Social Media for Small Businesses & Sites using Newer Platforms

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A basic primer on how small businesses, bloggers and website owners can maximize opportunities to grow and expand their readership and page views using newer top social media platforms (Instagram, …

A basic primer on how small businesses, bloggers and website owners can maximize opportunities to grow and expand their readership and page views using newer top social media platforms (Instagram, Google Plus & Pinterest), including a step-by-step guide on how to allocate time and/or staff to dedicate to building a presence on these sites that will increase your page views, visitors and sales!

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  • 1. Beyond Facebook & Twitter: Growing Blog and Website visitors and Sales through Newer Social Media platforms Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt Attorney – Ghatt Law Group ( Blogger/Publisher -, and the Politics of Raising Children at WashingtonTimes CommunitiesEmail: jeneba(at) Twitter: @JenebaSpeaks IG: Pinterest: Pinterest/JenebaGhatt
  • 2. Agenda Introduction Why Other Social Media Platforms: The value of being an “Early Adopter” Instagram: Ways to drive traffic & engage audiences using a image-based app Google + : How to use a platform created by Google to elevate page ranks & become an industry leader Pinterest : Not leaving page views on the table How to put Social Media Networking your blog or business in practice on a part time basis Questions
  • 3. Why important to use social media at all ifyou are a small business or website owner?For Businesses -Customers who engage with companies over social media spend 20-40% more money with those companies than customers who do notFor Blogs/Websites – Sites are more likely to build a community & increase repeat visitors who tell their friends about your site & feel comfortable sharing it among their own social media circles
  • 4. Current Social Media Platforms Facebook & Twitter Facebook –  800 million active users  Over one billion people like and comment an average of 3.2 billion times every day. Twitter  500 Million registered users  55 Million Tweets a day
  • 5. FacebookWhat every business should do? Set up a page – Get a vanity url. Ex: Use Analytics - Tells you which images, posts are most effective and get most like, measures reach of posts Install Social Plugins: Social plugins help publishers drive growth and engagement for their websites with a single line of code. For example, social plugins allow people to easily share interesting content with their Facebook friends through News Feed. Examples include:  Like Button - people can share a web page or a piece of content with their friends in one click.  Subscribe Button - people can follow your page with a single click  Comments Plugin - people can easily comment on articles, see the most relevant comments and share their comments with friends on Facebook. Engage! Engage! Engage!!
  • 6. TwitterWhat Every Business should do?Establish a Page: Follow like pages or individualsSet up Lists: Private and Public to filter “noise”Automate Tweets: Use TweetFeed Automate posts from website or blog to Twitter page – Makes sure there is always fresh tweets on page and tells followers what type of tweets to expectSchedule Posts : Constantly Engage audiences 24 hours clock because you can have customers, readers on the other side of the globe Use TweetDeck or HootSuite – Schedule posts Most Popular times people are on Twitter and online 11-2pm; After work 5-7pm, Other side of the globe
  • 7. Early AdopterImportance of using newer social media platforms before competitors Benefits of being one of first in your industry or to generally start using one of the third party tools early on:  Establishself before competitors get there  Become well known in market among users, customers and those interested in your topic or company  Unfettered access to industry leaders in a way you could never before (G+ example)  Example: Georgetown on FB, Linked In, FourSquare
  • 8. Why use IG, Pinterest & G+ Why not? Doesn’t have to take you EXTRA Time if you don’t want. You can repeat content by using Hootsuite & Feeds and reach different audiences. BUT Audiences are different from FB & Twitter  Instagram: Younger, People who wont take time to necessarily read a blog post, yet they are consumers  Pinterest – Moms, homemakers, Women are represented overwhelmingly, nearly 60%  Google plus – Techies, Mainly Men, over 80%
  • 9. InstagramWhat is it? Mobile App on iPhone and Android platforms that let users share personal images to a community of “like minded” individuals Most Liked Feature- - Filters – Appeal is ability to make images prettier. IG turns everyone into a professional photographer, sort of. 30 Million people have downloaded it. 79% of Mobile Phone users use it to take photos with their phone IG launched in October 2010 & by December had 1M users Facebook purchased it in 2012 for a reported $1B IG only had 13 employees when boughtOther companies offer apps can be used: - Pic Stitch – lets create collages - Text Gram – transmit text via Instagram User Profile: Skew younger, Photog nuts, Ethnic & International
  • 10. Like Minded = HashtagNot everyone is interested in photos of cats, scenery, food etc so Instagram uses HashtagsHashtag – equivalent to a file in cabinet. Instagram is one cabinet – Twitter, Pinterest, IG & other platforms use HashtagsWhere to go file interests for those interested in those images or topic.
