Business Edge with Open Source Application Development


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Get Business Edge with Open Source Application development. LAMP DEVELOPMENT, JOOMLA, MOODLE

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Business Edge with Open Source Application Development

  1. 1. Business Edge with Open Source Technologies
  2. 2. Company Profile TechAhead is a leading specialist in Global Software Product Engineering services in Mobile & Open Source Technology. We are passionate and young team of technology and management experts who believe in delivering high performance solutions with proven expertise in: ✔ Software Product development, ✔ Mobile Application Development (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) ✔ Wireless Application (Mobile Location / NFC / LBS / GPS based) ✔ Web Application development, ( JAVA, PHP, JOOMLA, .NET, C# ) Few of our Key Differentiators are: ✔ High Quality, Quick Turnaround time using AGILE methodologies ✔ Unmatched Service Quality and customer support ✔ Highly trained development teams led by skilled and accomplished programmers from World’s prestigious technical institutes like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
  3. 3. Why TechAhead Highly trained development teams led by accomplished 1 programmers from World’s prestigious technical institutes like India Institute of Technology (IIT ) We ensure high degree of Project Transparency, 2 Continuous Communication and IPR Security On-Time/On-Budget delivery of the solutions, with 100% 3 Success Guarantee More Responsive, Fast-paced Release Cycle with total 4 Control and Visibility through Extreme Programming and Agile SCRUM methodology Quick Turn-around Time, Weekly Releases and Daily 5 Reports. Early and Often deliveries 6 Team quickly ramps up for urgent deliveries Decent Overlap with US and UK, Immediate response 7 and 24X7 Round the Clock Support Money Back Guarantee, In case you are not satisfied 8 or we are not up to your expectation. We’ll return the money.
  4. 4. Open Source Technology Expertise Linux Servers (Centos, RHEL, Fedora & Mandriva) Apache, PHP 4 and PHP 5, PhpMyAdmin MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQLYOG PHP Framework: CodeIgniter, ZEND, Cake PHP CMS: Joomla, Moodle, Drupal PHPBB and MyLittle Forum Shopscript , XCART & Basic Shell Scripting Idea ,Net Beans & TOAD Mantis, Bugzilla, CVS, SVN & Eclipse All images, logos and trademarks are of respective trademark owners.
  5. 5. Moodle Implementation: Client : Responsibility : * User Registration Module * Implementation of Audio Visual content. * Online test delivery Audio Visual Content Delivery Course Outline Online Test Module
  6. 6. Moodle Capability Regular Moodle Module Feature Implementation User Management with Plugin Authentication ( Email / LDAP etc authentication ) We have good experience of email based authentication. Apart from that we have also implemented the auto login, auto registration system for guest user.  Course Management with Forums, Quizzes and Assignments with Grade book Good experience to set the course with these resources  Assignments module with instructor feedback with email notification No experience, but we have implemented emailing system successfully for user authentication, so learning curve is minimal.  Chat modules with embedded html and smileys support We are having experience of implementing Live Help Chat system ( External Vendor). Polls / Choice module No Experience yet. Again we are confident of minimal learning curve.  Forum Module such as teacher only / course news / open to all etc with several options for emailing forum posts to members. No Experience yet. Again we are confident of minimal learning curve.  Glossary for dictionary like content management Experience with putting tips and tricks as plain doc. No experience in putting the information as Glossary. Lesson Module with pages , jumps and choices for the user. Quiz Module with Quiz setting options, Question import and export in many elearning file formats and with support for 10 Question types ( MCQ, T-F etc…) Good experience of Quiz seting , Question import export through XML, also experience to set the SCROM based course Resource module with word, powerpoint, flash, video and audio format support (YES) Survey module for taking public opinion ( student / teacher / guest) including result graph and data downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV text file. Wiki Module : Separate Wiki module where any registered user can add or edit content Workshop Module for peer assessment No Experience Full user logging and tracking - activity reports for each student are available with graphs and details about each module (last access, number of times read) as well as a detailed "story" of each students involvement including postings etc on one page.
  7. 7. Moodle Capability Special Customization Customization of Registration process Customization of Quiz Navigation Trail Quiz for Guest User  Multi Payment Gateway Support based on country (CCAvenue, Google Checkout , Paypal) Multi Currency Support based on country Offline Quiz (Google Gear)  SCORM based course implementation  Implementation of Completion Certificate Algo. Maths Question type support Integration with CMS like Joomla for site management Quiz customization so that quiz question appears with user friendly url after delivery of the particular course module Creation of customized templates for specific module Online Audio Chat using Open Meeting/ DimDim / etc. ( External Modules)
  8. 8. Moodle Capability Implementation Examples 1. Math Question type based course: we have experience of creating question that are having mathematical symbols (sigma , Pi , theta , omega etc. ) using Math type library. 2. Moodle Offline
  9. 9. Moodle Capability 3. Live Chat on Moodle Site 4. Drag & Drop (jQuery Based)
  10. 10. Moodle Capability 5. Progress Report: (Customized reporting based on moodle data ) 6. Simplified Quiz Navigation
  11. 11. Few of the Projects Completed Whizlabs Domain: Elearning- Global Leaders in Java Certifications and Skills Assessment System Whizlabs is a World Leader in IT certification test simulators and skill assessment systems. They have helped more than a million users in passing various Java Certifications and have served clients like Cisco, Accenture, Infosys, HCL etc Responsibility: Online/Offline test simulators, Website Maintenance, Enhancement, Payment Gateway Integration, Vouchers Environment: LAMP, Joomla, Moodle, AwakIND Domain: Social Networking based on INDIAN Politics and Social cause AwakIND is India's first socio-political network for people who want to raise their voices on a common platform. It is a web-based portal that has been designed to initiate a change in the society and existing systems. It gives the citizens of India a unique platform to voice their concerns and find a solution for them by active participation from all the stake holders in the society. Responsibility: Concept, Built and Designed from scratch Environment: LAMP, Ajax, Smarty All images, logos and trademarks are of respective trademark owners.
  12. 12. Few of the Projects Completed Myntra Domain: Online Retailer (eCommerce Portal) allows users to create and purchase personalized merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, calendars etc. The platform also allows designers to showcase their creativity and rake in revenues. Responsibility: Worked on Complete SDLC Environment: LAMP, X-Chart, e-commerce FitIncentive Domain: Healthcare. Fit incentive is a LAMP based web portal for the fitness freaks and provides them with a platform to track and analyze their performance for the variety of fitness goals they might have. Value Added: Complete SDLC from sctrach Environment: LAMP, Open Flash Charts, Smarty, AJAX and PHPBB Integration. NDA Domain: Nigerian Defense Academy Web Presence. Nigerian defense Academy’s web portal for online applications for the recruits which required a regular feature set as well as customized reporting feature for the admin. Responsibility: Worked on Complete SDLC Environment: LAMP and Code-Igniter All images, logos and trademarks are of respective trademark owners.
  13. 13. Take a First Step! (We are just a call away) TechAhead Software E: M: 91-9560434111 W: “Being a product company, we were looking for vendor, who can understand and adopt their processes according to our business requirements. Moreover, who can provide us extremely good quality technical resources. We have found all of that in TechAhead. Thanks for doing a good job!” Pradeep Chopra CEO, Whizlabs “An excellent talented and accountable team having world class capabilities as well as accelerate engineering benefits. We are lucky to find right partners and we could not be more pleased. Andrea Lupini Unigiro Agency, Italy