Dante's Inferno Summary


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Here's a summary of each level of Dante's Hell /Inferno. Use it well for the diorama 8D.

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Dante's Inferno Summary

  1. 1. HILL THE ABYSS (GerJoli) Flulteren SimOi~I".s.IS SooJint1 ers Thiel"ef Sau-er: hf Uisr:ord Hell . /
  2. 2. Circle I (Limbo) Not tortured, but not in heaven (virtuous pagans, unbaptized)Circle II (Lustful) WhirlwindCircle III (Gluttonous) . I , . Trapped in putrid soil , ", .Circle IV (Avariclous and Prodigal) (joint punishment) each of the two .., i:! groups completes a semicircle as . ~, they roll their weights at each other . ,Circle V (Wrathful and Slothful) (wrathful) Tied up to their waists in the muddy ground and constantly tear and mangle each other (slothful) the bubbles on the muddy surface indicate their presence beneathCircle VI (Heretics) entombment of their living souls
  3. 3. Circle VII (Violence) Outer Ring - violent against people/property They are drowned in their victims blood. Middle Ring - violent against self (suicides) The sinners are stuck as dead, black, lifeless trees. The only way they can speak is through pain, like getting a branch torn off. Inner Ring - violent against God and nature All are punished in a desert of unbearable heat where fire rains (blasphemers, usurers and homosexuals) from the sky.Circle VIII (Malegol~) 1. panderers and seducers 6. hypocrites 2. flatterers 7. thieves 3. simon ists 8. deceivers 4. false prophets 9. sowers of discord 5. grafters 10. falsifiers
  4. 4. Circle 81. Panderers (indulging in immoral desire) and seducers - They are whipped by devils who lash at them with "crueldelight", suggesting the devils gain sexual pleasure by inflicting pain.2. FlatterersThey are sunk in their own excrement. Their excrement symbolizeswhat they excreted in life. Since they were full of it, they have to besunk in it.3. Simonists - They are people who would sell church offices andsacraments for their own good. - They are stuck in wells and set on fire.4. Sorcerers/False prophets - Their heads are twisted backwards.
  5. 5. 5. Grafters - They are immersed in boiling tar. Their dealings in lifeunder handed, now must stay under the tar. Their crimes stick tothem just like the tar blackened their reputation.6. Hypocrites - They are crushed under lead cloaks. They appear to begolden on the outside but inside they are corrupt.7. Thieves - They are turned into lizards and undergo endlessmetamorphosis because they cant distinguish whats "mine" andwhats "yours" after all the transitions.8. Deceivers - They are concealed by fire. They robbed others of integritywhen they urged them to practice deceit.
  6. 6. Circle IX (Treason) 1. Caina - traitors to the kindred Sinners are stuck in ice up to their necks, necks are able to move, heads are allowed to bow. 2. Antenora - traitors to political entities Sinners are stuck in ice up to their necks however they cannot move their necks. Sinners are immediately descended to3. Ptolomea - traitors to friends/guests hell and then their bodies are run by demons. These sinners are stuck in the ice, so only half of their faces show and there tears freeze their eyes shut. The souls are completely covered in 4. Judecca - traitors to lords and masters ice and are stuck in positions, they cannot move or speak.
  7. 7. 9. Sowers of Discord - They are hacked apart by the devil with a sword.10. Falsifiers - They suffer from diseases. Their physical rottennesssymbolizes their corrupt souls.