  • 11. Viral Quality to ImagesImages can easily go “viral” via Instagram bc of two things: 1. News Feed Shows what other friends have liked. Ex. Bellyitch 2. Hashtag lets you reach non followers in very short amount of time & get them to see your image and “like” it as well 3. Likes = Getting new audiences to your IG page and possibly clicking your website to find out more.
  • 12. Image of News FeedExample of how your image goes “Viral”
  • 13. How are brands using IGBrands use Instagram to showcase “Behind the scenes” aspect of running their business, thereby offering UNIQUE and new content not offered to users on Twitter or Facebook necessarily.Showcase followers or brand adopters on their page: Facebook and National Geographic Simple way: ShoutOuts ex. BellyitchHost Contests using Hashtags
  • 14. Taking users “Behind the Scenes”
  • 15. Shout out Followers
  • 16. LEVI’S Source:
  • 17. Nat Geo Day in life Ex: If you run a company that provides light for events, you can share behind the scenes of a “day in life” from empty room to complete set up. Guaranteed to get mucho follows & possible business
  • 18. Moby using API: Your city at 2am?
  • 19. How to use IGSchedule shares – Just as with Facebook and Twitter, manually select a time, and staff member to share images (11-2pm)Liking images from followers & others in your news FeedFollow users back and other brandsFollow users posting images under a hashtag associated with your brand
  • 20. Pros /Cons with Instagram Pros:  Relatively low-tech and easy to use. You’re just uploading images  Hashtags let you reach a lot of people in short amount of time  The potential is limitless  Early Adopters win – Brands/Blogs/Sites are only now coming aboard Cons:  Can’t put url links in comments  Not search engine friendly  No Multi-use option. Must log out and log in with each account.
  • 21. Google Plus Google Plus Users: 400 Million Launched 2010 as an answer to Facebook Skews male: 86.6% of its users are male How does it work: Control what share by putting people into circles: Work, Friends, Bloggers  +1 is equivalent to a “Like” on Facebook  You can edit posts. FB just started letting users do that  You can hangout with users via video chat  Ex: JJGhatt
  • 22. SEO-Google Rank Relationship +1s have value in a way unlike the FB “Like” does. Google controls search algorithm & likely pushes those with +1 to the top It increases your chances of going to the top of a search.
  • 23. Google Plus lets you connect withyour industry leaders Benefit of Google Plus is it lets you connect with industry leaders & let them know who YOU are too. Ex. My experienceHERE ARE SOME WAYS TO GET THE ATTENTION OF INFLUENCERS IN YOUR INDUSTRY. Mention them in a post Share a post with them directly Share a post and youre in a circle they subscribe to Comment on a post they created Comment on a post after they comment on it Add them to a circle Suggest new people to add to their circles Tag them in a photo Tag one of their photos Suggest a profile photo for them Comment on a photo after they comment on it Comment on a photo they are tagged in Comment on a photo they tagged Start a conversation with them Send them an invitation or update an event Remind them about events
  • 24. MORE GOOGLE + OPPS Opportunities are opening up with Google Plus Communities Hangout Platform to promote & engage audiences & customers
  • 25. What Are Google+Communities?Google+ Communities are basically discussion forums surrounding a topic. According to Google: You can create or join an online community for your interest Learn and collaborate, get recommendations or just share your blog or biz with others in your industry Public or private membership to support all kinds of groups — from topics and interests to local neighborhoods to regular poker nights Discussion categories to find the conversations you care about most The option to start hangouts and plan events with community members The ability to share with your community from any +1 button across the web Examples Of Google+ Communities . The Audi Community Call of Duty Community Liverpool FC Fans Community
  • 26. What are Hangouts? Hangouts are LIVE REAL-TIME video chats Google Chat lets friends, families, peers, and organizations to connect and correspond with desired audience in real-time
  • 27. Google +: Pros & Cons Pros: Active Growing communities  Opportunity to collaborate and maybe get some insights  Bloggers – GREAT PLACE to get ideas for content. Type in search and see what others are writing about Cons:  People aren’t maximizing its potential & don’t stay on site long enough compared to others but Google is trying to change that with its campaign of pushing communities.
