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Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism



Itsa bout you me and the world around.

Itsa bout you me and the world around.



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  • Several buzz words…. Niche markets…. Speciaized travel companies…. Websites.Are they all different?Are they doing the same thing?Does it matter?
  • Clearly defined… Minimizing the harm, and maximizing the good.Why is this important?
  • Everyone is familiar with these factsSo many people traveling, huge impactFinite resources, Finite ability to manage people flows
  • Sustainable tourism isn’t just about minimizing harm… but has a real power for change.When done correctly it can do all sorts of things that are ultimately beneficial for the tourism industry & travelersExample: Only five percent of mainstream tourism dollars stay within a destinationExample: Help reduce costs by investing in training, reducing consumption, and thinking strategically about business
  • All of those things sound
  • 66% of U.S. consumers believe their travel choices can make a difference to the environmentLifestyle changes toward sustainability represent a $200 billion industry in the U.S. alone 56% are skeptical of companies making green claims and look for information elsewhere
  • Green Travelers are those that specifically travel for sustainability or consider sustainability at least half of the time.“Dark Green” travelers – those on the forefront of the movement- Tech savvy – resourceful, investigative and rely on the word of mouth experience of others
  • These are things typically associated with sustainability by the majority of people
  • Sustainable tourism goes beyond being obsessed with recycling and living in a treehouse. High quality tourism that embraces the uniqueness of the destination, creates an authentic experience, and encourages interaction with the place and its people is also sustainable.So, being a sustainable business is not JUST about the environment, being crunchy… but it’s about being a GOOD business and providing GOOD opportunities to clientele
  • Tourism as an industry has a fairly common set of indicators it uses Ministries, CVBs, tour operators all use arrivals and income generators as a way to measure viability (These are all relevant – still a business) Sustainable tourism goes one step further to look at impacts Using these indicators whether building a business or a destination promotes healthier more long-term success that isn’t victim to economic trends or fads
  • Tourism that is truly sustainable has very important impacts for everyone. Travelers are more happy – WoMBusinesses – reduce cost, new marketsDestinations – positive association, new marketsGovernments – increased revenue, increased jobs, money stays localResidents – new jobs, money stays local, healthy destination

Sustainable tourism Sustainable tourism Presentation Transcript

  • Sustainable Tourism
    Bruno Maia/Naturezafotos.org
    Bruno Maia/Naturezafotos.org
    Bruno Maia/Naturezafotos.org
  • What is sustainable tourism?
  • The tourism industry has trouble defining it…
    Green Tourism
    Authentic Travel
    Cultural Tourism
    Adventure Tourism
    Community Tourism
    Responsible Tourism
  • Sustainability is vital to the life of the tourism industry.
    Sustainability principles refer to the environmental, economic and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development. A suitable balance must be established between these three dimensions to guarantee its long-term sustainability.
    UN World Tourism Organization
  • Every day, tourismplays a larger role in our world.
  • Sustainable Tourism has the power to create change on a global scale.
    • Preserve destinations for generations to come
    • Safeguard our cultural and environmental heritage
    • Promote social equality
    • Energize new markets to travel to the destination
    • Revitalize local communities
    • Create jobs along the rich value chain
    • Keep tourism dollars within destinations
    • Help businesses reduce costs
    Bruno Maia/Naturezafotos.org
  • … but there is hesitancy.
    • “It’s Just a Fad”
    • “Too Expensive”
    • “Too Complicated”
    • “Requires Sacrificing Quality”
    • “No Return on Investment”
  • Consumers are ready.
    • 66% in U.S. believe their travel choices make a difference
    • 80% in Europe believe their travel choices make a difference
    • 95% of business travelers think hotels should be “green”
    • 44% consider the environment when making travel decisions
    • 67% would change travel habits if they knew it made a difference
    *Sabre Holdings, 2010
    Bruno Maia/Naturezafotos.org
  • What do “sustainable travelers” look like?
    • Younger. Average age is 39. Non-green traveler is 44.
    • Educated. 48% have a college degree.
    • Wealthier. 13% higher income.
    • Spendy-er. $2,000 more on travel per year.
    • Tech Savvy. Book online and value technology.
    *Saber Holdings, 2010
    ** LOHAS
    Bruno Maia/Naturezafotos.org
  • Tree Hut, Wayanad
  • African Safari, Botswana
  • But what are they looking for?
    Bruno Maia/Naturezafotos.org
  • The things that you can probably guess…
    • Conservation of natural resources
    • Protecting biodiversity
    • Reduction of waste
    • Minimizing effects on climate change
    Bruno Maia/Naturezafotos.org
  • And some you didn’t know you knew...
    Bruno Maia/Naturezafotos.org
    Bruno Maia/Naturezafotos.org
  • Sustainable tourismmeasures success in different ways
    Type of Travel
    Number of Visitors
    How much money is spent
    Quality of Travel
    Length of Stay
    Where the
    money is spent
  • With sustainable tourism all are benefited.
    Bruno Maia/Naturezafotos.org
    Tourism Boards
  • The journey may be long.But it’s worth it.
    Sustainability will not happen all at once.
    But, every little bit counts – for you and the traveler.