Come Together - Tearing Down Silos with Collaboration Tools


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In this presentation Jive's Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Morace, discussed how Jive customers are driving real top-line revenue growth and bottom-line cost savings via Jive's collaboration platform.

We are helping our customers:
- Increase workforce productivity by 15%
- Reduce turnover by 24% and improve employee satisfaction
- Increase revenues 2-4%

Learn more about Jive Software:

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Come Together - Tearing Down Silos with Collaboration Tools

  1. 1. COME TOGETHER --Tearing down silos withcollaboration toolsChristopher MoraceChief Strategy Officer, Jive
  2. 2. 2 © Jive confidentialWHAT’S GOING ON?!
  3. 3. 3 © Jive confidentialThe productivity treadmill
  4. 4. PROCESS
  7. 7. 7 © Jive confidentialIt’s starting to breakDIGITAL OVERTIMEA survey of employed email users finds:22% are expected to respond to work emailwhen not at work50% check work over the weekends46% check work email on sick days34% check work email while on vacation
  8. 8. 8 © Jive confidentialspent writing emails andsearching for information28 hourseach week
  9. 9. 9 © Jive confidentialIS THERE A BETTER WAY?
  10. 10. 10 © Jive confidential 10© Jive confidentialTechnology to the Rescue?“The Nexus of Forces is theconvergence and mutualreinforcement of social,mobility, cloud andinformation patterns thatdrive new businessscenarios.”“The Nexus of Forces: Social, Mobile, Cloud and Information”Gartner, June 14, 2012?
  11. 11. 11 © Jive confidential80% of Social Efforts Are Failing“Predicts 2013: Social and Collaboration Go Deeper and Wider”Gartner, November 28, 2012
  12. 12. 12 © Jive confidentialYOU CAN’TSTART HERE.
  13. 13. 13 © Jive confidential“51% feel more connectedto their organization’smission and goals”“50% can locate relevantinformation and peoplefaster.”“76% have more visibility into work happening in otherdepartments or locations.”“79% are exposed to morenew ideas and innovationsin their organization.”SOFTVALUE
  14. 14. IF YOU WANT THIS
  15. 15. START HERE
  16. 16. 16© Jive confidentialFIND FOUNDATIONAL PILLARS13%revenue improvementper sales repThe Value Of ChangingThe Way Sales Is EnabledJive Customer ResultsIncrease in Deal SizeGrow size of deals substantially using Jive by aligningthe right team and following a sales process.•  86% of users said Jive helped them improve internalcommunications•  71% stated that Jive helped improve pitch/proposal quality.23%Reduction in On BoardingTrain and on board new reps faster on Jive, reducingcosts and enabling you to capture sales faster.•  82% found Jive valuable at discovering best practices.•  65% found it valuable at building a network.Reduction of Sales Support NeedsReduce sales support needs via better self-help fromreuse of existing knowledge and easier access totools and resources.•  88% said Jive was valuable for accessing knowledge andinformationOverall Revenue Improvement of 8% to 13% per repIn AdditionReduce salesperson turnover by improving performance, lowering frustrations,and creating better connectedness between employees.5%14%SOURCE: Jive customer survey · Nov. 2012 · Completed by a Top 3 consulting firm.EXAMPLE: Sales Enablement
  17. 17. 17 © Jive confidentialTHE RECIPE FOR SUCCESS
  18. 18. 18 © Jive confidential 18#1START IN THERIGHT PLACE.
  19. 19. 19 © Jive confidential. . . 32 proven ways to get started
  20. 20. 20 © Jive confidential 20#2PICK THE RIGHTPLATFORM.
  21. 21. q  Purpose Built for Your Use Caseq  Ease of Integration into Your Systemsq  Usability by Your Workersq  Analytics Showing Real Valueq  Enterprise Readiness(Scale, Security, Compliance, Localization)q  Industry Proven Leadershipq  Referenceable Customers You’ve Heard Ofq  Roadmap (Vision not Feature Backlog)Things to Consider
  22. 22. 22 © Jive confidential 22#3BUILD ABUSINESS CASE.
