end of day today<br />
    2. 2. MAXIMIZE YOUR<br />ONLINE PRESENCE<br />Presented by<br />Loic Jeanjean – Director, Web Marketing<br />www.advisorwebsites.com<br />
    3. 3. Advisor Websites is North America’s leading provider of websites designed specifically for financial services professionals. It works closely with advisors and financial institutions to deliver efficient; compliant and high quality products.<br />LOIC JEANJEAN<br />Director, Web Marketing<br /> loic@advisorwebsites.com<br /> jjloic<br />advisorwebsites<br />
    4. 4. AGENDA<br />Customize your website<br />Market your website<br />7 best practices for email marketing<br />Use social media<br />5 tips to build trust online<br />Questions & Answers<br />
    5. 5. Quick tour of sample website<br />Website layout – allows for a professional and trustworthy look and feel<br />Products page – list all the products you can sell<br />Prominent buttons – generate call-to-action<br />Tell a friend page – generate leads and referrals<br />Contact page – map your office and provide contact information<br />Analytics – displays quarterly statistics<br />
    7. 7. Adding Content<br />Having fresh, engaging content is key for the success of your website<br />You can add text, pictures, pdfs, videos and many other type of documents on your site<br />Make sure you get authorization from your compliance department to post content<br />Remember that FINRA requires you to keep a history of all revisions<br />
    8. 8. Adding photos<br />Based on our experiences, advisors with a picture on their site have more chance to convert traffic into prospects or clients!!<br />
    9. 9. Adding links and resources<br />Will the content be valuable to your customer?<br />Is the material copyrighted?<br />Do you require 3rd party approval from the content owner?<br />Do you require approval from your compliance department?<br /> Will the content change over time?It is recommended to link directly to the original site rather then hosting forms and/or content on your site.<br />
    10. 10. Adding Google Analytics<br />Google analytics provides you with a very good idea of how your visitors are using your website, how many visitors you are getting  and ultimately you can determine whether you are generating good exposure and value from your web presence or if there is room for improvement.<br />Free to signup: www.google.com/analytics/<br />
    11. 11. Google Analytics DEMO<br />Unique Visitors<br /> Amount of Pages viewed<br />Top Pages viewed<br /> Time on site<br />Search term<br /> Referring sites<br />
    12. 12. Adding Google Sitemaps<br />Sitemaps provide you with a way to tell Google valuable information about your Web site.<br />Use Sitemaps to learn what Google thinks about your Web site.<br />Free to signup: www.google.com/webmasters/tools/<br />
    14. 14. Most Effective Marketing Techniques for Financial Advisors<br />What, in your opinion, is the most effective way to communicate with clients?<br />
    15. 15. Add your website to your emails<br />Sample call to actions include:<br />Please visit my new brand new website at www.johndoe.com<br />A referral is one of the biggest compliments a client can give me. You can now send a referral through my website at www.johndoe.com/tell <br />Check out my latest newsletter at www.johndoe.com/newsletter<br />My website contains some very useful resources, please feel free to review these resources at www.johndoe.com/resources<br />
    16. 16. Should you blog?<br />Blogging establishes you as an expert in your field.<br />Blogging moves your site up in the search engines if you update your site regularly.<br />Blogging gives you an easy way to interact with customers and potential customers.<br />Blogging is a great way to give more value to your customers.<br />
    17. 17. Touch base with your clients<br />What to communicate:<br />Quarterly Newsletter<br />Performance and held away asset reports<br />Live Events<br />Industry News<br />New Services<br />Community News<br />Tips and Tricks<br />Surveys<br />
    19. 19. 7 best practices<br />Use personalized subject lines<br />Segment messages<br />Take care of timing<br />Use relevant content<br />Understand how spam filters work<br />Avoid sending frequent e-mails<br />Test, test and test<br />
    21. 21. Social Media IN 2011<br />The percentage of Financial Professionals with<br />a social media profile is growing:<br />
    22. 22. Social Media Effectiveness<br />Which social networking websites are you using?<br />
    23. 23. THE LINKEDIN PROFESSIONAL AT A GLANCE<br />Average Age<br />41<br />Household Income<br />$109,703<br />College Educated<br />95%<br />Decision Makers<br />50%<br />Portfolio value $250k+<br />24%<br />
    24. 24. NUMBER OF PEOPLE JOINING LINKEDIN DAILY<br />67,000+<br />NUMBER OF MEMBERS IN THE US<br />44.7million<br />NUMBER OF PEOPLE SEARCHES IN 2010<br />2+billion<br />
    25. 25. LINKEDIN DEMONSTRATION<br />Dashboard overview<br />Complete your profile<br />How to connect<br />How to prospect<br />Join groups<br />Ask for recommendations<br />
    26. 26. DASHBOARD<br />The dashboard lists all the activities in your network:<br />Status updates, Recommendations, New connections etc.<br />
    27. 27. SEO YOUR PROFILE<br />Your profile should be 100% complete. Include relevant keywords in your LinkedIn profile. Link your website, blog and list any awards/professional recognition.<br />
    28. 28. ADD SKILLS AND CERTIFICATIONS<br />List your skills, areas of expertise, and proficiencies on your profile with the Skills section. Add all the certifications, licensure and clearances you have attained.<br />
    29. 29. PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW<br />From the dashboard you can view a small list of people that are connected to some of your contacts. Really useful if you want to find new connections quickly<br />
    30. 30. SEARCH FOR OPPORTUNITIES<br />You can use your connections list to look into their own contacts and ask to be introduced to potential leads, prospects or business partners.<br />
    31. 31. JOIN 5 GROUPS OF INTEREST<br /><ul><li> Financial planning associations, industry groups etc.
