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  • mart jack is the one of the worst company in india. they dont care customers at all.. very bad experience.. dont at all try mart jack. mere waste of time, money, effort.. really pathetic company to work with... very unprofessional...
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  • Most of the times client/merchant doesnt know e-commerce banking norm.
    with insufficient bank account details or account features.
    many times bank rejects orders due to merchant has not enable that feature with bank.

    though martjack tries it best to solve the issues of bank and merchant but still some times it fails
    because bank says merchant has to do this enquiry.
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  • The idea is very good. But service / execution is really pathetic , specially when it was tied up SBI cards. So, think twice, from business perpesctive whether this service is useful to money invested or not....
    1. The timely delivery is not there inspite of promise
    2. You don't what's situation with your order with this service, interesting the customer care team also doens't know
    3. It never ships
    4. No body updates back with what's problem with order
    5. No response if call their customer care phone number
    6. If somebody picks up after 1 out of 10 attempts, then they always says ' I'll call you in 10 mins after checking the order', but they never call you back.
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MartJack - Multi Channel Platform with innovative features

  1. 1. e-Commerce ENTERPRISE EDITION A complete, enterprise ready, e-Commerce solution focused on flexibility & scalability for enterprises
  2. 2. Introduction to MartJack E-commerce MartJack e-commerce is redefining e-commerce for e-tailers by providing an extremely usable, simple Powered by and yet enterprise quality solution. MartJack MartJack is a ready-to-use platform with a comprehensive set of features that help retailers in •Ready to use platform establishing and running their e-commerce business. •End-to-end e-commerce features to manage your online From flexible management of payment gateways, business web-store content and promotions management - • Rich product catalog our proven technology platform has everything management that you will need to provide a rich e-commerce experience to your customers. • Merchandizing and promotions management MartJack has been built through several years of •Payment systems and shipping research in the retail industry and every aspect of integration the platform has been designed from a retailers perspective of enterprise quality delivered through •POS/ERP integration for stock, simplified interfaces. While the backend is smart, orders etc. robust and technologically deep – the management tools are simple, intuitive and retailer friendly. • End to end commerce features for management of - With cutting edge hosting solutions on the Amazon • Catalog EC2 cloud and availability on a SaaS model, • Stock MartJack is both affordable and scalable. • Order • Customer The platform is being used by over 1500 stores • Loyalty • Promotions around the world and is designed to help retailers … and many more on their fast-track to success in the e-commerce business.
  3. 3. Understanding E-commerce 2.0 What does Web 2.0 mean for Internet commerce? Sell Everywhere Integrate and Collaborate Customer expectations for how and when The eCommerce 2.0 environment is built they buy products have changed upon many interrelated systems and substantially over the past few years. With eCommerce 2.0 multi-channel commerce Powered by processes that require information to be exchanged dynamically. Be it your ERP has been refined to include various MartJack system, POS or loyalty program - Seamless channels such as retailer websites, various •Ready to use platform access and interaction between systems online marketplaces (such as eBay, makes you efficient and helps you remain,, and others) •End-to-end e-commerce competitive to attract new buyers. your features to manage and mobile phones. online business Know your businesssystems andand •Payment - Collect Build a Community of Loyal Analyze datashipping integration Customers Understanding your performance over time Buyers drive promotion in today's Internet •POS/ERP integration or what other channels may be more for stock, orders etc. eco-system through product reviews, blogs, profitable is important to keep your and social networks that influences other •Ready to use management business growing. Collecting and managing buyers. Allowing your consumers to stay modules – data from all online channels to enable connected to you 24x7 and interact with better business decisions. Optimizing your •Catalog you socially is key to your success online presence through analysis of the •Stock •Order data. And tweaking your business based on Rich Shopping Experience •Customer key performance indicators (KPIs) is •Loyalty Shopping has long been considered a essential in today's marketplace. •Promotions recreational activity by many. Shopping •… and many more online is no exception. In fact, with the sophistication and speed of online shopping tools, consumers are spending more and more on e-Tailing sites. The best of these shopping tools takes into account that buyers want to be entertained and pleased through rich experience.