  23. 23. 23 © Jive confidential 23© Jive confidentialIncrease  in  revenueAdditional  revenue  from  new  employees  being  onboarded  fasterPrevious  onboarding  time  (days) 90*  Reduction  in  onboarding  time 7%Additional  days  of  productivity 6÷  360  days  in  a  year 2%x  Annual  quota $2,000,000Quota  achievement  for  days  saved $33,350x  Number  of  new  reps  +  those  who  didnt  leave  from  previous  year 11 From  aboveIncreased  revenue  from  faster  onboarding $366,850Additional  revenue  from  improved  salesCurrent  revenue $100,000,000x  Improvement  in  revenue 2%Increased  revenue  from  improved  sales  effectiveness $1,560,000Total  revenue  increase $1,926,8501.9%  (of  revenue)OutputsReduction  in  expenseSavings  from  lowered  sales  supportNumber  of  sales  people 50 From  customer  inputx  Ratio  of  sales  support  to  sales  people 0.20Number  of  sales  support  people 10x  Reduction  in  sales  support  need 4% From  surveyed  impactsNumber  of  fewer  sales  support  needed 0.41x  Cost/sales  support  FTE 100,000 From  benchmarkSavings  from  sales  support $40,600Reduction  in  onboarding  from  lower  turnoverPrevious  turnover  rate 20% From  benchmarksx  Reduction  in  turnover  rate  (%) 0% From  surveyed  impactsReduction  in  turnover  rate 0% From  surveyed  impactsx  Number  of  reps  (employees) 50 From  customer  inputsReduction  in  #  of  new  reps/yr. 0 Number  of  employees  *  (Previous  turnover  rate  -­‐  New  turnover  rate)x  Old  onboarding  cost/rep $37,500 All  in  cost/FTE  (from  benchmarks)  /  onboarding  time  (from  benchmarks)Savings  from  reduction  in  turnover  rate $0Reduction  in  onboarding  costs  from  shorter  onboardingOld  onboarding  cost/rep $37,500 From  benchmarks  (as  above)x  Reduction  in  onboarding  time 7% From  surveyed  impactsReduction  in  onboarding  cost $2,501 Old  onboarding  cost/rep  *  reduction  in  onboarding  timeNumber  of  current  reps 50x  (1  +  Expected  annual  growth  rate) 10%Number  of  reps  at  end  of  year 55x  New  turnover  rate 20% From  aboveNumber  of  new  reps  onboarded 11x  Reduction  in  onboarding  cost $2,501 From  aboveSavings  from  reduction  in  onboarding  time $27,514Total  cost  savings $68,1140.1%  (of  revenue)Sales  enablement  impactInputs  Customer  inputs: From  customerTotal  revenue 100,000,000Quota 2,000,000Number  of  sales  people 50Expected  team  growth  (annual) 10%From  benchmarks  (can  be  adjusted  based  on  customer  input) : Source/noteSales  support  FTE  cost $100,000  McKinsey  expert#  sales  support/sales  person 0.20 Highest  in  complex  solutions  (high  tech  sales  engineers,  sales  specialists,  etc.)Sales  person  onboarding  time  to  full  productivitity  (days) 90 McKinsey  expertCost/sales  person/year $150,000  Including  commissionsSales  person  turnover 20% McKinsey  expert;  where  there  is  high  growth,  higher  turnoverSurveyed  Impacts  (from  survey): Best  in-­‐class %  of  users  who  reported  benefit Effective  rateReduction  in  sales  support  time/expense 14% 29% 4%Reduction  in  sales  person  onboarding  time 23% 29% 7%Reduction  in  sales  person  turnover  rate 12% 0 0%Increase  in  sales  effectiveness  (sales/yr.) 13% 12% 2%Return  to  navigation•  Key Assumptions•  Proven Benchmarks•  Tailored to your Business•  Projected Expectations
  24. 24. 24 © Jive confidential 24#3UNDERSTAND THEFROM > TO.
  25. 25. Where you are todayLead salesrepsOther salesrepsCoachLead qualification Opportunity development Pitch, negotiate, close deal Capturing learningsCoaching anddevelopmentUnderstandindustry and pastcustomerinteractionsProvide inputfrom similarexperiencesProvide on-going coaching andsupportPreparesolution andquoteContentmanagerMatchesopportunity topast caseexamplesUpdate dealinfo andlearningsDevelop product/industry infoRevise pitchinfo based onexperiencesDevelop pitchbooks25