  • 28. PINTEREST What is it? - It’s an online bulletin board that lets users “pin” images from a website & put it into a user-created category Launched in 2010 with 1 M. Has 4 M users today Female Centric: 58% female users, nearly 60% of whom are women between the ages of 25 and 44 New Options:  Secret Boards. Great for Vision Boards or proprietary projects  Group Boards. Can invite members of team to contribute or customers or readers. What’s the Appeal? - Aspirations ex.
  • 29. AspirationalPeople, and women in particular, are driven by vibrant imageryYou can pin 1 . What you Want to look like 2. Recipes you want to try 3. Outfits you’d like to put together 4. Places you’d like to visitExample: My Board
  • 30. How are Brands/Sites/Blogs usingit?Host contest: Pin it to Win It ex. Isabella Oliver Reach Female Audiences Establish Brand Awareness & Build Loyalty Most importantly is Drive Traffic!!! Ex: my story of how I discovered it: More awareness of site, More PR opps More clicks and more ad revenue from clicks
  • 31. My Pinterest Traffic is more than 4x+ Facebook and Twitter
  • 32. Search Traffic: Pinterest is #2
  • 33. Pinterest Source
  • 34. Pinterest is more “sticky” than allother platforms People stay on it longer  YouTube users stay on the site for an average of 16.4 minutes per visit,  Pinterest users stay for 15.8 minutes  Facebook users stay for 12.1 minutes and  Twitter users a mere 3.3 seconds. Users return to it more  When need an outfit  When need to whip up something for dinner and need a recipe  When couldn’t go to the gym & want a quick work out regiment
  • 35. Practice: How to Social MediaPromote during your busy day1. Automate – Use Tweet Feed to push blog updates to all social media sites at onces  Time them throughout day – Mine go 9, 11, 1, 3 & 5, Don’t forget overseas market.  People are most online between 11-2pm, 5-7 after work  If have online radio show: Tweet or update minutes before comes on to capture people already sitting at their computers
  • 36. Practice: How to Social MediaPromote during your busy day2. Manual – Images get more clicks than just script For ex. Hootsuite will send over thumbnail of my blog, but I get more traction if I can transmit an image Set a time 15 minutes to 1 hour a day to manually Tweet, Update FB, Respond to those who replied, Pin Images, Instagram
  • 37. Practice: How to Social MediaPromote during your busy day Staff – Allocate someone on staff to:  Post and after post follow up  Schedule Engagement Time: 9, 11, 1, 3, 5  Retweet others on Twitter  Reply to others – Show page is active  Comment on FB, Google Plus, IG pins  Manually Pin images to post – Pinning between 11-3pm will capture most uses & get most RE-PINS  Ask a query of FB, Twitter or G+ fansUsers are more likely to stay on if know you’re paying attention to them. No one likes following a robot that just self-promotes via auto Tweets or Auto posts
  • 38. ENGAGEMENT SALES, VIEWS The more you use these newer methods of Social Media networking, combined with the old ones like Facebook and Twitter, you will  Grow more fans, followers, customers  Drive more sales & pageviews which turns into ad revenue  Build your brand  Establish Brand awareness and loyalty  Establish your blog, brand or biz as an industry leader
  • 39. Beyond Facebook & Twitter: Growing Blog and Website visitors and Sales through Newer Social Media platforms Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt Attorney – Ghatt Law Group ( Blogger/Publisher -, and the Politics of Raising Children at WashingtonTimes CommunitiesEmail: jeneba(at) Twitter: @JenebaSpeaks IG: Pinterest: Pinterest/JenebaGhatt