Pro Courier Literature Packet


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Pro Courier Literature Packet

  1. 1. V I TA L S TAT I S T I C S Year Founded 1991 Type of Business California Corporation Principals Robert Faulkner & Terry Tomich Office Locations Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego , Ontario Employees Company Wide 500 Industry Ranking 1 Licensed L.A. City Business License #294415-92 MTR #80600 L.A. Co. Process Servers #3015 Insurance Coverage $5,000,000 General Liability Coverage $1,000,000 Errors and Omissions # 382-99 Unit 0000459-01/01/00 W orkers Compensation Policy $1,000,000 per Occurance Bonds Process Servers, Photocopiers and Messengers Banking References Bank of America Grand Avenue/Los Angeles Office Comerica Bank /Long Beach Office Trade References CAPPS California Association of Photocopiers and Process Servers NAPPS National Association of Professional Process Servers CDA California Delivery Association MCAA Messenger Courier Association of the Americas Client References US Bank. Comerica Bank. Network Global Logistics. City National Bank. KPMG Peat Marwick. Deloitte & Touche. Ernst & Young. C.H. Robinson Worldwide. Ist American Title. UPS Express Critical. Commerce Escro w. Chicago Title. Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton. Sedgewick, Detert, Moran & Arnold Girardi & Keese. Danning Gill. Chapman, Bird & Gray. LA Department of Water & Power Federal I.D. Number 95-4305481 L O S A N G E L E S 1706 S o u t h F i g u e r o a S t r e e t , L o s A n g e l e s , C A 9 0 0 1 5 T E L : ( 2 1 3 ) 4 8 1 - 8 1 0 0 FA X : ( 2 1 3 ) 4 8 1 - 8 2 9 9 O R A N G E C O U N T Y S A N D I E G O C O U N T Y 17921 Sky Park Circle, Ste C, IRVINE 92614 9484 Chesapeake Dr. Ste #813, San Diego, CA 92123 T E L : ( 9 4 9 ) 2 5 1 - 1 7 7 7 FA X : ( 9 4 9 ) 9 5 5 - 2 3 5 7 TEL: (858) 874-0710 FAX: (858) 874-0705 O N - L I N E @ h t t p : / / w w w. p r o c o u r i e r. c o m T O L L F R E E : ( a l l o f f i c e s ) ( 8 0 0 ) 8 3 4 - 7 5 7 9
  2. 2. Company Profile Does being one of the largest best? We don’t think size has anything to do with it. In mean being the blend of complimentary services that allows us to truly perform the requests of fact, we believe being the best has to do with our clients. one thing. Customer satisfaction. We attribute We understand that service failures can our success to this. Building the strongest cus- mean much more than just a disruption to the flow of business. That’s why we are tomer loyalty in the industry by building trust continually capitalizing on opportunities and confidence in our capabilities. for innovation by researching and develop- ing new applications for advanced commu- P roCourier provides same-day document and nication. Mobile data, electronic invoicing and proprietary small package delivery services via ground and air software that includes interactive Internet and secured digital transportation to 500 of the largest and most web environments, are all features we are creating to provide respected Financial, Law, Accounting and Real our clients with the seamless relay of real-time information. Estate firms in Southern California. Our business Information that empowers our clients with the tools they is based on personal service at the local level. Providing not need to conduct their business with confidence. only the most timely, responsive and cost-effective services We like to think of our services as an investment in our available but also the facilities, communications systems and client’s infrastructure. Conducting ourselves professionally personnel needed achieve precise results 24 hours a day, 365 and with the same high standards, we aim to be the represen- days a year. tative extension of each and every one of our client’s busi- ProCourier is a highly diversified outsourcing solutions nesses. Adapting to their needs. Exceeding their expecta- provider representing a unique combination of service capa- tions. It is this professionalism and responsiveness that has bilities that include special messenger, scheduled delivery, air earned us our reputation. At ProCourier, we believe being courier and attorney services including court research and fil- the best in our industry means ensuring our clients success. It ing services, service of process, and investigation. It is this means, doing what we do best. ProCourier C
  3. 3. Customer Service relax we want youto And to focus on your business. On servicing ProCourier’s Customer Service department was created to do exactly this. To ensure your clients. To forget about the details. About peace of mind by providing comprehensive everything being completed on time. Precisely client account management from Customer the way you wanted it. Exactly the way you Service Representatives to Sales Account Managers and On-site Facilities Managers. would do it. With the same professionalism. Whether we are providing hands on quality And courtesy. The way your client expects it. control from within a client location or real time status updates over the phone, our A t ProCourier, we believe “creating a customer” dedicated staff is fully trained and equipped to respond to to be our single most important objective. even the most complex situations. Building trust and confidence in our capabili- ProCourier’s client support program is maintained to system- ties and establishing customer loyalty. Our atically and strategically enhance the overall quality of our business depends on it. Our success and con- services. Greater efficiency and productivity are developed tinued growth depends on it. Our customer’s depend on it. through client education, by communicating relevant infor- We understand that customer service doesn’t end when we mation accurately. We are focussed on providing the most complete a job. That the customer support we provide before customer-friendly experience possible. Simple and hassle- and after, is equally as important. We believe in building a free. Immediate and accurate. relationship that extends beyond what is to be expected of us, We understand this to be the key to our success. By helping to include exceptional customer support. It means being pro- our clients to focus on their business, we are more able to active. Anticipating our clients needs and resolving issues focus on ours. By listening to their needs, we are better able before they happen. It means finding new ways to improve to adapt and meet their demands. An ongoing process, we are our level of service, from managing accounts to providing working to build relationships that last. timely and accurate information. . ProCourier C