  4. 4. E-commerce 2.0 with MartJack MartJack gets you ready for E-commerce 2.0 right from day 1. With each aspect of E-commerce 2.0 thoroughly thought out and built into the platform, you always have the technology advantage in your favour. MartJack is aligned with E-commerce 2.0 Sell Everywhere - With MartJack powered rich web-stores that utilize our innovative product catalog and product bank technologies you can create a powerful e-commerce web-store. Ready integration with affiliate commerce networksby as Powered such MartJack Amazon, Ebay, Google Merchants, Trade Doubler, Shoogloo and the capability to create multiple custom web-stores allows you to sell everywhere with customized focus on different consumer segments. Build a Community of Loyal Customers – Manage customized loyalty programs using our integrated loyalty management module. Also engage with your customers through blogs, social networks etc. using MartJack’s social media features. Rich Shopping Experience – Manage product catalogs with rich media support, videos and real-time product data from integrated POS/ERP systems. Showcase your product data through multimedia content and collated product information such as brochures, reviews etc. Integrate and Collaborate – Martjack has ready integration interfaces for payment, shipping, ERP, POS and loyalty systems which can be integrated with your existing systems to create a truly integrated and efficient e-commerce business Know your business - Collect and Analyze data – Integration, with web- analytics and in-built customer management tools, allows you to capture web-store, customer, leads, offers and conversion data in an effective manner. Our reporting modules allow you to generate business sensitive reports which can be used to tweak your strategies effectively.
  5. 5. Data Security with MartJack MartJack is a completely hosted solution that is hosted on Amazon EC2 and comes with the intrinsic security advantages of EC2 viz. physical security, backups etc. To know more about Amazon EC2 security features please see – AWS Security Whitepaper . Moreover, the MartJack application design principles, architecture and application ensure that you can rest at peace with your commerce data on the MartJack platform. Your business data is protected against intrusion, theft, piracy, privacy breach, accidental loss and loss due to server overloading. Intrusion and theft protection Powered by At the server - Physical and intrusion theft protection of your entire data is ensured by hosting it on the Amazon EC2 and S3 platforms. Your data is never moved, copied or replicated to any physical media outside of the AWS platform. MartJack On the network – Our AWS infrastructure is firewalled and protected to allow only HTTP, HTTPS and ICMP traffic and prevents any malicious attack through unmonitored ports. On the wire - All transactional data on the wire never goes through the MartJack application but directly goes to your secure payment gateway (bank/PG system). This ensures that the minimum level of security of your transactional data is at par with the maximum level of security offered by your chosen payment gateway. Isolation of data (Privacy) Shared Instances (Pure hosted) - Every retailer as an isolated data instance with MartJack that has no overlap at runtime, storage or otherwise with other retailers’ data. Non-application access to data is denied at all levels, thus ensuring privacy for each retailer on a shared instance or pure hosted model Dedicated Instance - Even though our shared instance data isolation is proven and secure, for enterprise customers with stringent data protection policies we host the solution on a dedicated server. This ensures complete isolation of your traffic and data at all levels.
  6. 6. Cutting edge cloud hosted technology keeps your business data safe Monitoring and off-loading (Server overload protection) MartJack leverages Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring the critical parameters (CPU usage, disk IO, network IO etc.) of the MartJack servers. If servers reach peak, a new instance of the server is created to seamlessly handle users/requests without any loss of data and experience. Backup (Accidental loss protection) MartJack leverages AWS EBS and S3 snapshots for data backups. ECB and S3 snapshots ensure that data is backed up and your system is highly reliable and available to meet Powered by your everyday business requirements. Please refer to AWS security/backup information at MartJack What more do you get? Enterprise readiness – MartJack offers a complete set of e-commerce features to power your web-stores for consumers across the globe - from customized promotions to web-store micro-management. Simplicity – MartJack E-commerce is simple enough to enable manufactures and retailers setup and manage their web-stores without any technical expertise – Become an e-tailer right away. Business focus – MartJack E-commerce is focused on improving your sales - With features to attract consumers and improve conversions by enabling flexible shopping
  7. 7. Simple yet Enterprise ready How does it work? Create Promote Manage and web-store and Sell Expand Our partners help you Create product feeds Manage inventory with designing and for affiliate for your web-store – customizing your web- syndication stock alerts, reserves store. etc.. With POS/ERP They also help you in Improve traffic with integration this getting your existing search engine happens ERP, POS, Loyalty optimization automatically systems integrated with your web-store. Drive recurring Manage your orders. business with email Get notified or new Use Martjack product marketing and SMS orders and track repository of more marketing existing orders. than 50000 products Enable pick-up at with features, Influence consumers store and other specifications and with promotions and shipping options images offers Manage your Add categories and If required micro- customers, their products to the web- manage your profiles and contact store (using bulk promotional efforts information upload or from product for each web-store in bank) a customized manner Track web-store activity and success Setup payment options with our rich web – PayPal, Credit Cards analytics and e etc. commerce tracking capabilities. Setup shipping and taxation options Get ready for business !
