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A bief introduction of our school and project for a Comenius Project on Books, Languages and Cultures.

A bief introduction of our school and project for a Comenius Project on Books, Languages and Cultures.

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  • 2. We a school with different plans & projects
  • 3. Plans for everyone coping with diversity
  • 4. Reading Project
  • 5. At the school & at home
  • 6. School plans such as films & literature Vamos de Cine
  • 7. A school with many activities
  • 8. Different projects
  • 9. Exchanges and excursions
  • 10. Different
  • 11. Students
  • 12. Different means of communication
  • 13. Different news
  • 14. But above all this we need to share
  • 15. what we do
  • 16. Together we can give it all a European dimension
  • 17. JUSTIFYING THE PROJECT THE PROJECT OF THE SCHOOL LIBRARY AIMS: According to the general aims for the development of the Reading skills in our students and the administration and local authorities general programmes to improve this Basic Competence, we are currently working on the topic in order to make Reading as one of the priorities within the centre and, eventually, the one big issue for the students, families. All together within the common frame of series of actions developed along the recent years such as :
  • 18. PEDAGOGICAL GOALS: - Engaging all the areas in the responsibility of developing the reading skills.  
  • 19. PEDAGOGICAL GOALS: - Organising reinforcement programmes and insisting on the work with the reading skills and connecting this with other plans such as coping with Diversity, ICT skills and even Intercultural aspects of that.    
  • 20. PEDAGOGICAL GOALS: - Fostering how to teach and learn to read autonomously.
  • 21.
    • Facilitating the use of the school library and integrate that in the ordinary practice of everyday life at our school.
    • (Didactic approaches, syllabuses, etc…)
  • 22. - Using the New Technologies as a didactic resource for the reading competence and creating reading habits in different forms.
  • 23. - Favouring communicative and integrative, practical approaches and empowering students to use different sources of information.  
  • 24.                  So far, we have worked on those aspects with many activities aimed at getting these objectives. And making “Reading” one of the key aspects of the teaching-learning process. In the future we want to implement the Project by adding a European and shared aspect in order to create a real “passion for reading”, the use of the languages and the relationships with the different cultures which might get involved in the Project.  
  • 25. The general idea is to establish links with the surroundings of the schools and connecting “Books, Languages & Cultures”. (The European Book of cultures) We could work on topics such as LIBRARIES, what they are like, uses, family surveys (kind of books people read, function of references,…), outstanding works and meetings with writers, visiting different libraries. And finally integrating all those writings which may have a common topic in our Project .
  • 26. Here are our suggestions. Do you fancy joining us?? We already publish our OWN BOOK every year and possibly we might create an on-line book.
  • 27. Santa Cruz de Bezana-Santander-Cantabria CANTABRIA ENTRE LA MAR Y LA MONTAÑA
  • 28. But, where is Santander ? But where exactly? Here
  • 29. In the north of Spain , in Cantabria .
  • 30. What´s Santander like ?
  • 31. Come to visit us and join for the Reading Project.
  • 32. The passion for Reading… The European book of Cultures. j - [email_address] Javier Martínez