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Marriage and divorce
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Marriage and divorce


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education

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  • 2.  It is a social contractbetween two individuals thatunites their lives legally,economically and emotionally.Marriage is an union of twopeople and the maintenanceof an oath that they will benext to each other in good andbad times.
  • 3. People marry for manyreasons :legal, social, emotional,economic, spiritual, andreligious.These might include arrangedmarriages, family obligations,the legal establishment of anuclear family unit, the legalprotection of children andpublic declarationof commitment.
  • 4.  MonogamyOne man and one woman are marriedonly to each other.PolygamyAn individual have several husbands orwives simultaneously.
  • 5. 1.Always express your feelingto your partner - Even in the worstof times, you should make it a point totell your beloved how much you lovehim/her.2.Exhibit mutual respect - Tomake a marriage healthy and happy,both the partners should mutuallyrespect each other and value eachothers emotions and feelings.
  • 6. 5. Believe in Constructive criticism - Youshould recognize each others positive traits andcriticize the negative traits in a manner that itdoesnt hurt your partner.6. Compromise - The biggest word in themarriage dictionary is compromise. Adjustmentwith each other is what makes the relationshiphealthy.
  • 7. 3. Be trustworthy - Faith, trustand loyalty plays an important roleto make the marriage happy. Neverlie to your partner or do notsuppress facts from him/herbecause that might land you introuble later.4. Be Innovative -Do somethinginnovative with each other that thesurprise pleases your partnersurprisingly.
  • 8. • Divorce is the final termination of a maritalunion, cancelling the legal duties andresponsibilities of marriage and dissolvingthe bonds of matrimony between the parties.• It is shows that divorce is break up that occurin family, who is getting the problem thatcannot to be resolved.• This is one of the solution that is legal.
  • 9. The most important mistake: the reason wedecided to get married. Pressure from our environment: Thepressures from our environment because we havereached an age close to or more than thirty and wehave not yet married. Insecurity: Feelings of insecurity that if we do notget married with the person we are together we willnot be able to find another person who wants tomarry us. Sudden conditions: A sudden pregnancy, whichleaves us with no other options.
  • 10. Sudden love: A sudden love that ends in6 months after marriage.Immaturity: The immaturity of our selfdoes not help us realize that marriage is achoice for life and takes a lot of thought anda lot of effort in order not to make usunhappy.Wellness: The economic comfort hasnow become a key criterion whenselecting a life partner in todays society.
  • 11. • Lack of communicationMany married couples think that theminor problems that occur in theirmarriage are not important andthey fail to realize that even thesmallest things can cause conflictbetween the two when they are notable to solve them throughcommunication.
  • 12.  MoneyMoney can be the root of all problems in themarriage. This is because when one personmakes all of the financial decisions, and theother person does not agree with thedecisions that he or she is making, thenconflicts can occur between the two of them. ChildrenChildren require a lot of support from bothparents, and when only one parent isworking, the amount of support coming in, issometimes not enough. This situationcauses many married couples to argue overfinancial issues.
  • 13.  HonestySpend some time with her/him todiscuss the topics on the list. Discussdifficult topics calmly. Be honest withyour partner and try to compromiseeach other. Resolving conflict in yourmarriage will help to rebuild the bondof trust. RespectRespect your marriage and worktogether as a team. Help each otherwith household and with theupbringing your children.
  • 14.  CommunicationSpend quality time and doing somethingthe activities that both of your enjoy.Discuss life as man and wife, reflect onhappy memories and forget about thehardship that weakened your marriage. LoveStrengthen the family bond by make timeto enjoy your spouse with your children.Example: Be present for the family meal,participate in a family game, help withhomework, or watch a family movie.
  • 15. THANKYOU