  8. 8. By realizing the current and future need for an effective e-commerce Why MartJack? you can develop an edge over your competitors with the advantage of proven and effective technology. Flexible and complete Fully customizable On Demand model with SaaS Customized partner stores : You don’t have to pay any Create customized partner web-stores huge upfront costs. Just pay for your business partners with their for what you use as a monthly branding or for your affiliates or direct fee. sales agents e.g., Scalability You can decide the Customized for consumer types : capabilities that you need You can also create web-stores focused based on your performance on corporate to provide a customized and load requirements - merchandize MartJack will take care of the e.g., backend resources, servers etc. required to support your business. This helps you deliver a seamless and consistent shopping experience across multiple channels including Internet, Mobile and in-store kiosks in a scalable fashion. Rich Experience Rich experience for today’s web-savvy consumers. Ensure accurate and rich content to attract and influence your customers
  9. 9. Brands MartJack on Partial list of brands Customers Speak "We are exploring a whole new sphere of jewellery marketing and going forward e- commerce will be a substantial part of our marketing initiative.“ Jeetendra Joshi Vice President, Gitanjali Group INDIA: +91 40 2331 6617 USA: +1 (408) 318 6737 UK: +44 207 043 0642 SINGAPORE: +65 9457 2603 E mail:
  10. 10. Annexures
  11. 11. Annexure: Key features – Page 1 CATALOG MANAGEMENT MARTJACK PRODUCT REPOSITORY Maintain a rich and easily manageable Ready to use product repository with product catalog with unlimited products product content of brand owners like - and option quantities. Easily create and • Multiple product images manage your rich product catalog with • Product specifications features like - • Rich media files • Rich media product repository • User manuals • Inherit and customize from ready to • Product demos use Category Taxonomy with 2700 pre- • Product content is syndicated from populated categories which have pre- central distribution source ensuring defined category attributes for the updates and uniformity. product definition • Multi-Level category and sub- categories MERCHANDISING CATALOG • Ad-hoc product collection and ASSOCIATIONS grouping Products can have an unlimited number • Global product variant properties for of other products assigned to them as product options merchandising relationships. Cross-Sells, • Product based payment and shipping Up-Sells, Accessories, Warranties and options replacement items are supported. • Product activation and deactivation Merchandising items can be displayed on dates product, shopping cart, checkout and/or receipt pages. Some examples of MERCHANDIZING supported merchandizing items are - Martjack Merchandising enables your • Cross Sell merchandising professionals to • Up sell directly manage your online storefront, • Recently Viewed Items including catalogs, products, search facets, promotions, pricing, coupons, STORE FRONT MANAGEMENT and special offers. Advanced • Featured Products Area - Category segmentation-based personalization Pages and Home Page capabilities help your marketers and • Promotional banners merchandisers quickly connect • Editorial Product Selection - Hot Picks, shoppers with the items most likely to Newly Launched etc interest them.
