SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-Group 49ers


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SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-Group 49ers: Project Task 1

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SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-Group 49ers

  2. 2. TOOLS FOR CONSIDERATION  Project Mangement  Tool Researched : Freedcamp  Market Leader: Basecamp, Teambox  Group Communication  Tools Researched: Group Me and SocialCast  Market Leaders: Chatter, Yammer, Skype  File Sharing & Editing  Tool Researched: Google Drive  Market Leaders: Google Drive, Box.com, Dropbox  Virtual Meetings & Live Discussion  Tool Researched: Moxtra  Market Leaders: AnyMeeting, WebEx, GoToMeeting
  3. 3. FEATURES THAT WE WANT  Free!!!!  Virtual Meetings  Great for when it is not possible for group members to meet in person  Group messaging (instant, discussion threads, forums, etc)  Easy way to keep in regular contact with group members which is important for keeping everyone on the same page  File sharing  Especially important when turning in a collaborative documents  Notifications  So that you know when someone posts a message, uploads a document, etc.  Easily Accessible  Every user can understand it without needing to read a “How To” guide  Mobile Tools  So you can contribute to group projects on the go, anywhere, anytime  Quick feedback allows group members to work more efficiently because there is less lag time  Clean and Simple Design  Least amount of Ads as possible  Ads can be very distracting in the project/workplace environment  Personalized Settings  Each person can change the way they are notified, have a different interface or dashboard than others, etc.  Manageable Security Settings  Those we want to see the information can, and those that we do not cannot see it.
  4. 4. FREEDCAMP PROs • Can set task/milestone deadlines & assign to individual group members • Great options for time management and planning • Can upload different versions of a file and is easy to see who did edits • Customizable notifications • Text and/or email • Email notifications specify what was posted and by whom • Frequency • Updates on upcoming task deadlines • Design • Clean, minimal, professional and easy to navigate • Set profile pictures Features: Project Management resource includes discussion wall, forum, file sharing, create tasks & milestones (a free alternative to Basecamp PM tool) • No mobile app • No web conferencing • Text notifications only include limited information, you have to login to see what was posted. • You have to go through Dashboard before you go into your project CONs
  5. 5. GROUPME Features: Group messaging system PROs • Easy and quick to send updates and receive feedback • Mobile AND web browser app • Great to access anywhere, anytime • Manage multiple group conversations at the same time • Fairly easy to use and fast set up • Profile picture enlarges when clicked on • Conference call on demand feature • Clear and customizable notifications • Ability to split checks if out with group • You can receive and send messages via SMS text OR through the GroupMe app • Need to login to app before you can stop the SMS text messages • No video conferencing or voice calls • Recent update has some occasional timing delays • Message/data rates apply if using SMS option • When you haven't adjusted settings the messages show up in GroupMe app AND in SMS feeds which is redundant CONs
  6. 6. Features: Online file sharing and online editing • Easy collaboration for documents • Clean interface • Uploading files: • Easy upload and editing • Accepts .doc, .ppt, .xls, images and videos • 15BG of free storage • Established application, most people are familiar with GoogleDocs CONs • Limited editing tools • No ability to see who made edits nor what they were • No mobile app • No real time feedback when editing PROs GOOGLE DRIVE
  7. 7. PROs • Mobile App and web browser app • Live virtual meetings/presentations • Screen share option • Drawing on images that can be posted which is useful for diagrams and such • Real time updates • Text communication as well as voice chat • Recording option • Upload files during presentation • Quick sign up and start up MOXTRA CONs Features: Static discussion forum, host live virtual meetings/presentation • Only meeting leader can upload pictures • Cannot schedule future virtual meetings • More of a presentation tool rather than project management tool • Sometimes freezes • Everyone has to be logged in at the same time all the time
  8. 8. SOCIAL CAST PROs Features: Discussion Wall, file share, • Only people in same ‘company’ can log on to the group which is good for security • Works like Facebook • Can see what each team member is working on • Task timeline • Easy to use • Can manage multiple projects and invite specific people to them CONs • LOTS of problems logging in and finding our group • Only admins can invite people to the group who do not have a “company” email address • No conference calls • Email notifications are not clear where they are coming from
  9. 9. GroupMe  We will use this tool for majority of communication because we can easily respond and get feedback no matter where we are Freedcamp  We will utilize all Freedcamp’s features especially discussion boards and the file sharing/storing ability. Moxtra  We will only use the virtual meeting feature WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!
  10. 10. REFERENCES  GroupMe  https://groupme.com/  Freedcamp  https://freedcamp.com/  Moxtra  http://www.moxtra.com/  GoogleDocs  https://drive.google.com/  Social Cast  http://www.socialcast.com/  Misc Research:  http://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/2012/02/0 6/four-best-web-collaboration-tools/  http://www.techradar.com/us/news/internet/best- cloud-storage-dropbox-vs-skydrive-vs-google- drive-vs-icloud-1120024  http://www.benkard.com/blog/webinar-tools- state-market