Insights from Social Business Thought Leaders - June 2013


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Social business insights from thought leaders are revealed from their recent publications.

Social business thought leader content from: Jeremiah Owyang, Brian Solis, Luis Suarez, Ray Wang, Shel Holtz, Deirdre Walsh, Jacob Morgan, Dion Hinchcliffe, Jay Baer and Mark Fidelman.

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  • Insights from Social Business Thought Leaders - June 2013

    1. 1. Insights from Social BusinessThought LeadersRevealed from articles & quotes – June 2013
    2. 2. Jeremiah Owyang@JOwyang“The next phase of socialbusiness is the CollaborativeEconomy. Social technologiesradically disruptedcommunications, marketing, andcustomer care. With these sametechnologies, customers now buyproducts once and share themwith each other. Beyond businessfunctions, the CollaborativeEconomy impacts core businessmodels.”Click here to read more
    3. 3. “Like it or not, disruption is a natural part of life.I refer to this phenomenon as DigitalDarwinism, when society and technology evolvefaster than the ability to adapt. Every so oftensomething comes along and completely upsetsthe norm. And this is only accelerating. Eitheryou’re disrupting or you’re at risk of gettingdisrupted.”Brian Solis@BrianSolisClick here to read more
    4. 4. “The truly fascinating thing is that moreand more we keep coming up withwonderfully inspiring examples of whatservant leaders are all about in thisDigital Age and we get to find out, andexperience, their true leadership…Theyare naturally open to share theirknowledge, to collaborate, to help otherslearn about their own environment, theirown contexts, their own selves.”Luis Suarez@elsuaClick hereto readmore
    5. 5. “The recent 2013 survey of 237global social businessesadopters shows 57.8% of themarket leaders and fast followerrespondents scaling socialbusiness initiatives to matchdemand…They have succeededby finding executivesponsors, measuring metricsthat matter and aligning withbusiness processes.”Ray Wang@RWang0Click here toread more
    6. 6. “Producing a steady flow of content tosatisfy the needs of a contentmarketing effort is a heady enoughchallenge for communicators.Translating technical information intocontent people will want to read, talkabout and share takes the challenge toa whole new level.”Shel Holtz@ShelHoltzClick here to read more
    7. 7. Deirdre Walsh@DeirdreWalsh“Social turns your intranet into ahub of enterprise collaborationand communication. It enablesnew efficiencies and cohesionacross your organization, keepsemployees more engaged andinformed, and drives innovationand business success.”Click here to read more
    8. 8. “But, what is the purpose ofbeing open and transparentto begin with?1) Keep everyone on thesame page2) Build trust and fosterbetter relationships3) Allow employees (andcustomers) to contributeideas and value where theysee the opportunity to do so”Jacob Morgan@JacobMClick here to read more
    9. 9. “Guide social business efforts at astrategic level with closecoordination and a data-drivenfeedback loop to efforts on theground.”Dion Hinchcliffe@DHinchcliffeClick here to read more
    10. 10. “Social media is the second“earliest” (after only clickson display advertising) inthe average U.S. consumer’spurchase path. ”Click here to read moreJay Baer@JayBaer
    11. 11. “So you found your topadvocates, now you want them tohelp spread the word. Createincentive programs, advocacychallenges and leaderboards tomotivate and reward advocates.”Click here to readmoreMark Fidelman@MarkFidelman
    12. 12. VISIT JIVESOFTWARE.COMFind out more insights about Social Business