  12. 12. Annexure: Key features – Page 2 PROMOTION ENGINE COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT The Promotion Engine allows non-technical An integrated customer database and business users to create complex store Membership management system allows promotions with no programming. you to manage your communications. We Promotions are created by choosing one or support both SMS and Email based more rule elements which can include - communications. • Customer segments (whom the promotion applies to) CUSTOMER LOYALTY • Conditions (what business rules cause Define and manage customer loyalty the promotion to be offered) programs • Exclusions (what categories, products or • Define complete loyalty configuration SKUs are excluded) • Create membership levels and • Actions (what the shopper receives). generate cards • Assign cards to the users Supported promotion Types - • Define customer events and configure • Product catalog promotions loyalty points • Shopping cart promotions • Track and measure reward points • Shipping promotions • Supports Integration with third party • Coupons and Gift Vouchers loyalty programs CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT SEARCH MARKETING There are various avenues provided to • On-site Search Engine Optimization the online shopper to engage and have • Social bookmarking for viral publishing an enriching online shopping experience of the link. • Product comparison • Site-map management. Auto • Wish list generation of web and Google XML • “E-mail a friend” and “Share a site map for efficient listing of all product” content, pages and products. • Product ratings and reviews • Create RSS channels and publications • SMS and emails on different order • Publish news , articles etc. events • Manage associated document repository • Automatic event based mailers • HTTP redirection module (to ensure seamless migration to Martjack)
  13. 13. Annexure: Key features – Page 3 AFFILIATE MARKETING PAYMENT PROCESSING Product catalogue, consisting your SKUs, is Martjack supports a wide range of distributed through affiliate network and payment gateways internationally - made available as product showcase and • PayPal ,ICICI, HDFC, Axis, MIGS , galleries through a pre-designed “Content • CC Avenue, Amex, Bill Desk Modules”. The affiliate marketing associates • RBS, Sage Pay, HSBC,EPDQ will import your formatted data into their product catalogue on a regular scheduled Martjack supports multiple payment basis from raw data feed. features such as - • Choose from array of affiliate networks • Offline payment • Plug your store to the network with • Per-Product payment options affiliate code and tracking script • Process cash-on-delivery • Configure and schedule feed generation • Complete workflow of order life cycle as per the affiliates standard • Track and authorize orders for offline payments SHIPPING AND TAX TOOLS • Send updated order status to Create, manage and customize your customers through email & SMS shipping and tax options easily with support for advanced features like multiple tax INVENTORY MANAGEMENT jurisdictions, multiple shipping methods Easily manage your inventory from a and more - central location with support for creating • Fully Customizable Shipping Table and managing - • Ship By Price, Weight, Flat Fee • Minimum order quantity • Multiple Shipping Modes/Delivery • Net inventory Methods • Reserve quantity • Multiple Shipping and tax jurisdictions • Re-order stock level • Restrict Shipping To Certain Countries • Pre order or back order with stock and regions available date • Offer Free Shipping • Stock alert quantity • Add Handling Fees For Total Order Or Per • Suppliers Item • Stock uplift quantity • Tax Categories And Product Level Tax • Stock report Codes • Create and manage purchase order • Configurable Cash on Delivery options at • Receive delivery notes product level • Book stock against delivery notes
  14. 14. Annexure: Key features – Page 4 ORDER MANAGEMENT REPORTING TOOLS Manage complete workflow of order life • Site traffic analysis cycle from check out to payment • Bandwidth usage reports authorization to shipment and • Track usage for any product or get cancellation as well customer returns. aggregated reports • View Pending Orders received on the • Report on top catalogues and products store by date and payment type - by amount or quantity sold • Authorize the pending orders on • Report on discount codes and receipt/confirmation of the payment. redemption • View order details with customers • Cart abandonment reports billing and shipping address • Order run rate • View cart details in orders • Voucher and coupon usage • List ready for shipping order by Order • SMS usage number, date and product • User wise order-history reports • Print delivery addresses • Lead reports • Enter shipping details with fulfillment • Stock reports service and docket number • Stock replenishment alerts • Cancel order • Auto email and SMS notification to the customer on order dispatch, order cancel, and payment authorization. • Search and track order by order status, order number, date and customer name, check out type, product title. • Transfer order to the nearest store where the item is available in stock • Deliver the orders received from e- store • Pick Up at store functionality • Ready for packaging • Ready for customer pick up