    32. 32. If your target audience is dentists, find a specific group for dentists and join this group</li></li></ul><li>CREATE A COMPANY PAGE<br /><ul><li>You can include Products, Services, Careers and Analytics</li></li></ul><li>RECOMMENDATIONS<br />US Advisors:<br />Check with your Broker/Dealer before using LinkedIn Recommendations<br />Request recommendations from 5-10 of your best clients & contacts. Feel free to provide recommendations for your top service providers<br />
    33. 33. REMEMBER<br />STATUS UPDATES<br />What you’re working on, share links …<br />INVITE CONTACTS<br />Keep adding connections on a regular basis<br />CROSS LINK<br />Link your profile to other social media sites<br />JOIN 5 GROUPS<br />3 professional groups & 2 target client groups<br />
    34. 34. 830,000+PEOPLE JOIN FACEBOOK EVERY SINGLE DAY<br />2009 POPULATION OF SAN FRANCISCO<br />815,358<br />
    35. 35. Facebook for ADVISORS<br />Over 146 million USE Facebook in the US<br />48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook right when they wake up<br />35+ demographic represents 30%+ of user base<br />Look at Facebook as a way to:<br />Connect with your clients<br />Share information<br />Join groups and give value<br />Speak to your audience directly<br />
    36. 36. WHAT TO GET OUT OF FACEBOOK<br />Boost online presence<br />Referrals<br />Increase in brand awareness<br />Appears as a transparent practitioner<br />Platform to syndicate your content to millions of potential clients<br />Develop strong relationships with clients<br />
    37. 37. Twitter for ADVISORS<br />Twitter receives over 40 million monthly visits<br />Chances are that your target market is there<br />Look at Twitter as a way to<br />Build and retain customers<br />Share information<br />Update your clients<br />Speak to your audience directly<br />Drive traffic to your website<br />
    38. 38. WHAT TO PUBLISH ON TWITTER<br />Article or blog posts<br />Other people content<br />Tips and Tricks<br />Videos<br />Photos<br />Upcoming events<br />Community news<br />Presentations<br />News and views on the market<br />
    39. 39. Slideshare for advisors<br />More than 30,000 slideshows are being uploaded each week on Slideshare.net. Here is why:<br />Online version of presentation (reduce attachments size)<br />Promote your ideas (link presentations to social networks)<br />Build online connections and be found by others<br />Link back to your website for further reading<br />Publicize your presentations<br />
    40. 40. how does that help your business?<br />50%<br />PEOPLE WHO ARE MORE LIKELY TO BUY IF ENGAGED VIA SOCIAL SITES<br />You need to live where they live online <br />
    41. 41. Case Study: SIMON REILLY<br />Monthly e-newsletter readership: 1,500-2,000<br /> Huge spike of traffic 1-2 days after email blast<br />On social networking sites since 2004<br /><ul><li>Invited to speak at major conferences/tradeshows
    42. 42. Interviewed by the Investment Executive
    43. 43. Published 1st book</li></li></ul><li>STAY<br />COMPLIANT<br />
    44. 44. FINRA Regulatory Notice 10-06:Guidelines for Social Networks<br />Regulation<br />Social Network and Web 2.0 Impact<br />
    45. 45. Use Actiance to stay on top of FINRA Regulations<br />
    46. 46. Use Arkovi to archive all your Social Media activities<br />If you are an RIA, you need to archive all your social media history<br />You can use ARKOVI:<br /><ul><li>Comply with FINRA and SEC regulations for record keeping of electronic communications
    47. 47. Archive blogs & other social media sites via RSS
    48. 48. Archive Facebook & LinkedIn profiles
    49. 49. Interact, search & export archives</li></ul>Advisor Websites clients receive 15 days free and 10% off<br />
    50. 50. Archiving Social Media<br />If you are an advisor in the USA, you need to archive all your social media history<br />You can use ARKOVI:<br />Comply with FINRA and SEC regulations for record keeping of electronic communications<br />Archive blogs & other social media sites via RSS<br />Archive Facebook & LinkedIn profiles<br />Interact, search & export archives <br />
    51. 51. 5 TIPS TO BUILD<br />TRUST ONLINE<br />
    53. 53. CONNECT WITH ME ON LINKEDIN<br />http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeanjeanloic<br />If you enjoyed this presentation, please<br />recommend me on<br />
    54. 54. EXCLUSIVE<br />$65instead of $89<br />NO SETUP FEES. NO CONTRACTS<br />Enter Code: WEBINAR<br />Signup at www.advisorwebsites.com<br />per month<br />Call<br />TODAY<br />1-866-500-4113<br />