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Hipaa training
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  • 1. HIPAA Training J Green Ashford University MHA690: Healthcare Capstone
  • 2. What is HIPAA  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act  HIPAA Privacy Rules - provides protection for private patient information  HIPAA Security Rules - standardizes specifics security safeguards to assure confidentiality for electronic health information
  • 3. Who needs HIPAA  Regulations apply to all covered entities  Covered entities 1. Health plans 2. Health care clearinghouses 3. Health care providers
  • 4. Who needs HIPAA  Covered 1. 2. 3. entities must Let people know how their health information will be used Provide patient access to their own information Put up safety blocks to protect confidentiality
  • 5. HIPAA Regulations  Regulations protect all medical and billing records  Regulations protect all patient data (electronic, paper, spoken)  Regulations protect all personal health information (PHI)
  • 6. Protected Health Information  PHI is any information that can be connected to a patient  PHI includes information in any form  PHI can be used without permission for treatment, payment, or health care operations  PHI should only be used to do your job
  • 7. Use and Disclosure – PHI can be used and disclosed for treatment, payment, and health care operations Minimum Necessary – PHI use and disclosure is limited to what is needed to perform a task Breaches - Wrongful Disclosure or unintentional violations. Both are violations of HIPAA and can result in jail time or fines
  • 8. Training  Includes all employees, physicians, volunteers, interns, and students  Occurs annually
  • 9. Privacy Officer  Responsible for policy implementation and compliance  Responsible for official complaints  Contact privacy official at ext: 12345
  • 10. References  HIPAA security rule and compliance. Retrieved from http://www.hipaaguidelines101.com/hipp a-security.htm  Health information privacy. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/index.ht ml