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Jithin benedict presentation on wifi

  1. 1. A study on the customer preference of Wi-Fi among the youth and professionals in Cochin city A PROJECT DONE BY JITHIN BENEDICT AT OZONE TECHNOLOGIES LTD
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • The rate of growth of the internet in India is very fast. • A very nascent segment of wireless internet provider industry is the Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi). • In the wireless internet providing segment Ozone and its service is receiving great acceptance. • Many popular names like Reliance Telecom and Tata Indicom rule the roost in this segment. • The study aims to focus on preference of youth and professionals towards Wi-Fi in Cochin city.
  3. 3. ABOUT THE COMPANY • Ozone Technologies Ltd is a wireless internet provider company. • HEAD QUARTERS – Delhi • FOUNDER - Mr. Sanjeev 'Bobby' Sarin in Delhi in 2007 • Specialises in providing Wi-Fi solutions in major cities in India. • Now into the process of establishing itself in tier 2 cities including Cochin. • Company is nurturing a long term goal of rolling out more than 10,000 locations within the next four years
  4. 4. PROBLEM STATEMENT • Wi-Fi entered Indian market in 2004. • But product couldn‘t make much of an impact in the initial stages due to various reasons like lack of awareness, lack of bandwidth, low penetration of laptops and PDA’s, regulation by law and so on. • But today, inspite of all the barriers, it is one of the fast growing segment. . • Company is now planning to expand its services to tier 2 cities like Cochin. • Company needs to find out various possibilities by which it can market Wi-Fi in Cochin by understanding the market better so that it will help the company to make its launch a big success.
  5. 5. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY • The company is planning to expand its services to Cochin. • The study is an attempt to focus on the Wi-Fi market prevalent in Cochin city. • The main users of Wi-Fi are youth and professionals of the age 20 to 35. • Their preference to Wi-Fi is to be analysed to understand the pulse of the market. • The study is focused on the youth and professionals in Cochin city and their preference towards Wi-Fi.
  6. 6. TITLE AND OBJECTIVES TITLE “A study on the customer preference of Wi-Fi among the youth and professionals in Cochin city” Primary objective “To find the customer preference of Wi-Fi among the youth and professionals in Cochin City” Secondary objectives are • To understand the perception about internet among the users • Understand the usage level of internet and for what customers use internet • To understand the average amount of money spent on internet per month. • To find customer’s awareness about the concept of Wi-Fi • To find customer’s usage of internet outside home. • To find the customer’s experience with Wi-Fi. • Wi-Fi enabled devises possessed by customers. • To find how much people are willing to pay for Wi-Fi. • To understand what customers look for in a good Wi-Fi service.
  7. 7. RESEARCH DESIGN • The study is basically a descriptive study. SCOPE OF THE STUDY • TIME – 2nd May to 10th June • PLACE - Cochin • POPULATION- Youth and professionals in Cochin city • DATA SOURCE - Primary Data. • DATA COLLECTION TOOL – Questionnaire
  9. 9. DATA ANALYSIS • Percentage analysis was done to study the usage of Internet and Wi-Fi and about the preferred quantity, price range and preferred place of purchase.
  10. 10. DATA ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS • Usage pattern of internet Internet has become very common at least among the educated people but most of the people are not using it quite often. 37% of the people are using internet between 30 min to 1 hr in a single usage. This throws light to the fact that most of the internet users use it for specific purpose only. • Spending habit for internet. Analysis shows that 24% of the respondents are ready to spend more than Rs. 400 a month while only 15% voted to spend less than Rs.100 , thus it is clear that money is not a very big constraint for quality service.
  11. 11. DATA ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS Plan to get connected • Analysis shows that 45% of the respondents has internet connectivity at home; this throws light to the fact that there are a huge number of potential customers who are aware of internet and using it at home on a regular basis. These are our potential customers as they can be easily influenced by the idea of Wi-Fi and usage of internet outside the home also. Awareness about Wi-Fi: • The results show that 53% of the respondents are not aware of Wi-Fi; this is a serious issue to be handled when it comes to starting up new business here.
  12. 12. DATA ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS Possession of Wi-Fi enabled devices. • The survey shows that 67% of the people possess Wi-Fi enabled devices, this shows Cochin has a good tech savvy crowd moving in pace with dynamic market. Satisfaction Level. • The study reveals that 40% of people opine that the existing Wi-Fi providers provide connectivity with service quality that is only adjustable and majority is unsatisfied. This gives room for O-Zone to enter into Cochin market.
  13. 13. DATA ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS Frequency of Internet Usage outside home • It can be observed that although the usage of internet outside home is still in its infancy there is an increasing trend of internet usage outside home (especially for working professionals). Carrying Wi-Fi enabled devices on an outing or an official tour • On further study to analyse if the customers who has Wi-Fi enabled devices carry it with them, the result was commendable. 76% of the customers who have Wi-Fi enabled devices they carry it with them when they are on a business tour or outing. This reveals the fact that Cochin market is definitely a destination for Wi-Fi operations and internet business.
  14. 14. DATA ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS Usage of Wi-Fi devices by the respondents • Predominantly most of the people carry laptops as their Wi-Fi enabled device. Smart phones and tablet PC’s are increasingly popular. So for O-Zone a strategic alliance with devices like Laptops and smart phones is very important. This would help make people aware of the Wi-Fi facility and educate them on its usage. What is important in a Wifi. • IT is very important to figure out what are the important factors that people look in for a good Wi-Fi service. The respondents opine that quality and speed is uncompromisable where as price can be negotiated. Thus it is clear that money is not a very big constraint for quality service.
  15. 15. SUGGESTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS • It is seen that majority of the respondents are unaware of Wi- Fi and its uses. • Public has to be made aware of the concept of Wi-Fi and all the advantages of this technology has to be showcased. • The company should thus engage in advertising so that people become aware of the facility . A good advertisement strategy has to be implemented.
  16. 16. • There should be free demo offers to give a Wi-Fi experience to the public and offers to attract them. • The company should also increase its workforce in the technical team so that there are no glitches in deployment and after sales service is good. • Respondents value quality and speed as predominant attributes, so once on launch company should focus on these attributes to deliver better customer acceptance. SUGGESTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS
  17. 17. THANK YOU