Insights from Social Business Thought Leaders - August 2013


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Social business insights are revealed from the following thought leaders' recent publications: Tony Zingale, Rajat Paharia, Jacob Morgan, Jeremiah Owyang, Alan Lepofsky, Brian Solis, Shel Holtz, Aaron Levie and Vala Afshar.

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  • Insights from Social Business Thought Leaders - August 2013

    1. 1. Tony Zingale CEO, Jive Software @TonyZingale CLICK HERE TO READ MORE “It’s a more productive delivery vehicle, it is a less expensive delivery vehicle, and certainly it affords enterprises around the world the ability to access innovation in a much more rapid pace than they’re previous experienced.”
    2. 2. 3 “Don’t get lost in the mechanics on your way to understanding the significant impact a gamification solution can have on virtually every aspect of your business.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE Rajat Paharia Chief Product Officer, Bunchball @rajatrocks © Jive confidential
    3. 3. 4 “There isn’t a single business leader that I have spoken to or worked with who doesn’t realize the value created by connecting people and information anytime, anywhere, and on any device.” 4© Jive confidential Jacob Morgan Principal, Chess Media Group @JacobM CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
    4. 4. “The crowd isn’t going to wait for a corporation to get their social media center of excellence in place to get what they need. These disruptions are happening at the pace of the crowd’s desires.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE Jeremiah Owyang Partner, Altimeter Group @JOwyang
    5. 5. “Enterprise Collaboration Software enables people to create, discover and interact with the content, colleagues and communities that can help them get their jobs done.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE Alan Lepofsky VP and Principal Analyst – Collaboration Software, Constellation Research @AlanLepo
    6. 6. “A social business strategy starts with a vision for how social media will improve customer and employee experiences and relationships and therefore aligns social media initiatives with business goals and opportunities. Technology thus becomes an enabler for a bigger mission and purpose.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE Brian Solis Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group @BrianSolis
    7. 7. “Ultimately, while the intranet is like the Web, it’s not the Web. It’s a company-owned asset meant (if often not implemented) for productivity and efficiency, for knowledge and information sharing among employees who by virtue of their employment agree to abide by basic rules. Under most circumstances, having to identify yourself should be one of those rules.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE Shel Holtz Principal, Holtz Communication + Technology @ShelHoltz
    8. 8. “If the last decade of the enterprise was defined by mass collaboration, then the next decade will be defined by mass integration.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE Aaron Levie CEO, Box, Inc. @Levie
    9. 9. “I am a firm believer that Human Resources is one of the most important functions in business, poised to lead social business transformation and true, lasting and meaningful employee engagement initiatives. In a knowledge sharing and hyper-connected economy, finding, engaging and keeping talent is the only way companies can compete and win.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE Vala Afshar CMO and Chief Customer Officer, Enterasys @ValaAfshar
    10. 10. DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPER: BOOST YOUR COMPANY’S BRAINPOWER Learn how to unleash the untapped potential inside your company.