  4. 4. Special and Scheduled Delivery 3million packages year we pickup and deliver over a And log enough miles to travel to the moon and ProCourier dispatches over 250 uniformed back several times. Over 250 drivers making field operatives daily from Los Angeles and Orange County office locations, each over 6,000 stops. From San Francisco to San equipped with state-of-the-art, two-way Diego. Boxes and bank deposits. Inter-office communication technology, each trained to represent our clients professionally. This pouches and packages. Documents and some- comprehensive network of offices and per- times even furniture. What’s a few more stops? sonnel, combined with exclusive strategic industry alliances, enables us to perform O ver 500 of Southern California’s leading deliveries within an hour or over several hundred miles with Financial, Legal, Accounting and Real-Estate greater ease and efficiency. Increasing our overall coverage, Institutions entrust ProCourier with some of we are now more able than ever to respond to on-demand their most valuable assets every day. Bank requests, guaranteeing pick-up and deliveries with greater deposits, legal documents, client-sensitive precision and accuracy. materials, personal and confidential papers, computer hard- Our couriers have remained employed with us for over four ware and proprietary information are just a sampling of the years on average. Unique in an industry wrought with turn many varied items we transport through scheduled route and over, this allows us to selectively dedicate experienced staff special on-demand delivery. It is our ability to perform con- that have become intimately familiar with the special needs of sistent and secured delivery that has enabled ProCourier to each of our clients. Familiar faces that our clients appreciate. become the second largest messenger/courier company in just Secure and safe management our client’s assets. seven years. By providing our clients with one of the highest At ProCourier, we believe that our business was built on each delivery success rates in the industry, we have earned our rep- and every delivery we’ve made. One “on-time” delivery at a utation as one of the most trusted and reliable delivery serv- time. Time and time again. For more information, see reverse side. ices available today. ProCourier C
  5. 5. Air Courier Services missed 6:30pm. It slipped your mind. The meetings. The deadlines. The paperwork. And then it happens. You remember. Originals in New York by 9am! No FedEx? ations, we are able to guarantee desk-to- desk delivery without deadline restrictions common to independent air package and cargo companies. Whether we are picking faxing! No e-mail! No FedEx! The kind of situation up documents at 2pm or 2am, ProCourier partners with all major airline flight sched- your doctor warned you against. The kind of situ- ules to ensure the most expedited delivery ation ambitious co-workers dream of. available, sometimes delivering packages hours before traditional scheduled services. I t’s hard enough keeping an eye on your business with- And by coordinating airport arrival times with local courier out having to adhere to restricting deadlines. affiliates, we can ensure the same immediate, secure hand Deadlines that don’t revolve around your schedule. delivery. We provide that recipient verification is communi- Inflexibility that forces you to rush, to make mistakes, cated automatically, as soon as a package is delivered and to risk compromising your business. signed for. Which means our clients spend less time tracking At ProCourier, we realize that operating a successful business packages, spending less time on the phone navigating through in a global economy means functioning in every time zone. It menus and listening to recordings. means starting a new day when most are closing their doors. ProCourier’s air courier department is open 24 hours a day, Responding to clients at all hours, with confidence. That’s 365 days a year and equipped to handle any size and variety why we provide “Same-Day” and “Next Flight Out”, “desk- of package and freight from envelopes to client inter-office to-desk” air courier services. Air courier that revolves around pouches. Our non-consolidation policy ensures that air couri- your schedule. er packages receive the same special handling we attribute to ProCourier provides document and small package delivery every delivery we make and that the same dedicated staff throughout California and the United States. Through exclu- ensure its safe arrival. No deadlines. No restrictions. Just sive contracts with major airline carriers and industry associ- solutions. ProCourier C
  6. 6. L O S A N G E L E S 1706 S o u t h F i g u e r o a S t r e e t , L o s A n g e l e s , C A 9 0 0 1 5 T E L : ( 2 1 3 ) 4 8 1 - 8 1 0 0 FA X : ( 2 1 3 ) 4 8 1 - 8 2 9 9 O R A N G E C O U N T Y S A N D I E G O C O U N T Y 17921 Sky Park Circle , Ste C, Irvine, CA 92614 9484 Chesapeake Dr. Ste 803, San Diego, CA 92123 T E L : ( 9 4 9 ) 2 5 1 - 1 7 7 7 FA X : ( 9 4 9 ) 9 5 5 - 2 3 5 7 TEL: (858) 874-0710 FAX: (858) 874-0705 O N - L I N E @ h t t p : / / w w w. p r o c o u r i e r. c o m T O L L F R E E : ( 8 0 0 ) 8 3 4 - 7 5 7 9