  26. 26. The pain in your current processLead salesrepsOther salesrepsCoachLead qualification Opportunity development Pitch, negotiate, close deal Capturing learningsCoaching anddevelopmentUnderstandindustry and pastcustomerinteractionsProvide inputfrom similarexperiencesProvide on-going coaching andsupportPreparesolution andquoteContentmanagerMatchesopportunity topast caseexamplesUpdate dealinfo andlearningsDevelop product/industry infoRevise pitchinfo based onexperiencesDevelop pitchbooks26Salesenablementdocs/tools hardto find /prioritizeDifficult to discussopportunities and ideasacross physicalboundariesCoordinating onsolution pitch,approvals,negotiations canbe slowHard/slow to developacross silos withmarketing and productDifficult / time consuming tocapture learning to updatedocumentation, customerprofile, etc.Hard/slow todevelop acrosssilos with sales opsNo strong feedback loop onsales enablementdocuments / infoCase history notup to date, andlots of color notavailable in CRMtool
  27. 27. 27 © Jive confidentialAddressing the painAfterBeforePain point▪  Sales enablement content is developed collaborativelyonline much faster with more cross-organizational input▪  Developers of content can see in-line feedback as well asratings/popularity to revise/improve docs▪  Sales enablement content and tools frommarketing and sales are developed in silosand emailed around for input and approvals▪  Difficult to get formal and informal feedbackon contentDevelopingsales/ marketingcontent acrosssilos▪  Sales and marketing collateral is in Jive in an open forumwhere it is constantly revised and commented on▪  Ratings systems ensure that the best content rises to thetop, and that people get credit for their contributions,increasing participation▪  Sales collateral, reference material, etc. arestored in emails or on intranets that arehard to search and know what is mostrelevantFinding salesenablement docs▪  Proposals are developed online, supporting real-timecollaboration with sales engineers, experts, managementand others▪  Ensures that proposals reflect the most recent companytemplates, knowledge, and approach to be the mosteffective.▪  Proposals are developed in silos andemailed around for input and approvals▪  Best experts/input difficult to find andcoordinate withProposalsdeveloped insilos, hard toalign bestpeople/info▪  Conversations around leads are captured to create richcustomer history, from lead to pitch to outcome▪  Traditional CRM tools capture limitedinformation and sales people tend not tokeep updated▪  Results from pitch and negotiationoftentimes lostLead info limited/not updated
  28. 28. 28 © Jive confidential 28#4THINK ABOUTINTEGRATION.
  29. 29. 29 © Jive confidentialGo to Where Your Users Are Today•  SharePoint•  Office, Office 365•  Outlook•  Lync/OCS
  30. 30. 30 © Jive confidentialAgility for Where They’ll be TomorrowOpenSocialOpenGraph
  31. 31. 31 © Jive confidential 31#5MEASUREYOUR SUCCESS.
  32. 32. deal cycletimewin rateon-boardingtimesalesincreasecostsales supportneed30% 33%50% 29%€4-8m€1.5mImproved sales efficiency andeffectivenessSelling costs reduced by €1.5mLeading to a net benefit of ~€10“By every measure, we’ve become a muchmore effective organization. It’s a realtransformation, and we couldn’t have done itwithout Jive.”Nicolas Jean-Jarry, Sales DirectorReport & Communicate Real Value
  33. 33. 33 © Jive confidentialKEEPING IT REAL
  34. 34. 34 © Jive confidentialSuccess Across All IndustriesTELECOMTECHNOLOGY FINANCIAL HEALTHCARE RETAIL OTHER
  35. 35. 35Linx Home Page
  36. 36. 36Community = CollaborationLinx Objectives•  Linx supports our effort to improve employeeengagement across Cameron locations anddivisions worldwide.•  Drive engagement by strengtheningconnections:•  To each other•  To Cameron (especially remote employees)•  To the Company’s purpose, core values, andstrategy•  Support collaboration to enhance productivityby leveraging knowledge and expertise.•  High speed information exchange.
  37. 37. 37Linx - Value to Cameron•  Collaboration is a core value that is seen as a“game changer” for Cameron; Linx is fulfilling apromise to help employees be more collaborative•  Linx is a business tool that will enhance what youalready do, and help you be more efficient,effective, and productive.•  With Linx you can ask questions, find information,consult experts, engage in discussions, sharedocuments, create and join groups, and invitecolleagues to collaborate.•  Linx is accessible via mobile devices and willimprove the “connection” for employees, includingfield service.
  38. 38. 38Collaboration: Fast, Simple – and Global!